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In the 1994 movie Dumb and Dumber, the world was introduced to Lloyd Christmas (Jim Carrey) and Harry Dunne (Jeff Daniels) as they ventured cross country to return an allegedly misplaced briefcase. If you loved the duo's chaotic journey, then take a minute to peruse our gallery of Dumb and Dumber t-shirts and costumes like Harry's baby blue tuxedo t-shirt, the Nice Hooters shirt, Aspen tee, Lloyd's orange tuxedo t-shirt and the Mutt Cutts tee. Don't miss out on Dumb and Dumber costumes like the blue tuxedo costume and orange tuxedo costume.
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Shaggin' Wagon shirt
Shaggin' Wagon t-shirt
Description: What is the best way to spend your life savings? Harry believed that spending the money to transform his van into a sheepdog on wheels for Mutt Cutts was the best idea ever...until he got fired that is. Either way, we are glad he did it or we wouldn't have the privilege of seeing something as hysterical as this Shaggin' Wagon t-shirt. If you agree, then snag this Dumb and Dumber shirt to spread around the laughter and smiles you experienced when you first saw it. Support the store that inspired Harry Dunne's awesome automotive renovation by checking out the Mutt Cutts t-shirt below. Link to: Shaggin' Wagon

Harry and Lloyd Costumes
Dumb and Dumber Costumes
Description: These Dumb and Dumber costumes are ideal for two friends trying to get some looks and some laughs. They come in orange and blue so you are covered whether you are looking for a Lloyd Christmas costume or a Harry Dunne costume. If you don't need a whole costume or if you are just looking for a daily giggle, then check out the orange tuxedo t-shirt below designed to look like Lloyd's formal wear. For Harry fans, we also offer the powder blue tuxedo t-shirt shown below. If you are looking for something a little more subtle, then peruse the rest of our amusing Dumb and Dumber tees. Link to: Dumb and Dumber Costumes

A Little Place Called Aspen t-shirt
A Little Place Called Aspen t-shirt
Description: If you were trying to paint a picture in someone's head about a dream destination, what would it look like? Lloyd describes it to Harry, "Someplace warm. A place where the beer flows like wine. Where beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano. I'm talking about a little place called Aspen." Not exactly accurate considering it was covered in snow when they arrived but captivating enough for Harry to go along with it. Grab this A Little Place Called Aspen t-shirt for yourself and pick one of our other awesome Dumb and Dumber t-shirts for your best friend. They'll be your pal for life. Link to: A Little Place Called Aspen

Nice Hooters tee
Nice Hooters t-shirt
Description: The Snow Owl Benefit might have been a little stuffy if it weren't for the antics of Harry and Lloyd in their colorful Dumb and Dumber tuxedos. This Nice Hooters t-shirt celebrates Harry's ingenious line, "Nice set of hooters you got there," which he utters when viewing the creatures with Mary Swanson. Besides the comical Dumb and Dumber tees, try the Harry and Lloyd costumes for an outrageous look. Link to: Nice Hooters

Lloyd Orange Tuxedo shirt
Lloyd's Orange Tuxedo t-shirt
Description: This bright orange tuxedo t-shirt is designed to look like Lloyd's formal attire that he wore to the Snow Owl Benefit. It can be worn as a daily tee or used as a Dumb and Dumber Halloween costume. That's up to you. Get a few lines down to complete the look...perhaps apologizing for killing the owl with a champagne cork would be nice. Be sure to check out our other clothing and merchandise, including the orange tuxedo costume displayed in the gallery. Link to: Lloyd's Orange Tuxedo

Harry Powder Blue Tuxedo shirt
Harry's Powder Blue Tuxedo t-shirt
Description: This powder blue tuxedo t-shirt is not just a hilarious Dumber and Dumber shirt, it's also a Harry Dunne costume. If the formal benefit scene was one of your favorites from the movie, then check out the Dumb and Dumber costumes and Nice Hooters shirt. Either would make you the hit of a party. If you enjoyed the Harry and Mary skiing scenes, scope out the A Little Place Called Aspen t-shirt. It isn't as loud as this blue tuxedo costume and it reminds fans of the breathtaking scenery. Link to: Harry's Powder Blue Tuxedo

Dumb and Dumber Worms shirt
I Got Worms t-shirt
Description: If you are an entrepreneur like Harry, then perhaps you should consider starting a worm farm of your own. You can even ask your best friend Lloyd to help you. This Dumb and Dumber I Got Worms t-shirt displays the funny name of Harry's worm business. If you really want to be Harry and Lloyed then the Dumb and Dumber costumes, including the Lloyd Christmas costume tuxedo, are perfect. Wear one on Halloween or to your next formal occassion. Link to: I Got Worms

Mutt Cutts t-shirt
Mutt Cutts t-shirt
Description: Harry dedicated his life to Mutt Cutts. He even went as far as decking out his van in brown shag carpeting to look like a sheepdog. Show your devotion to the movie with this Dumb and Dumber Mutt Cutts t-shirt featuring the Mutt Cutts logo he proudly displayed on the side of the Shaggin' Wagon. If you love his shaggy Mutt Cutts van, be sure to check out the Dumb and Dumber Shaggin' Wagon t-shirt featured in the gallery along with the other Dumb and Dumber t-shirts. Link to: Mutt Cutts

Minibike Dumb and Dumber tee
70 Miles to the Gallon on this Hog t-shirt
Description: When you start running out of money for food, gas and lodging on a road trip because you accidently drove the wrong direction, what do you do? Lloyd decides to dump the gas guzzling dog and pick up a little hog. If this seems as brilliant to you as it did to Harry too, snag yourself this Dumb and Dumber tee. To dazzle your friends, pick up Harry's blue tuxedo costume or the Lloyd orange tuxedo costume also. Link to: 70 Miles to the Gallon on this Hog

Pets' Heads Falling Off tee
Pets' Heads Falling Off t-shirt
Description: Not only did poor Harry lose his job, he also lost his pet parakeet Petey. Don't worry though because he believed that Petey's head simply fell off because he was so old. It made the ordeal easier on him not knowing the truth. If you've lost a pet under odd circumstances, then snag this Dumb and Dumber t-shirt today or cheer up with the Lloyd and Harry orange and blue tuxedo t-shirts also in the gallery. Link to: Pets' Heads Falling Off



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