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100 Women

Chad Donella, Erinn Bartlett

Directed by Michael Davis
Rated R
for strong sexual content and language

** out of **** Stars, Movie Grade: C+

Theatrical Release:
Running time: 98 minutes

by Kevin Lang

If you liked "100 Girls," the sequel, "100 Women," was the same type of vulgar semi-enjoyable romantic comedy that was well aware of its own ridiculousness, but still managed to provide an identifiable voice in an overcrowded genre. "100 Women" offered the same retrospective tone as "100 Girls," probing into the mechanics of relationships, and the sexual habits of men and women. "100 Girls" did a better job of this, with "100 Women" carrying less appeal, but having a similar feel as its predecessor.

The director, Michael Davis, developed a similar storyline to the first film. Here, a guy named Sam (Chad Donella) met the girl of his dreams, fell for her, and then spent the rest of the movie trying to find her and figure out why she was depressed, or "had lost her smile," to quote the film.

Instead of a girl's dormitory like in "100 Girls," this time the main character hung out and befriended the women of what seemed to be a female only apartment building. B movie star Clint Howard played the building's operator, and he delivered another unique Clint Howard performance, even competing in a snot-shooting battle with Sam.

In the end, Lions Gate Film's "100 Women" wasn't a late night HBO movie gem like "100 Girls." It was more quality USA Up-All-Night.

"100 Women" Review written May 6, 2003, CTF.

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"100 Women"

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