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Martin Henderson, Monet Mazur

Directed by Joseph Kahn
Rated PG-13
for violence, sexuality, language and drug references

out of Stars, Movie Grade: D-
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Theatrical Release: January 16, 2004
Running time: 81 minutes

by Kevin Lang

The latest Fast and the Furious style biker movie, Torque, contained the type of farfetched scenes that make you roll your eyes and laugh at the pure absurdity of what you are seeing. The film in fact comes from the producer of XXX and The Fast and the Furious, two movies that stayed a little closer to the realm of reality, at least in the case of The Fast and the Furious.

Torque was the type of movie that would have played better on Playstation 2, where a chase atop a moving train that proceeded into the passenger cars themselves would have been a little more fun. Thinking of the film in this context provides the only rational explanation as to why such scenes were included.

The film's story surrounded a hotshot biker named Cary Ford played by The Ring's Martin Henderson. Ford returned from Thailand to confront Henry (Matt Shulze), the leader of a rival pack of bikers from whom Ford had stolen several bikes filled with drugs. He apparently took the bikes to protect his girlfriend Shane (Monet Mazur), who would have got busted by the feds had she kept them at her shop. Ford then left so that he and Shane would appear broken up, and so that Henry wouldn't exact his revenge on her. As the story developed, Ford also ended up being chased by another group of bikers led by Trey (Ice Cube).

The action unfolded with a series of farfetched, over-the-top action sequences. The climax of these sequences found Ford chasing Henry (or vice versa, by this point I could no longer tell) at hyper-speed through city streets, dodging oncoming cars and buses as they banged bikes. This scene was even more outrageous than the train scene, and it came across as more of a blur than a coherent action sequence.

In the end, Torque didn't make me want to climb on the sport bike on display at the local theater. Instead, it reminded me more of the old brawling Sega biker videogame Road Rash. Yet, even that was a little more believable.

"Torque" Review written January 19, 2004, CTF.

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