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Current Pick: The Conjuring
MOVIE: "The Conjuring", The Film vs. The History
The Conjuring Movie Real StoryIt's hard not to be possessed by a good scary movie, especially when it claims to be based on a true story. Join us as we summon the truth and dig through the facts behind the supernatural horror flick The Conjuring. See pictures of the real-life haunted home that allegedly tormented a family for a decade, and meet the actual family members that lived within its walls. Swallow your fears, grab a flashlight and come along as we explore The Conjuring.

Find out:

· Is the doll in the movie based on a real doll?

· Did the family support the making of the movie?

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MOVIE: "The Bling Ring", The Film vs. The History
The Bling Ring Movie Real StoryMeet the Hollywood Hills Burglar Bunch, a group of fashion and celebrity-obsessed teens who robbed Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Orlando Bloom and other Hollywood stars. Their crimes not only got them caught but also brought them fame. Here, we introduce you to the actual Bling Ring. Discover who they robbed, what they stole and their motivations for doing it.

Find out:

· Who did they rob, what did they steal, and how much was it worth?

· What was the punishment for each Bling Ring member?

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MOVIE: "Pain & Gain", The Film vs. The History
Pain and Gain Movie Real StoryBodybuilders, kidnapping and murder aren't necessarily the recipe for a comedy, but that's how director Michael Bay envisioned Pete Collins' article Pain & Gain on the big screen. Join us as we venture beyond the steroid-induced biceps of the bumbling criminals portrayed in the film to separate the facts from the Hollywood fiction.

Find out:

· What do the victims and their family members think of the film?

· Did the real Paul Doyle get his toe shot off?

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MOVIE: "42", The Film vs. The History
42 Movie Real StoryJackie Robinson was the first to break through the color barrier that had segregated Major League Baseball for the previous half-century. The movie 42 tells this story for a new generation to appreciate, but does it get the details right? Join us as we examine this movie based on a true story to discover if the film swings and misses when it comes to the truth.

Find out:

· Did some of the players really start a petition against Jackie Robinson?

· Did Jackie really smash his bat against the wall in frustration?

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MOVIE: "The Big Lebowski", The Film vs. The History
Big Lebowski real life DudeMeet the real life Dude behind Jeff Bridges' character in The Big Lebowski. Researched in conjunction with the 15th anniversary of the Coen brothers movie, we explore the life of Jeff Dowd, an iconic figure among fans and the inspiration for The Dude. Learn how the Coens met Dowd and watch an 18-minute documentary that explores the original Dude behind the Dude.

Find out:

· Is the real life Dude a slacker like Jeff Bridges' character?

· Is he really an avid bowler like his counterpart in the film?

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MOVIE: "The Rite", The Film vs. The History
Gary Thomas real storyMost exorcism movies are possessed by over-the-top Hollywoodesque gore and demons. The Rite deviates from this standard and offers a story that is more rooted in fact, though not entirely. There are no spinning heads or projectile vomiting pea soup, but there is the regurgitation of nails and the standard demonic sounding voices (both of which are said to have been witnessed by real exorcists). Join us as we investigate this horror movie based on a true story. See photos of the characters' real life counterparts, explore the liberties that the movie takes and watch interviews with the real people. You can even exorcise your demons in the process.

Find out:

· Did a possessed woman really spit up nails?

· Was the older Priest really taken over by a demon?

Explore Reel Faces - The Rite

MOVIE: "Soul Surfer", The Film vs. The History
Bethany Hamilton real storySometimes bad things happen to good people, but surfer Bethany Hamilton knows they are really just blessings in disguise. The movie Soul Surfer is based on her life, before, during and after a nearly 14-foot tiger shark took this promising young surfer's arm when she was only 13-years-old. Her faith in God pulled her through the ordeal and has led the young woman onto bigger and better things than she could have ever imagined with two arms. AnnaSophia Robb delivers an unforgettably inspiring portrayal of Bethany, while Carrie Underwood plays her youth leader Sarah Hill. Dennis Quaid and Helen Hunt round out the cast as her parents, who struggle to overcome the changes nearly as much as their daughter. In God's hands, anything is possible. Join us as we dive in to explore the real events behind the movie.

Find out:

· Was Bethany Hamilton ever able to compete in surfing again?

· How has Bethany used the shark attack to help others?

Explore Reel Faces - Soul Surfer

MOVIE: "The Fighter", The Film vs. The History
Micky Ward real storyThere's no denying that the Mark Wahlberg movie The Fighter is well acted, with performances worthy of Oscar gold. Christian Bale stands out as boxer Micky Ward's energetic, crack-addicted half-brother and trainer Dickie Eklund. Melissa Leo effortlessly embodies the role of Micky's rough-edged, bleach-blond mother and manager, Alice Ward. Amy Adams shines as the inspiring force in Micky's life, and Mark Wahlberg proves that spending four years to get a film made can truly pay off. But just how much of the movie and its performances are rooted in fact? Join us as we enter the ring with The Fighter, pitting Fact vs. Fiction.

Find out:

· Did Dickie Eklund knock down Sugar Ray Leonard?

· Were Micky Ward's sisters happy with how they are portrayed in the movie?

Explore Reel Faces - The Fighter

MOVIE: "The Social Network", The Film vs. The History
Mark Zuckerberg real storyWhat did you do today? Chances are at some point you'll log in to check your Facebook account. In six and a half years, The social network Facebook has amassed more than 500 million active users, with 50 percent of those users logging on to the site on any given day. This means that approximately 1 out of every 14 people in the world are members of Facebook. The addiction is undeniable, but what is the true story behind how the site began? Director David Fincher's movie The Social Network attempts to provide an answer to that question, even though Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has already labeled the film fiction. Join us as we separate the facts from the fiction and explore the rise of the internet juggernaut that is Facebook.

Find out:

· How does Mark Zuckerberg feel about the Facebook movie?

· Did Mark really go to an investment meeting wearing pajamas?

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MOVIE: "The Blind Side", The Film vs. The History
The Blind Side real storyThe NFL's rookie standout Michael Oher reminds us that everyone has the potential to become somebody if given the chance. Without a place to call home, Michael was taken in by Leigh Anne Tuohy and her family. The movie The Blind Side (starring Oscar winner Sandra Bullock) tells this story, but is the real life tale as sugar coated as the movie? Is Michael Oher really as flawless as his onscreen counterpart? Join us as we pit history vs. Hollywood to literally expose the blind side of this movie based on a true story.

Find out:

· Did Michael Oher really never have his own bed?

· Did Michael really stop the airbag with his arm?

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