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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

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  What is ChasingtheFrog?
At we research the real stories behind some of the most popular (and not so popular) Hollywood films.

Browse our True Stories section to discover the realities behind movies based on true stories. Are they fact or fiction? We pit history vs. Hollywood to bring you the answers.

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Meet the real people behind Movies Based on True Stories.

Masters of the Air: Meet the real airmen of the 100th Bomb Group.
Society of the Snow: Do the facts survive in this film about the Andes plane crash?
Ferrari: Does the Michael Mann movie keep the facts in the driver's seat?
The Boys in the Boat: Meet the real working class boys who rowed at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin.
The Iron Claw: Does this wrestling movie keep the facts inside the ring?
Maestro: Is this Leonard Bernstein movie off-key when it comes to the truth?
Napoleon: Ridley Scott's film presents a heavily fictionalized Napoleon Bonaparte.
Next Goal Wins: Is this story of the American Samoa soccer team faithful to the facts?
Nyad: Distance swimmer Diana Nyad attempts to swim from Cuba to Florida.
Pain Hustlers: A pharmaceutical startup bribes doctors to prescribe its opioid medication.
Killers of the Flower Moon: Meet the real Ernest Burkhart and the man behind the Osage Nation murders.
The Burial: Flashy attorney Willie Gary fights to save the funeral business of Jeremiah O'Keefe.
Dumb Money: An everyday guy flips the script on Wall Street by driving up GameStop's stock.
A Million Miles Away: A migrant farmworker strives to achieve his dream of becoming an astronaut.
The Hill: Rickey Hill dreams of the big leagues while facing a disability.
Gran Turismo: Meet the real gamer who became a race car driver.
The Beanie Bubble: How much of this Beanie Babies story is grounded in reality?
Oppenheimer: Christopher Nolan's film tells the story of the father of the atomic bomb.
Sound of Freedom: A government agent quits his job in order to rescue trafficked children.
Maggie Moore(s): Two women with the same name are murdered days apart in a desert town.
The Crowded Room: Is this story of a criminal with a psychological disorder based in fact?
Flamin' Hot: Did Richard Montanez create Hot Cheetos or is it a lie?
Reality: Meet the NSA contractor who leaked a top-secret document.
BlackBerry: Is this story of the BlackBerry smartphone keyed into reality?
A Small Light: Miep Gies helps hide Anne Frank's family and others during WWII.
The Pope's Exorcist: Has the truth been exorcised from this Russell Crowe horror movie?
On a Wing and a Prayer: When their pilot dies suddenly, a father tries to land the plane.
Air: Is this story of Nike's efforts to sign Jordan based in reality?
Tetris: Henk Rogers goes behind the Iron Curtain to secure the rights to Tetris.
Boston Strangler: Meet the real female reporters who alerted Boston to the Strangler.
White House Plumbers: Meet the Watergate masterminds who unintentionally toppled a presidency.
Jesus Revolution: A pastor welcomes a group of young hippies who inspire a spiritual awakening.
Dear Edward: Is this story of a boy who is the sole survivor of a plane crash factual?
True Spirit: Do the facts stay afloat in this story of a daring teen sailor?
Dog Gone: A family desperately searches for the son's lost dog.
Cocaine Bear: Is this story of a drug-enraged bear stuffed with too much fiction?
Emancipation: How much of this story of an escaped slave is based in fact?
Devotion: Does this film about the first black Navy pilot stick to the facts?
The Fabelmans: How biographical is this movie inspired by Steven Spielberg's youth?
The Greatest Beer Run Ever: A civilian decides to take beer to his buddies fighting in Vietnam.
Blonde: The film is a heavily fictionalized interpretation of Marilyn Monroe.
Bandit: Did the Flying Bandit really carry out 59 heists?
The Woman King: Does the movie leave out the dark side of the Kingdom of Dahomey?
Gigi & Nate: A paralyzed young man finds help and hope through a service monkey.
Breaking: Is this bank hostage movie starring John Boyega based on the facts?
Five Days at Memorial: A hospital's staff is accused of euthanizing patients during Katrina.
