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2000 Calendar
The Original Calendar Girls Featuring the Women of the Rylstone and District Women's Institute in the Alternate WI Calendar
Miss January - Beryl Bamforth
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A 36 year member of the W.I., Beryl Bamforth (Miss January) is the mother of two children Mark and Louise, and at one point was part of the local drama group with John and Angela Baker.
Angela Baker
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Miss February, Angela Baker, husband of John Baker, has worked for 20 years as Deputy Superintendent Registrar for North Yorkshire County Council performing marriages in that area.
Miss March
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Miss March studies the brilliance of the sunflower before her as the arrangement in front of her covers her own foliage.
Miss July - Lynda Logan
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All of the photos were taken by Lynda Logan's husband Terry in their 17th century home. She came to terms with her husband seeing some of her friends in the nude after Prince Charles told her that she was his favorite.
Miss September- Christine Clancy
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Miss September, Christine Clancy, works as an administrator in a college in Skipton. A little nervous before the first photo session, here Christine alleviates her stress by pouring herself a cup of tea.
Miss October - Tricia Stewart
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Miss October, Tricia Stewart, became friends with Angela Baker in 1984 when she moved to the village of Cracoe. It was Tricia's idea to produce the Alternate WI Calendar.
Miss November - Ros Fawcett
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Miss November, Ros Fawcett, was not a member of the Women's Institute until some of the soon to be Calendar Girls asked her to participate one night at the local Pub. She had known John and Angela since first moving to Cracoe.
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The women study their music as they sing to celebrate the season. It seems that none of them knew the songs by heart. They all had to look at the music.


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