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The Addams Family movies, TV shows and musical all revolve around the original creepy cartoons by Charles 'Chas' Addams. His odd views on humor were featured in The New Yorker magazine for years, and now we recognize his work through the bubbly romancer Gomez, elegant Goth Morticia, their dumpy son Pugsley, intelligent daughter Wednesday, as well as a variety of other kooky creatures. If the family's eccentric antics give you goose bumps, then peruse our gallery of Addams Family t-shirts including the Creepy and Kooky tee and black and white striped Pugsley Addams t-shirt. To resurrect the characters, see our Addams Family costumes like the Morticia wig and Uncle Fester costume.
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Wednesday Addams T-Shirt
Wednesday Addams T-Shirt
Description: "We gladly feast on those who would subdue us." This Wednesday Addams shirt displays the humorously devious child along with other elements from the movie, including Thing, the mansion and the family motto. Link to: Wednesday Addams

Cousin Itt shirt
Cousin Itt T-Shirt or Costume
Description: It wouldn't be the freaky family we love without crazy characters like the dismembered hand Thing or lovable hair-covered Cousin Itt. If you wish you could decipher any of Itt's fast, high-pitched gibberish as easily as his family, then add this Cousin Itt t-shirt to your Addams Family tee collection. It will get as much attention as Morticia would if she were strolling down a beach in the middle of the day. If that sounds like a great idea, check out the Gomez and Morticia costumes below to make it happen. Link to: Cousin Itt or Costume

Wednesday costumes
Wednesday Addams Costumes
Description: When it comes to spooky Halloween attire, Wednesday Addams costumes are at the top of the list (along with the other members of her family). Depending on whether you prefer the Addams Family TV shows or the movies, you will have varying opinions of what Miss Wednesday is really like. Her character is depicted differently in each portrayal, with her personality fluctuating from carefree child to dismal daughter. To see it for yourself, watch the Addams Family movies and the TV show. Also don't forget a Wednesday wig to top off your look so to speak. They can be found below. Link to: Wednesday Addams Costumes

Addams Family tee
Creepy and Kooky t-shirt
Description: 'They're creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky. They're all together ooky, the Addams Family!' The keywords from this familiar theme song (that we can't help but snap our fingers to) are featured on this Addams Family shirt. It doesn't matter if you like Gomez, Fester or Lurch best, you can't go wrong with this basic design. If you want something more specific, don't miss the Uncle Fester t-shirt and the Morticia and Gomez Addams costumes below, or the Addams Family wigs. Link to: Creepy and Kooky

Striped Pugsley shirt
Black and White Striped Pugsley t-shirt
Description: This black and white striped Pugsley Addams shirt style can be combined with a pair of black shorts and a little hair gel for a front flip to create the perfect Pugsley Addams costume. If dressing up for Halloween or parties just isn't you, then keep scoping out our assortment of Addams Family shirts like the Cousin Itt t-shirt. The Addams Family Camp Chippewa designs are also worth a look. Link to: Black and White Striped Pugsley

Uncle Fester costume
Uncle Fester Costumes
Description: An Addams Family costume is always an ideal way to celebrate Halloween and this Uncle Fester costume is no exception. It is available in child and adult sizes, so anyone who has the desire to be Gomez's shy brother can. To incorporate the whole family, convince other members of your clan to dress up too. The Wednesday Addams costume above could win any gal's vote, the Pugsley costume shirt is an easy option, and the Gomez and Morticia Addams costumes are just right for any couple. They are all great in their own way, so don't miss out on the creepy and kooky fun! Link to: Uncle Fester Costumes

Addams Family Fester shirt
Uncle Fester t-shirt
Description: If the introvert Fester is your favorite, this Addams Family t-shirt will not disappoint. It features one of his most remarkable talents, illuminating a light bulb simply by putting it in his mouth. This Uncle Fester shirt is available in a variety of styles to suit your needs, and they all look wonderful. If Fester isn't for you, keep scoping out our Addams Family tees. Something is bound to make you light up! Link to: Uncle Fester

Gomez and Morticia Costumes
Gomez and Morticia Addams Costumes
Description: If you and your significant other are looking for a couple's costume that will be the envy of the party, then Gomez and Morticia are the way to go. They are the most loving creepy couple you can imagine. Although they don't normally like others, they certainly like each other. This Morticia Addams dress and Gomez suit will have you both looking like a million bucks in no time, so get yours now. Also take a minute to check out other Addams Family merchandise, including the Wednesday and Morticia Addams wigs to complete your look. Link to: Gomez and Morticia Addams Costumes

Camp Chippewa shirt
Addams Family Camp Chippewa t-shirt
Description: Camp Chippewa might be a dream come true for most kids but that is not the case for Wednesday and Pugsley. They don't enjoy swimming, singing or nature, so for them it is torture. Luckily they are strong though, and not only survived the Harmony Hut but got through enough of the Thanksgiving play to turn the tables and make it into a bonfire. If you enjoyed the Addams Family Values movie then this Addams Family t-shirt is a good fit for you. Be sure to check out more merchandise like Charles Addams cartoons books and Addams Family DVDs. Link to: Addams Family Camp Chippewa

Addams Family shirt
The Addams Family t-shirt
Description: Gomez, Morticia, Wednesday and Pugsley are all named on this Addams Family shirt. The design is simple and to the point but with an eerie flare. I don't know about you but it makes me want to sing the song and snap my fingers. If you feel the same, then snag this tee and don't miss out on our Addams Family Halloween costumes sprinkled throughout the gallery. Link to: The Addams Family

Addams Family Portrait tee
Addams Family Portrait t-shirt
Description: This Addams Family tee features a family portrait, including siblings Pugsley and Wednesday. Since they are close in age, they have adventures unlike any others, including trying to figure out if their baby brother, Pubert, will bounce if dropped off the house. The newest addition to the family manages to foil their plans every step of the way though. If you wish you had a sinister family and siblings like these two, then snag your tee today. Convince your sibling to dress up with you. The Wednesday Addams dress and striped Pugsley Addams costume are available above. Link to: Addams Family Portrait

Wednesday and Morticia Wigs
Wednesday and Morticia Addams Wigs
Description: These Addams Family wigs are fitting for both mother and daughter alike. Choose a Morticia wig to perfectly cap off one of the related adult costumes displayed in the gallery, or order a Wednesday Addams wig with braids to expose your playful Goth side. The bewitching looks will put a spell on everyone you encounter. Link to: Wednesday and Morticia Addams Wigs



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