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The I Love Lucy TV show is a classic American comedy that is often ranked as one of the best sitcoms in television history. Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, Vivian Vance and William Frawley comprise the cast who welcome us into their midtown apartment building for outrageous hijinks and plenty of laughs. Relive Lucy's hilarious characters through the I Love Lucy costumes and t-shirts below, including the Vitameatavegamin tee, the Chocolate Factory costume, the Ricky Ricardo I Love Lucy t-shirt, and the Rumba costume. Also browse delectible merchandise like the I Love Lucy Barbie Dolls and figures in outfits from the show.
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Purple Heart Lucy teeLucy Hearts and Kisses t-shirt

Lucille Ball has stolen our hearts with her natural beauty and hysterical antics. This light purple tee features Lucy surrounded by the hearts she has captured throughout the years and a kiss to let us know she loves us too. Lucy's fans always meant the world to her and she would do anything to give them a chuckle. Show the world that you love her too with one of these I Love Lucy tees. Link to: Lucy Hearts and Kisses

I Love Lucy Cartoon t-shirtCartoon Lucy t-shirt

The I Love Lucy cartoon figures of Lucy and Ricky Ricardo have always been a pleasant way to start the episodes. These animated Hanna-Barbera creations were originally used for advertising purposes but have grown to have a special place in the TV show's legacy. The pink cartoon I Love Lucy t-shirts show her more feminine side. Grab this tee and you will never forget to stop and smell the roses. Link to: Cartoon Lucy

Vitameatavegamin teeVitameatavegamin Girl t-shirt

There is no mistaking this drunk's from too much Vitameatavegamin! In the Vitameatavegamin episode, Lucy tries to convince us that we can spoon our way to health with this allegedly tasty product. Things start to go awry after Lucy tries a number of times to convince her audience that this alcoholic supplement is tasty. Wear this tee under your Vitameatavegamin I Love Lucy costume today. Link to: Vitameatavegamin Girl

Ricky Ai Yi Yi teeI Love Lucy Ai Yi Yi Yi Yi t-shirt

It's a dream come true for Lucille Ball. She is loved, admired and recognized by all. She has brought generations together with wholesome comedy that has withstood the test of time. This navy tee features Lucille Ball's handsome husband and his quote, "Ai Yi Yi Yi Yi!" This funny I Love Lucy t-shirt is a nice way to show your admiration. Pair it with your husband's Ricky Ricardo costume or a Lucy Barbie Doll and watch. Link to: I Love Lucy Ai Yi Yi Yi Yi

In the Show teeLucy In the Show t-shirt

Ricky, why can't I be in the show? After being told "no" almost daily, anyone else would give up, but not Lucy. She knows her place is in the show and she won't let anyone stop her from getting there. Imagine her surprise when she finally hears "yes". This shirt documents such a time of amazement as Lucy squeals, "I'm in the show!" with a look of utter shock on her face. Help Lucy celebrate her victory over Ricky with one of these I Love Lucy t-shirts. Link to: Lucy In the Show

Desi Arnaz Ricky Ricardo t-shirtLucy What Have You Done t-shirt

Unfortunately for Ricky Ricardo, he can't always have his eye on his wife. Lucy's shenanigans often make a mess that Ricky is left to tend to. "Lucy, what have you done?" can be heard around the block nearly every evening. This Ricky Ricardo t-shirt shows his look of surprise at each new scheme his wife conjures up. Wear it next to your wife's Lucy Chocolate Factory costume today. Link to: Lucy What Have You Done

Beautiful Lucille Ball shirtLucille Ball t-shirt

This pink Lucy tee shows us how glamorous Lucille Ball can be regardless of all her zany antics. She may not have realized it but she was just as picture perfect as the celebrities she clamored to meet. Whether she was stalking them during lunch in Beverly Hills or trying to sneak a peek on one of Ricky's sets, she was still beautiful. Let everyone know how beautiful Lucille was with this Lucy T. Link to: Lucille Ball

Luau Lucy teeLuau Lucy t-shirt

With Ricky set to go to Hawaii with his fellow performers, Lucy can't think of a better way to be able to go too than to be a part of the show. She, Fred and Ethel muster up a show in the apartment called "A Night in Hawaii" where Lucy performs a hula dance and sing along. This I Love Lucy t-shirt shows Luau Lucy in her Hawaiian attire as she tries to impress her husband, Ricky Ricardo. Wear this tee under your I Love Lucy Rumba costume. Link to: Luau Lucy

