The Haunting in Connecticut Trailer

This is the movie trailer for The Haunting in Connecticut. The horror movie tells the story of a young family in the 1980's, living in a former funeral home.

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Lorraine Warren Haunting in Connecticut
Lorraine Warren Haunting in Connecticut Interview

Interview with Lorraine Warren outside the former Snedeker home. Lorraine and her husband Ed are paranormal investigators who witnessed strange events in the home. During this news interview, a neighbor interrupts the discussion to voice his stern opinion with regard to the events surrounding the home.

The Entity Trailer
The Entity Trailer

The real mother behind The Haunting in Connecticut movie expressed that she endured bouts of demonic possession similar to those experienced by the main character in this 1983 Barbara Hershey movie.

Carmen Reed CNN Interview
Carmen Reed CNN Interview

The real life mom, portrayed by Virginia Madsen in the feature film, talks about her family's experiences that became the basis for The Haunting in Connecticut movie.