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Movie Poster Lightboxes:

Lighted Movie Poster CaseStylish and affordable, the lighted movie poster cases featured here are available from a variety of online sellers. Designed with home and office use in mind, these hand-crafted lightboxes will elegantly illuminate and display any 1 Sheet movie poster sized 27" x 40", today's standard. Certain units will even accommodate the less common 27" x 41" posters, which were standard prior to 1984. These lightboxes are discreet in design, allowing them to blend in with any furniture or décor. Simple, subtle and affordable — these lightboxes should beautifully illuminate your movie poster — single-sided or double-sided. However, there are some things to keep in mind when deciding which lighted movie poster case to buy.

Keep in mind there are several important lightbox features to be aware of when choosing your unit. These include the color and materials used to construct the frame around the unit. The lightbox casing is commonly constructed of either wood or aluminum. You should be aware of the type of lights used to illuminate the box (most use either LED or one or more 36" fluorescent lights) and if the unit protects the poster from the heat of the lights (not usually a concern with LED). Hot running lightboxes can damage, pucker and fade posters. Most lightboxes are designed with some type of cooling system and protection for the posters. Look for this in the item description or inquire with the seller. Also keep in mind the overall lightbox dimensions, especially if you are considering mounting the unit in a specific space.
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Lighted Poster Cases

Order your lightbox today and display your favorite movie poster in a truly grand style that will impress your friends, family and guests. If you're looking for a more subtle way to display your posters, check out movie poster frames. Please note that a lighted poster case works best with double sided posters. Use the search link below to search for authentic original movie posters.

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