Thirteen Lives: Do the facts emerge unscathed in this movie about the Thai cave rescue?
Black Bird: Is this story of an inmate who goes undercover to befriend a killer accurate?
Jerry and Marge Go Large: Is this story of a retired couple who finds a lottery loophole accurate?
Elvis: Is Baz Luhrmann's Elvis grounded in reality?
Top Gun: Maverick: Does the blockbuster sequel stay grounded in reality?
Trees of Peace: Is this Rwandan genocide survival story based on an actual account?
The Staircase: Does this Michael Peterson murder trial miniseries tell the whole story?
Candy: Does this miniseries about an axe wielding mother stick to the facts?
Operation Mincemeat: The British try to trick the Nazis by placing fake documents on a corpse.
The Survivor: A Holocaust prisoner boxes to survive, but is the story accurate?
We Own This City: Meet the real members of the Baltimore PD's corrupt Gun Trace Task Force.
Father Stu: Does this story of boxer-turned-priest Stuart Long stick to the facts?
The Girl from Plainville: How accurate is this Hulu series about the death of Conrad Roy?
WeCrashed: The series focuses on the couple behind the rise and fall of WeWork.
Rescued by Ruby: A trooper gets his wish of being a K-9 handler but is paired with an unruly pup.
The Thing About Pam: Does this Renee Zellweger miniseries get the details of murderer Pam Hupp right?
The Dropout: Is this story of blood-testing startup Theranos contaminated by too much fiction?
Against the Ice: Two polar explorers struggle to survive, but does the movie freeze out the facts?
Inventing Anna: How much of this series about conwoman Anna Delvey is factual?
Home Team: Is this Kevin James comedy in line with the real NFL coach's story?
Munich: The Edge of War: How much of this WWII-era spy thriller is based in history?
The Tender Bar: Does this coming-of-age story stay true to J.R. Moehringer's memoir?
American Underdog: Does this story of quarterback Kurt Warner incorporate the facts?
A Journal for Jordan: A soldier (Michael B. Jordan) in Iraq pens a journal for his infant son.
Being the Ricardos: The film focuses on a week in the life of Lucy and Desi, but does it toy with the truth?
House of Gucci: Does this Ridley Scott tale of betrayal, revenge, and murder preserve the truth?
King Richard: Richard Williams (Will Smith) raises Venus and Serena to become tennis superstars.
Spencer: Is Kristen Stewart's Princess Diana more fiction than fact?
The Last Duel: Does this film about France's last judicial duel take liberties with history?
Maid: Do the facts get washed away in this series about a struggling single mother?
The Eyes of Tammy Faye: Does the movie preach the truth about Tammy Faye and Jim Bakker?
Queenpins: Is this comedy about two coupon counterfeiters accurate?
Worth: An attorney is tasked with determining how much each 9/11 victim's life was worth.
Respect: The Jennifer Hudson movie is compared to the real-life Queen of Soul.
Saving Private Ryan: Is the acclaimed Steven Spielberg WWII movie historically accurate?
Joe Bell: A father embarks on a cross-country walk to fight for his deceased son.
Dr. Death: Meet the real doctor who maimed over 30 of his patients.
Fatherhood: Does this story of a widowed father raising his daughter stick to the facts?
Blue Miracle: A skipper teams up with a group of orphans to compete in a fishing tournament.
Dream Horse: Is this rags-to-riches racehorse movie faithful to the real-life events?
The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It: Discover the story of possession and murder that inspired the movie.
The Serpent: Do the facts survive in this serial killer story?
Concrete Cowboy: Is this movie about an urban cowboy reconnecting with his rebellious son based in fact?
Ma Rainey's Black Bottom: How much of the story is based on the real blues singer Ma Rainey?
The Mauritanian: Jodie Foster is an attorney who fights to free a Gitmo detainee.
The Courier: How much fiction is smuggled into this Cold War spy thriller?
The United States vs. Billie Holiday: Is this biopic in tune with the real-life jazz singer?
Judas and the Black Messiah: Are the events around Fred Hampton's death depicted accurately?