Lucy's a Star t-shirtWhat a Star Lucy t-shirt

If a real superstar exists, then it is Lucille Ball. Whether Lucy is stomping grapes in a vineyard, singing a duet with her best friend Ethel Mertz, or dressing up in a rumba costume to remind Ricky of his childhood, she always stands out in a crowd. This light blue merchandise item reminds us that she is a star who was larger than life and is sure to get some glances. Grab one of these star studded I Love Lucy t-shirts to add to your collection today. Link to: What a Star Lucy

Lucy Chocolate Factory t-shirtLucy's Chocolate Factory t-shirt

Why anyone would want to go to work is beyond me, but it was Lucy and Ethel's exciting idea. This idea spawned the famous candy factory episode. After Ethel was banished from boxing for pinching the chocolates and Lucy got in a chocolate fight in the dipping department, they were sent to the candy wrapping department. With their last chance in hand, desperate measures were taken including trying to eat the evidence. These Chocolate Factory I Love Lucy tees show Lucy caught in the act. Link to: Lucy's Chocolate Factory

Lucy CostumeI Love Lucy Costumes

If you are looking to attract a Latin lover, then you have come to the right place! Browse a variety of I Love Lucy costumes including the Lucy rumba costume, the Lucy chocolate factory costume, the Vitameatavegamin Lucy costume and a simple polka dot dress outfit. This fiery red-head is a fun, wholesome and entertaining character to embody. If you are looking for a couple's costume, pair any one of these Lucille Ball costumes with a band leader costume for the perfect Lucy and Ricky Ricardo. You could also wear the I Love Lucy pajamas. Link to: I Love Lucy Costumes

Ricky Ricardo CostumeRicky Ricardo Costumes

Ricky Ricardo is the most understanding and dependable husband in history. This Cuban band leader could sweep any woman off her feet but he chose Lucy McGillicuddy. In case Lucy isn't quite your type, browse a selection of Desi costumes sure to get any heart racing. Whether you are looking for a classy or a flashy costume, we have you covered. Get a Ricky Ricardo costume to get the woman of your dreams. If Lucy is your idea of a dream too, then get your lucky lady an I Love Lucy candy factory worker costume to make one cute couple. Link to: Ricky Ricardo Costumes

I'm Lucy I'm Ethel t-shirtsI'm Lucy and I'm Ethel t-shirts

Are you a Lucy or an Ethel? Two of the best friends in television history made a mark with their hair-brained schemes. Whether they are hiding a side of beef, pasting wallpaper over doors or faking a burglary, these two are inseparable. When it is time for Lucy to move, they still can't part! Fred and Ethel Mertz move to the country to be with the Ricardos. Whether you are the Lucy or the Ethel of the friendship, we have you covered. These shirts have your favorite characters on the classic heart. Grab an I'm Lucy or an I'm Ethel t-shirt today. Link to: I'm Lucy and I'm Ethel

Trendsetters teeI Love Lucy Trendsetters t-shirt

Who would wear a burlap sack as a dress? Lucy Ricardo and her faithful sidekick Ethel Mertz would...only because their sly husbands, Ricky Ricardo and Fred Mertz, convinced them that the dresses were designer originals. As their wives strutted in sacks, the men thought they had the upper hand. Lucky for the women, they were mistaken. Lucy and Ethel got the last laugh when they got labeled as "Trendsetters". Grab one of these I Love Lucy t-shirts and get the last laugh. Link to: I Love Lucy Trendsetters

Lucy Here We Come t-shirtCalifornia Here We Come Lucy t-shirt

California, here we come! The Ricardos and the Mertzes took a cross country road trip to Hollywood where Ricky was starring in a new film. The usual shenanigans follow the group throughout their journey, but they pale in comparison to what lies ahead. This I Love Lucy t-shirt reminds us of their memorable trip...including a trip to jail. Give it as a gift with Lucy Barbie Dolls, pajamas and watches. Link to: California Here We Come Lucy

Lucy Barbie DollsI Love Lucy Dolls and Barbies

Lucy and Barbie have teamed up to create another perfect pairing, just like her and Ethel. These I Love Lucy Barbie Dolls feature the characters in some of their most memorable outfits, including the chocolate factory worker costumes, the Martian outfits, Vitameatavegamin Girl, the Operetta and more. In addition to the Ricky Ricardo Barbie doll, be sure check out the other figure sets that include Ethel dolls. Collect them all to capture the TV show's most hilarious episodes. Link to: I Love Lucy Dolls and Barbies



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