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Friends of the Frog (sites we like...)

The sites listed below are web sites that we like to visit. Some of these sites contain unique content that is "outside the box" of most normal movie related web sites. Other sites have become affiliated with us because of the unique movie oriented products that they offer. Take a few moments to check out our friends.

Feistees - This is a daily tee site also run by us, so of course it's a friend of the frog. Stop by to see today's tee.

Flippin' Sweet Gear - Flippin' funny tees that have been featured on CTF.

Not Starring - Your favorite stars, and the roles they didn't get.

WiiPlayable - Play Nintendo Wii games through the Wii's web browser. We love it because unlike similar sites, they actually test every game for compatibility.

GlutenFreeTees - This site was started by one of our owners and is dedicated to Gluten Free Apparel. It also features a highly informative blog.

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