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Bad Boys II
Will Smith, Martin Lawrence

Directed by Michael Bay
Rated R
for strong violence and action, pervasive language, sexuality and drug content

out of Stars, Movie Grade: B
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Theatrical Release: July 18, 2003
Running time: 150 minutes

by Kevin Lang

Miami narcotics agents Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence), who we first met eight years ago in 1995's "Bad Boys," were back wrecking havoc in the big-budget action-laden sequel, "Bad Boys II." Directed by Michael Bay ("Pearl Harbor" 2001, "Armageddon" 1998), "Bad Boys II" was a testosterone extravaganza complete with metal crunching car chases, scantily dressed women, plenty of explosions, and even bullet-time. Its story, however, acted as a mere stepping-stone for the plot to get from one scene of action or comedy to the next.

Two partners go after the deranged drug lord, sound familiar? This time the drug of the screenwriter's choice was Ecstasy (E). This really didn't matter, except for E being the popular "drug of the moment" in today's society, and it also set up a scene of comedy with Marcus later in the film.

Mike and Marcus fought to bring down the drug kingpin, and at the same time they tried to protect Marcus's sister, Sydney (Gabrielle Union), who just happened to work for the D.E.A. It also just happened that Sydney was working undercover to stop the same drug lord. I imagine that you're getting an idea of where this is going. One partner had feelings for the other partner's sister. The two partners work through their differences to save the woman they both care about. The plot developed conveniently for the storyline to unfold without difficulty, basically to provide just cause for the action and comedy.

Despite what the film lacked in story, I would be lying if I said that I didn't at all enjoy the movie. I found myself laughing at the dysfunctional friendship shared by the two main characters. One scene of comedy in particular stands out where Mike and Marcus attempted to frighten a shy boy who came to the door to take out Marcus's daughter. Even the action scenes had humor, such as when the two partners ran over cadavers that fell from a van.

Sure, some of it was a bit over the top. Mike and Marcus seemed to run the entire police department, partaking in massive destruction without barely getting a slap on the wrist. At the end, they put together their own unapproved Delta-like team to try and infiltrate the drug lord's compound to rescue Sydney. Once again, I'm not complaining. I'm just merely reminding you that it's an action movie with a lot of eye candy and fiction.

In the end, the film's two and a half hour runtime was a little too long. Even the best display of cinematic fireworks couldn't stifle the film's need for a stronger story. Very little was every on the line, and I never felt the same anger and drive that the two main characters showed onscreen. I wanted to get behind Mike and Marcus, but the story never gave me much of a reason to do so. Despite this, "Bad Boys II" was still a flashy summer treat that possessed the right ingredients swirled together to make an appetizing summer movie Blizzard. My appetite just ran a little thin before it was over.

"Bad Boys II" Review written July 18, 2003, CTF.

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"Bad Boys II" DVD

Bad Boys II dvd

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