Minamata: Does this story of environmental negligence get the facts right?
The Dig: Do the facts get buried in this story of the Sutton Hoo excavation?
Penguin Bloom: With the help of young magpie, a family heals after a tragic accident.
Our Friend: After a heartbreaking diagnosis, a couple's best friend shows up to help.
Hillbilly Elegy: Does Ron Howard's adaptation of J.D. Vance's memoir stick to the facts?
Clouds: Is this film about a teen musician battling cancer in tune with the truth?
The Trial of the Chicago 7: Does Aaron Sorkin's movie take an unbiased look at the protests and trial?
The Right Stuff: How accurate is this TV adaptation of Tom Wolfe's book about the space race?
The One and Only Ivan: How much of the movie was inspired by the real gorilla's story?
The Outpost: Does this modern-day war movie give an honest account?
Hamilton: Is the musical faithful to history?
Greyhound: How much of the Tom Hanks naval thriller is based in history?
Waco: Does this miniseries about the Waco siege stick to the facts?
Military Wives: Is this movie about soldiers' wives who form a choir in harmony with the real-life story?
Capone: Did Al Capone hide millions in cash?
Mrs. America: Does the miniseries depict conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly accurately?
Bad Education: Meet the real school district employees who stole $11.2 million.
Sergio: A UN diplomat finds himself in the middle of a terrorist attack. Meet the real guy.
Tiger King: It's possible that the most endangered thing in this big cat documentary is the truth.
Lost Girls: Does this story of a mother's search for her missing daughter stick to the facts?
Self Made: Meet the real hair-care pioneer who inspired the Netflix series.
I Still Believe: Is Jeremy Camp's real-life story of love and loss like the movie?
For Life: This courtroom drama deviates from the facts in one big way.
The Last Full Measure: Does this story of a Vietnam war hero arm itself with too much fiction?
Just Mercy: Is this film about an innocent man on Death Row loyal to the facts?
Togo: Does this story about a herioc sled dog veer into fiction?
Richard Jewell: Does this story about a defamed American hero stick to the facts?
A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: Does too much fiction crowd the neighborhood in this Mister Rogers movie?
Ford v Ferrari: Does the truth finish first or last in this car racing movie?
Midway: Does Roland Emmerich's Battle of Midway movie stick to the facts?
Harriet: Was Harriet Tubman's life similar to this action movie?
The Current War: Is this film about the AC vs. DC current war powered by too much fiction?
Downton Abbey: How much of the movie's royal visit was inspired by history?
Dolemite Is My Name: Was the real-life evolution of Dolemite just as outrageous?
Judy: Does the truth get lost somewhere over the rainbow?
Hustlers: Former strippers scam wealthy men, but how much is true?
The Irishman: Is this movie about Hoffa's death riddled with holes?
1917: Did this World War I movie's premise actually happen?
The Farewell: How much of this story of a family's lie is based in the truth?
Brian Banks: Is this film about a falsely accused football star accurate?
Skin: Is this story of a reformed skinhead accurate?
When They See Us: This searing tale of racial injustice is more fiction than fact.
Chernobyl: Does this nuclear disaster miniseries deliver more fiction than fact?
Rocketman: How much fiction was injected into this Elton John biopic?
The Act: Does this story of child abuse that culminates in murder stick to the facts?
Tolkien: Do the facts in this biopic get lost in the fires of Mount Doom?
Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile: Is this Ted Bundy film suffocated by too much fiction?
Breakthrough: Does this miracle survival story profess the truth?
The Best of Enemies: Is this story of a civil rights activist and her nemesis factually accurate?
The Dirt: We dig into The Dirt to separate the facts from the fiction.
Fighting with My Family: Does this movie about WWE's Paige get pinned by too much fiction?
I Am the Night: Are the shocking revelations in this noir miniseries rooted in fact?
Vice: It was nominated for 8 Oscars, but does this biopic stick to the facts?
The Upside: Is too much fiction a downside to the movie?
Welcome to Marwen: Does this Robert Zemeckis movie welcome the truth?
The Mule: Does this story of an elderly drug mule deliver the truth?
