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The Hot in Cleveland TV show follows the lives of three women, Melanie Moretti (Valerie Bertinelli), a newly divorced writer; Joy Scroggs (Jane Leeves), a sought after L.A. beautician; and Victoria Chase (Wendie Malick), an out of work soap opera star. The trio decides to move to Ohio and into a home with a feisty old caretaker named Elka Ostrovsky (Betty White). While there aren't any perks to the new city, there are many surprises. If these wacky ladies have you thinking about relocating then peruse our gallery of Hot in Cleveland t-shirts including the Big N Easy tee, Free Elka t-shirt and a variety of awesome Betty White shirts.
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Cast Hot in Cleveland shirtMelanie & Joy & Victoria & Elka t-shirt

Not only is this Hot in Cleveland shirt simple and to the point, it encompasses all the characters. This makes it easier for you because now you don't have to pick which leading lady is your favorite. Fans will quickly recognize the names of Melanie, Joy, Victoria and Elka, as well as appreciate the TV show's logo colors of pink and black that are incorporated into the design. Pick one up for yourself and one for each of your hot friends. They will love it and might even feel like heading to Cleveland! Link to: Melanie & Joy & Victoria & Elka

Betty Than Ever shirtBetty White t-shirt

If you loved Betty White's characters like sweet �n sassy Sue Ann Nivens on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, naíve airhead Rose Nylund on The Golden Girls or snobby Ellen Harper on Mama's Family then you must be thrilled that she has scored the role of Elka on Hot in Cleveland. She has proven she is down for any kind of role and that she can rock them all! If you wish she was a part of your group then snag this Betty White t-shirt. Keeping browsing our Hot in Cleveland tees for more great Elka options! Link to: Betty White

Hot in Cleveland Free Elka shirtFree Elka t-shirt

After being arrested in the season one finale for possessing stolen goods that her late mob-connected husband stole, we can only hope that she will be released so her witty antics will continue. Will she come out a changed woman? We sure hope not! We like her just the way she is, blunt and frisky. If you would protest for her release, then get this Hot in Cleveland Free Elka shirt and start chanting. Free Elka Ostrovsky! Free Elka Os-tro-vsky! It's hard to believe that Melanie's cop boyfriend arrested her, especially after Melanie's "I love you." Check out the other Betty White t-shirts. Link to: Free Elka

Bedazzle Hot in Cleveland shirtTracksuits Don't Bedazzle Themselves t-shirt

This Hot in Cleveland t-shirt features one of my favorite Elka quotes, "tracksuits don't bedazzle themselves". She either has some talent or a lot of experience at bedazzling, because her tracksuits always turn out amazing. She can jazz up anything, plus you can see her sparkling from a mile away! If she didn't already have a job as a caretaker for Mel, Joy and Victoria, she could have gone into business doing that. If you think the art of bedazzling should make a comeback then get this tee. Link to: Tracksuits Don't Bedazzle Themselves

Betty White sweatshirtBetty White Hoodie Sweatshirt

After her recent role as Grandma Annie in The Proposal and landing a coveted hosting gig on SNL that was the result of an awe inspiring petition from fans, Betty White is the new black! She is everywhere and we are happy about it. This Betty White shirt or hoodies feature the woman who puts the laughs in every project she works on. For more Hot in Cleveland shirts and Betty White sweatshirts featuring this beloved actress, keep perusing our gallery that includes the Free Elka shirt and others. Link to: Betty White Hoodie Sweatshirt

Hot in Cleveland teeHot in Cleveland Logo t-shirt

Melanie (Valerie Bertinelli), Joy (Jane Leeves) and Victoria (Wendie Malick) may not have been attractive by L.A. standards but they sure turn heads in Cleveland. Here, they are complimented on how young and fit they are all the time. If that sounds like you, then get this logo Hot in Cleveland t-shirt for yourself. It doesn't matter if you live in a city like Pittsburgh, San Francisco or Seattle, or a small town like Hanover, Aspen or Odessa. This logo design is fitting for fans in any location. Get yours today and don't forget to pick some up for your friends too. Link to: Hot in Cleveland Logo

Big N Easy Hot in Cleveland teeBig 'N Easy t-shirt

To most people like Victoria Chase, there are few perks to living in Cleveland over L.A. but they do exist. She was able to pinpoint one in particular, Big �N Easy. This wholesale store never closes and they welcome in all people day or night. Not only can she buy her Vermouth in bulk, they give out great free samples and named a hero sandwich after her! The attention and the autograph hounds are just an added perk for the former soap opera star. If you love bulk shopping and the ladies of Ohio, then snag this Hot in Cleveland Big 'N Easy t-shirt today. Link to: Big 'N Easy

Team Betty White tee shirtTeam Betty White tee

There are very few actors and actresses that people can't get enough of, yet Betty White manages to fall into that category. What makes this so extraordinary is that she is by far the oldest person in the group. Many are sexy young men and women but that isn't her. She has enough comedic skill to be in the elite without being in the first half of her life. Whether she is talking about bedazzling tracksuits or picking on Joy about not having a man, you can't help but love her. Celebrate this leading lady with a Betty White shirt. Perhaps we could vote her in as president like her fans did with her hosting SNL! Link to: Team Betty White

Dusty Muffins Betty White shirtSNL Betty White Dusty Muffin t-shirt

She stole your heart as the innocent farm girl Rose and now she is doing it all over again. This former airhead has her head on straight now, not only as the witty Elka Ostrovsky but also in her appearance on SNL. Taking a break from her role as Elka, she appeared in the SNL skit Delicious Dish to promote her Dusty Muffin. In real life, she dedicates her time to animal related charities like Rose. Grab your Dusty Muffin Betty White shirt today if you love her funny side or any of our Hot in Cleveland t-shirts if you prefer her feisty side. For more Betty White tees, check out the related galleries. Link to: SNL Betty White Dusty Muffin

Hot in Cleveland Coffee MugsHot in Cleveland Mugs

If you like your tea or coffee Hot in Cleveland and everywhere else, then these dishwasher and microwave safe mugs (not including travel styles) are the perfect way to start your day. If you're constantly on the go like Melanie, Joy and Victoria, perhaps a Hot in Cleveland travel mug would be more fitting. Other drinkware options include a frosted beer glass, steins and two-tone coffee cups. We know Elka would approve and she's picky. Get one as a gift or for yourself. Link to: Hot in Cleveland Mugs



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