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The Discovery Channel's Dirty Jobs TV show is hosted by Mike Rowe, a former opera singer, who is filmed assisting men and women who do messy jobs for a living. Mike's sharp, self-deprecating sense of humor makes him the perfect host, as he almost never makes fun of the workers themselves. Get ready to get dirty with our gallery of Discovery Channel Mike Rowe Dirty Jobs t-shirts. The soiled selection includes the I Love Mike Rowe tee, the Worship the Pig tee, and the logo Dirty Jobs t-shirt. Mike's jobs have included being an ostrich farmer, garbage collector, avian vomitologist, and the too gross for TV road kill taxidermy artist.
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logo Dirty Jobs t-shirtsLogo Dirty Jobs t-shirts

The front of this long sleeved tee displays the familiar logo for the Discovery Channel Dirty Jobs TV show. The design includes a rat crawling on top of the TV show's title. The title features the word "Dirty" printed in white ink and the word "Jobs" printed underneath in green ink, which is running like sludge down the shirt. "With Mike Rowe" is displayed under the title. Link to: Logo Dirty Jobs

Mike Rowe t-shirtMike Rowe t-shirt

Show your love for the Discovery Channel's Mike Rowe, the host who isn't afraid to get dirty. The front of these Mike Rowe Dirty Jobs t-shirts have his handsome self precariously holding a putrid pile of unidentifiable sludge from one of his many adventures. Relax in this tee as you work in the yard or slop in the mud on your pig farm because he has clearly demonstrated that there is no place that he won't go. Link to: Mike Rowe

worship the pig t-shirtWorship the Pig t-shirt

This bestselling Worship the Pig design is a great get dirty tee that is the perfect gift for fans of the Discovery Channel Dirty Jobs TV show. The front of the tee reads, "Worship the pig," with a silhouette of a pig, while the back displays the TV series and network logos, which appear on most styles. Discovery Channel host Mike Rowe often leaves his handprint on the jobsite after completing various messy tasks. Similarly, a pig-print has been left on this apparel item. This Dirty Jobs t-shirt design is available on both men's and women's apparel styles. Link to: Worship the Pig

may the filth be with youMay the Filth be With You

The front of this tee features a silhouette image of Dirty Jobs Mike Rowe holding a shovel in his hand and wearing a gas mask turned sideways on his head. To the right of him is the phrase, "May the filth be with you." This is an obvious pun on the Star Wars quote, "May the force be with you." The back of the T features small versions of the TV show's logo and the Discovery Channel logo near the neck. Wear this Mike Rowe t-shirt the next time you have to sweep a chimney, inspect a sewer, or tar a roof. Whatever you plan to do, may the filth be with you. Link to: May the Filth be With You

Get Happy Get Dirty teeGet Happy, Get Dirty

You'll be ready to swine and dine in this Discovery Channel Dirty Jobs tee. The design on the front features a large light brown silhouette of a dirt-colored pig. Displayed on the animal's side in black, slightly distressed lettering is the phrase, "get happy, get dirty." Below the pig is a Dirty Jobs logo next to a Discovery Channel logo. Wear this tee when you go to your interview for the pig farmer position. You'll be hired immediately. These Dirty Jobs t-shirts display the perfect symbol of filth. You'll be more than happy to get dirty with this tee on. Link to: Get Happy, Get Dirty

dirty boy shirtDirty Boy shirt

This comfortable long sleeved T is perfect for the dirty boy in your family. Whether your son pretends he's Dirty Jobs' Mike Rowe, or your husband makes a mess doing household repairs, this tee is perfect for both of them. The front of this Dirty Jobs t-shirt displays the statement, "I'm a dirty, dirty boy," written in brown font with traces of mud splatter around the text. This fun design is also available on hoodie sweatshirts. Link to: Dirty Boy

it's a dirty job but someone's gotta do itIt's a Dirty Job but Someone's Gotta Do It Dirty Jobs Theme Song tee

"It's a dirty job but someone's gotta do it," echoes the lyrics of the Dirty Jobs theme song. The lyrics are from the Faith No More song "We Care a Lot." In the first half of 2007, the familiar opening tune was replaced with a generic theme song due to rights issues. The issues were resolved in June of that year and the original Dirty Jobs theme returned. Link to: It's a Dirty Job but Someone's Gotta Do It Dirty Jobs Theme Song

slime green dirty jobs t-shirtSlime Green Dirty Jobs t-shirt

Discovery Channel's host of Dirty Jobs, Mike Rowe, learned to worship the pig when he worked as a pig farmer. Mike had to grab pigs from their indoor stalls and carry them to an outside pigpen. Despite their screaming, kicking and pooping, Mike managed to successfully move the pigs outside. This t-shirt will remind fans of this adventure and the hundreds of others where Mike got down and dirty on camera. Link to: Slime Green Dirty Jobs

pig is the new blackPig is the New Black

These official Discovery Channel Dirty Jobs t-shirts take on the world of fashion by announcing that "pig is the new black." The design on the front of this tee features a large dark silhouette of a sitting pig. The catchy phrase, "pig is the new black," appears underneath the image. The design is also available on white Ts, or in light brown on a dark tee. Set a new trend in the fashion industry with this stylish "pig is the new black" Dirty Jobs t-shirt. It's the only piece of clothing that looks better with a few stains. Link to: Pig is the New Black

Mike Rowe Get DirtyGet Dirty tee

The front of this tee displays the Mike Rowe Dirty Jobs quote, "Get dirty." The design is printed on the chest of the T, and it includes a Discovery Channel Dirty Jobs TV show logo under the quote. Host Mike Rowe begins each episode with the line, "Get ready to get dirty." The show then transitions to Mike starting his day, getting ready to begin a particular messy task that regular people do for a living. Wear this with a Poo Pays Dirty Jobs hat. Link to: Get Dirty

mike rowe dirty jobs got dirtGot Dirt?

Recite your favorite Mike Rowe quotes in this "got dirt?" tee that parodies the popular "got milk?" ads. Will Mike's willing attitude and lack of experience be the lethal combination that results in him making "a critical oversight that has led to yet another mouthful of poo." Mike has encountered mouthfuls of poo on various Dirty Jobs episodes. Let's just hope that we can learn from Mr. Rowe should we ourselves come face-to-face with the smelly brown stuff. Link to: Got Dirt?

obey the pig dirty jobs t-shirtsObey the Pig Dirty Jobs t-shirts

These comfortable Dirty Jobs t-shirts feature a distressed blue silhouette of a pig on the front. On the side of the pig in white capital letters is the phrase, "obey the pig." This conjures up memories of pig farmer Mike Rowe from the Dirty Jobs episode where Mike has to handle a few feisty swine. The back of the tee features a small Dirty Jobs logo positioned above a brown Discovery Channel logo. The attractive design on this Dirty Jobs t-shirt is available on over twenty different apparel items. Celebrate the TV show that respects the pig. Link to: Obey the Pig Dirty Jobs



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