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What began as a Disney Channel made-for-TV movie, High School Musical quickly erupted into an international craze. The High School Musical Soundtrack rose to number one on the charts, and fans became obsessed with lovelorn characters Troy Bolton (Zac Efron) and Gabriella Montez (Vanessa Anne Hudgens). Here, we celebrate the "made-for-TV movie that could" with a handpicked selection of High School Musical t-shirts that truly deserve a bow. The tees include the attractive Zac Efron t-shirt and the Sharpay High School Musical t-shirt. Give specified tees your own touch with customizable Disney High School Musical clothing. Add phrases, names, and numbers to create unique HSM merchandise. Also browse HSM costumes and soundtracks to get in on the fun.
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logo High School Musical t-shirtHigh School Musical Logo t-shirt

This basic Disney High School Musical tee features the movie's logo on the front printed in Broadway style text. Browse through to customize this piece of High School Musical apparel by adding names and phrases to the front, and numbers to the back. Choose from a wide range of HSM clothing styles. Also customizable, is official High School Musical 3: Senior Year clothing. Celebrate the third movie's record-breaking box office success with an HSM 3 Senior Year logo tee. Link to: High School Musical Logo

get your head in the game quoteGet Your Head in the Game!

The familiar High School Musical quote on the front of this Zac Efron t-shirt is taken from the song "Get'cha Head in the Game," which can be heard on the High School Musical Soundtrack CD. Zac Efron sings lines like, "Gotta run the give and go, take the ball to the hole, and don't be afraid to shoot the outside 'J'. Just keep your head in the game." The quote is also on High School Musical sweatshirts. Link to: Get Your Head in the Game!

I might even make you a creme bruleeI Might Even Make You a Creme Brulee

Zeke Baylor (Chris Warren, Jr.) knows that the way to a girl's heart is through her stomach. His crush on Sharpay Evans (Ashley Tisdale) results in him baking her cookies. She comes around at the end of the movie, and she tells Zeke that his cookies are the best thing she's ever tasted. He suggestively responds, "I might even make you a creme brulée." The fronts of these High School Musical t-shirts display the movie quote next to a picture of the dessert. 40 merchandise items feature this design. Link to: I Might Even Make You a Creme Brulee

high school musical costumesHigh School Musical Costumes

Celebrate your favorite HSM characters by wearing one of these great High School Musical costumes. Get sassy like Sharpay in a HSM Sharpay costume, or outfit yourself in a High School Musical Gabriella costume, including her HSM 3 prom dress. Accessories including jewelry and head mics are available. Wear the HSM Troy costume overtop your favorite High School Musical t-shirt. The attractive HSM tees are the perfect way to show that you're a fan of the movies and their characters, including HSM drama queen Sharpay Evans (Ashley Tisdale). Match them with a Disney High School Musical hat. Link to: High School Musical Costumes

zac efron t-shirtTroy Bolton t-shirt

A portrait of East High Wildcats basketball star Troy Bolton is featured on the front of this Zac Efron t-shirt. Support number fourteen in your own unique way by customizing this tee via the Disney InkShop. Add your name and HSM quotes to create a one of a kind piece of High School Musical clothing. Link to: Troy Bolton

east high basketball high school musical t-shirtsEast High Basketball t-shirts

The fronts of these High School Musical tees feature an East High Basketball logo. Wear this piece of HSM apparel as you cheer on Troy Bolton (Zac Efron), Chad Danforth (Corbin Bleu), Zeke Baylor (Chris Warren, Jr.), and Jason Cross (Ryne Sanborn) to another East High Wildcats victory. This design is also available on short sleeves, tank tops, and High School Musical sweatshirts. Link to: East High Basketball

You are the Music in Me!You are the Music in Me!

Fans of the High School Musical soundtracks will recognize the High School Musical quote on this tee. The red and yellow design features the song title "You are the Music in Me!" from the HSM 2 soundtrack. The song is performed in HSM 2 after Kelsi sings the beginning at the piano. Several other cast members join in, including Troy, Gabriella, Chad, and Taylor. While the meaning of the song is universal, it strongly eludes to the relationship between Troy and Gabriella. These High School Musical t-shirts are an HSM merchandise bestseller. Link to: You are the Music in Me!

wildcats high school musical t-shirtWildcats High School Musical tee

The front of this High School Musical t-shirt displays a Wildcats Athletic Department logo that is a physically fitting way to show that you love High School Musical. You no longer have to hide your admiration for the Disney Channel movie that teaches us that it's okay to share our inner voices with the world. Just follow the example of Troy and Gabriella, who come together through the power of music. Match it with HSM hats. Link to: Wildcats High School Musical

East High Wildcats #14Wildcats #14 HSM Sweatshirt

Get your head in the game with this East High Wildcats #14 athletic hoodie. The front of this High School Musical sweatshirt features the team name and Troy Bolton's number 14. Cheer on your favorite team wearing this comfortable piece of Troy Bolton High School Musical clothing. In addition to hoodies, the Wildcats #14 design is also available on a Zac Efron t-shirt. Other apparel styles include long sleeve jerseys, tank tops, and ringer Ts. Link to: Wildcats #14 HSM Sweatshirt

Pre School Musical t-shirtPre School Musical t-shirt

These cute High School Musical tees are perfect for the little performer in your family. The front of the tee reads, "Pre School Musical". Choose from a handful of shirt colors, including royal blue, navy, red, and black. The design on this High School Musical merchandise item is also available with orange lettering on white and other light colored Ts. Link to: Pre School Musical

high school musical cast t-shirtsHigh School Musical Cast t-shirt

Sing along to the High School Musical soundtrack in one of these HSM cast tees. The front of the T features an image of the cast of High School Musical throwing their hands into the air in excitement. Anyone who has ever delivered a successful performance will recognize the energy that is visible on their faces. Customize these High School Musical t-shirts by adding your name and various High School Musical quotes to the design. Link to: High School Musical Cast

I love musicalsI Love Musicals t-shirt

If the joy of a good musical tickles your spirit, then this I Love Musicals tee is perfect for you. The letters in the design are printed in Broadway style text, which gives the appearance of small lights filling each letter. A pink heart has replaced the word "love" in the statement, "I Love Musicals." This High School Musical t-shirt is also available as a white tee with black Broadway lettering, or as a long sleeve jersey. Wear this tee with an I Love High School Musical hat for a fun combination. Link to: I Love Musicals

High School Musical SoundtracksHigh School Musical Soundtracks

Get'cha head in the game and crank up the HSM soundtrack so you can listen to the start of something new instead of sticking to the status quo. Any one of these soundtrack albums are what you've been looking for, so break free, turn up the CD or MP3s, and bop to the top with your favorite movie songs. Let the music inspire you like it does to Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez. Link to: High School Musical Soundtracks



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