Jim Morris Speaks About His Grandfather

In this clip of Jim Morris at a speaking event, he talks about the importance of having a positive role model in your life. For him, it was his grandfather, who always told him, "Remember who you are." He also taught Jim about honesty, integrity, believing that dreams are possible, and the importance of letting everyone see you live right.

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The Rookie Trailer
The Rookie Trailer

Watch The Rookie movie trailer for the Disney film about Jim Morris (Dennis Quaid), a high school science teacher who tried out and made the major leagues as a pitcher. His decision to chase down his dream was the result of a promise that he made to the high school team that he coached.

Jim Morris Talks About his Life and the
Jim Morris Talks About his Life and the Movie

Jeff Weeks interviews the real Jim Morris about his life, including his damaging relationship with his father, his love for baseball, being restricted by injuries, the importance of education, and the positive role his grandfather played in his life. He also talks about the movie's events, including the various accuracies and inaccuracies.