Rubin "Hurricane" Carter vs. Emile Griffith

Boxer Rubin Hurricane Carter takes on rival Emile Griffith in Pittsburgh on December 20, 1963. Shortly after a devastating left hook by Carter near the end of round one, the referee stops the match and Griffith is defeated by KO. It was Carter's biggest win to date.

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The Hurricane Trailer
The Hurricane Trailer

Watch the Hurricane movie trailer for the 1997 Denzel Washington film. The movie is based on the story of real life boxer Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, who was freed from prison after a former New York City teen and a group of Canadians, among others, fought for his release.

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The Canadian show Filmography looks at the controversy surrounding The Hurricane movie and Carter's innocence. Denzel Washington shares his thoughts on the movie's controversy. Reporter Cal Deal, who covered Cater's case, explains how he came to believe that Carter's story didn't add up.

Rubin "Hurricane" Carter Interview

Student Nicholas Ballasy interviews Rubin "Hurricane" Carter following a speech he gave at Rider University. Carter talks about starting out as a boxer in the Army, offers advice to the current generation of young people, and says the he didn't sue the state after he got out of prison because he feared that he would be unjustly found guilty for a third time.