The Favourite: Was Queen Anne in a love triangle?
Green Book: Does this interracial road trip story veer away from the truth?
Outlaw King: Does this story of Robert the Bruce betray the facts?
22 July: What fiction has been added to this story of the Norway attacks?
Can You Ever Forgive Me?: Does this story of an author-turned-literary forger stick to the facts?
Beautiful Boy: Is this story of drug abuse addicted to preserving the truth?
The Old Man & the Gun: Meet the real bank robber behind the movie.
Operation Finale: Did the real capture of the former Nazi unfold like in the movie?
Bohemian Rhapsody: Is it the real story, or is it just fantasy?
A Prayer Before Dawn: Are the facts on display in this story of a boxer locked up in a brutal Thai prison?
White Boy Rick: Does this story of a 14-year-old FBI informant betray the facts?
BlacKkKlansman: We investigate the real-life story that inspired the Spike Lee movie.
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: Meet the real people who will be depicted in the movie.
Slender Man: Is the horror movie rooted in fact or Internet fiction?
The Nun: The movie isn't true but its demon Valak is found in mythology.
First Man: A look at the real story of Neil Armstrong vs. the movie's version.
Tag: Is this decades-long game of tag exaggerated for the movie?
Adrift: Is the truth lost at sea in this survival movie?
I Can Only Imagine: Does this movie about the backstory of the hit song ring true?
The 15:17 to Paris: The real heroes star, but does that mean it's more accurate?
Darkest Hour: There are several inaccuracies in the Winston Churchill biopic.
12 Strong: We infiltrate the real story and compare it to the movie?
The Post: Does this Steven Spielberg movie peddle too much fiction?
Lady Bird: What details were inspired by director Greta Gerwig's life?
Molly's Game: Does the movie stack the deck with too much fiction?
The Greatest Showman: Was P.T. Barnum really a champion for tolerance?
I, Tonya: Does it get a perfect score for historical accuracy?
The Disaster Artist: Does this film about the worst movie ever made stick to the facts?
The Man Who Invented Christmas: Does this story of the writing of A Christmas Carol add too much fiction?
Goodbye Christopher Robin: Is this Pooh origin story stuffed with too much fiction?
Only the Brave: Does the truth get lost in the smoke in this wildfire movie?
Marshall: Is this Thurgood Marshall movie guilty of too much fiction?
Victoria and Abdul: Was Queen Victoria really a champion against racial intolerance?
American Made: Is this drug smuggling movie laced with fiction?
Battle of the Sexes: Does this tennis movie serve up the truth?
Stronger: Is this Boston Marathon survivor movie weakened by fiction?
The Glass Castle: Does the movie stay faithful to the memoir?
Detroit: How factual is this civil rights movie?
Dunkirk: Does the truth become a casualty in this WWII movie?
Happy Valley: See images of Al Pacino as Joe Paterno.
The Big Sick: We examine the romantic comedy and separate fiction from fact.
All Eyez on Me: Does this Tupac biopic stay in rhythm with the truth?
Megan Leavey: We bite into the truth behind this military dog movie.
King Arthur: Legend of the Sword: Was King Arthur an actual person?
The Promise: How close is the movie to the actual Armenian Genocide?
The Lost City of Z: We explored the movie for fiction. Here's what we found.
Annabelle: Creation: Is there any truth to this horror sequel?
The Case for Christ: A look at the real guy who tried to disprove Christ.
The Zookeeper's Wife: Meet the heroic couple and the Nazi who betrayed them.
Beauty and the Beast: Did you know that the Disney movie was inspired by a real couple?
A United Kingdom: Does this interracial marriage story stay faithful to the facts?
War Dogs: Is this gunrunning movie armed with the truth?
Gold: We mined the movie for the facts.
The Bye Bye Man: Is there any truth to this horror tale?
Patriots Day: Does this Boston Marathon bombing movie align itself with the facts?
Hidden Figures: Does this movie about female NASA pioneers jettison the facts from the story?
The Crown: Does this Netflix series about Queen Elizabeth II remain loyal to the truth?

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