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A look at the four Flight 93 hijackers and the actors who portrayed them in the 2006 Universal Pictures film.
Reel Face: Real Face:
actor Khalid Abdalla Khalid Abdalla
terrorist Ziad Jarrah Ziad Jarrah
Age: 26, born in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon. Jarrah was Sunni Muslim educated in Christian schools. In his Florida apartment, he had set up a full-size cardboard replica of a Boeing 757's cockpit.
Omar Berdouni Omar Berdouni
Ahmed Al Haznawi Ahmed Al

Age: early 20s, born in Baljurshi, Saudi Arabia. Haznawi was the son of a prayer leader at his local mosque. He had ocassionally shared a home with Ziad Jarrah in South Florida.
actor Lewis Alsamari Lewis Alsamari
Birthplace: Iraq
Saeed Al Ghamdi Saeed Al Ghamdi
Age: unknown (young man), he came from the al Bahah province of Saudi Arabia where he shared a tribal affiliation with fellow hijackers.
actor Jamie Harding United 93 Jamie Harding
Born: June 12, 1979
Birthplace: London, England, UK
Ahmed Al Nami Ahmed Al Nami
Age: 23, born in Saudi Arabia. Ahmed studied Islamic Law at King Khaled University in Abha, Saudi Arabia. In the U.S., he shared an apartment with Saeed al-Ghamdi in Delray Beach, Florida.

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Paul Greengrass, Director of United 93, on the Terrorists and the Actors who Portrayed Them:
"those four young actors were very thoughtful, and I thought did a fantastic and very difficult job because they managed to make those young men what they were, unexceptional. Nobody noticed those men in those airplanes that day. Nobody looked at them and thought, 'You look suspicious.' ... They were entirely unexceptional, but yet capable of immense violence.

...there was a second hijack that took place that day. The hijack of a religion by a bunch of young men who twisted and perverted it in order to create a creed and an ideology to justify the slaughter of innocent people, and that's a hijack that is still out there today. It's still going on today... "

- From a Rush Limbaugh Interview

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