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The original Care Bears were painted for the American Greetings card company by Elena Kuckarik in 1981 and included Funshine, Bedtime, Tenderheart, Cheer, Love-a-Lot, Birthday, Good Luck, Wish, Grumpy and Friend bear. Two years later, the Care Bear plush toys debuted to the delight of children everywhere. In 1985, we were introduced to the Care Bears movie and television series, making the franchise a household name. Additional characters like Share Bear and Brave Heart Lion were added later to complete the bunch. If these bears made you want to run on rainbows, peruse our gallery of Care Bears t-shirts including the Grumpy Bear t-shirt and Good Luck Bear tee. The Care Bears costumes are adorable too.
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Cheer Bear shirtGrumpy Bear Costume t-shirt

When it comes to good old fashion fun, these cloud hopping bears can't get enough, but one of the bears often finds a dark cloud following him. This blue Care Bears shirt features Grumpy Bear's symbol (rain cloud). Share in his misery by grabbing one for yourself and one for your best friend today, whether that's Tenderheart Bear (heart) or someone else. Wear it under an adult Care Bears Halloween costume. For activities to do with friends, play the Care Bears games. Link to: Grumpy Bear Costume

Tenderheart Bear t-shirtTenderheart Bear t-shirt

Tenderheart Bear, distinguishable from his single heart belly tag, wants to give you free hugs. That is nothing new for him though; he is known for asking people about their feelings and showing them how to express their own. If you are the caring one of the bunch too, then this Care Bears tee should be a part of your wardrobe. If you are looking to show a friend how much you care, then browse the gallery. It is full of Care Bears merchandise for kids and kids at heart, so surprise someone special today. They will be glowing like Funshine Bear in no time. Link to: Tenderheart Bear

Good Luck Bear t-shirtGood Luck Bear Costume t-shirt

This green Good Luck Bear t-shirt reveals that the friendly creature wearing this costume design is a Lucky Bear. As if the four leaf clover on his tummy isn't enough, your friends will want to rub your tummy for even more luck. Be sure to cuddle with a plush version of this cute bear to become an inseparable pair. If you come to realize that bears are flesh eaters, then perhaps a Zombie Bear t-shirt might be a better fit. Pair this with a Cheer or Good Luck Bear plush from below. The stuffed animals are the perfect match for this lucky Care Bears t-shirt. Also, don't miss Care Bear action figures. Link to: Good Luck Bear Costume

Kids Care Bears costumeKids Care Bears Costumes

Few things are cuter than child and adult Care Bears costumes, but that isn't the only perk; they are also soft and warm. There are a variety of options, including blue Bedtime (moon), brown Tenderheart (heart), yellow Funshine (sun), blue Grumpy (rain cloud), blue Champ (trophy), orange Friend (two smiling flowers), and the pink Cheer Bear costume (rainbow). Not sure who is your favorite? They all have their own personality, so check out a Care Bears DVD to watch them in action. Link to: Kids Care Bears Costumes

Adult Care Bears CostumeAdult Care Bears Costumes

Spread some cheer and bring smiles to the faces of everyone around you with these adult Care Bears costumes that are the perfect Halloween outfits for fans of the fun loving characters. Cara Bears costumes for adults include Love-a-Lot, Tenderheart, Birthday, Funshine Bear and others. These outfits are great for birthday parties, cosplay, Halloween or just dressing up for fun. All that you'll have to do is find a rainbow to slide on. Link to: Adult Care Bears Costumes

Scare Bear shirtCare Bear Hitman t-shirt

Talk about having a score to settle... This Care Bear Hitman design is for those who want something a bit more edgy than a Grumpy Bear t-shirt. In the tradition of Pulp Fiction or Goodfellas, the design features a blue bear pointing a gun. He is indisputably not somebody to mess with, which is obvious from the serious look on his face, and of course the gun. If his violent ways turn you off, don't be discouraged. We have an assortment of other more chipper Care Bear shirts and irresistible merchandise like Care Bears toy figures and plush dolls. Link to: Care Bear Hitman

Don't Care Bears shirtDon't Care Bear t-shirt

Not all of the bears can be expected to care. This one is a perfect example. Whether they're swinging from stars or sliding down rainbows, these cuddly friends know how to have a good time while showing off their distinct personalities. Here, Don't Care Bear doesn't look too pleased, and the atomic explosion on his stomach isn't helping. Perhaps he needs a visit from Tenderheart Bear (heart) and Cheer Bear (rainbow). This Care Bears t-shirt is a funny deviation from the norm. We have a ton of Care Bear clothing options in other colors and styles. We also have a wide range of merchandise available as well, like action figures and adult and kids costumes. Link to: Don't Care Bear

Harmony Bear teeHarmony Bear t-shirt

Care Bear tees make everyone feel warm and fuzzy, and like the Cheer Bear t-shirt, this Harmony Bear design is no exception. She is known for her purple fur, smiling flower belly badge and unwavering mission to create harmony, which she does extremely well, often through song. Put simply, she can win over even Grumpy Bear. If you believe that the glass is half full and feel that harmony is the way to go, then this was designed with you in mind. It could also be easily gifted to cheer up a friend who is down. For more ideas that will bring people out of their blues, don't miss the Care Bear movie, books, plush toys and games. Link to: Harmony Bear

Grumpy Bear t-shirtScare Bear shirt

Although you have seen the movies and TV show, you might not have realized there is a dark side to the rainbow sliding bears, but there is. This grumpy Bear t-shirt is a reminder that they all have a side that is not spunky, jolly and upbeat. If you prefer the fluffy fun-loving ones, then we have plenty of options, including the Good Luck Bear t-shirt. Pick your favorite and reminisce about the eighties. Link to: Scare Bear

Funshine Bear Costume t-shirtFunshine Bear Costume t-shirt

This Care Bears tee illustrates exactly what these eighties icons are all about, fun. On it is a recreation of Funshine Bear's belly, complete with the smiling sun logo. If you're the type of person who always tries to look on the sunny side of life too, then this Funshine Bear costume t-shirt will complement your personality well. Perhaps you're a practical jokester too, which sometimes gets Funshine in trouble. Link to: Funshine Bear Costume

Bedtime Bear Costume shirtBedtime Bear Costume t-shirt

Ever wish you could step back in time and go to the eighties? I doubt I'm the only one who thinks about it, and I am guessing that this design will have you doing the same. This adorable Bedtime Bear Costume t-shirt will have you wishing that he guarded your bedroom door to make sure that you get eight hours of sleep every night. The logo is a reminder of Elena Kuckarik's inspiring original work that started it all. For more Care Bear merchandise that will remind you of the best decade ever, see the rest of the gallery. Don't miss the Care Bear costumes either. They are like totally rad! Link to: Bedtime Bear Costume

Share Bear teeShare Bear t-shirt

Being willing to share is a selfless quality that not everyone possesses. Those who do are often treasures to be around. If you fit into that category then this is the Care Bear shirt for you. It was designed to replicate Share Bear's lavender-purple belly with two crossed lollipops. If that sounds good, then pick yours up today. If you prefer something else, try child and adult Care Bears Halloween costumes. Link to: Share Bear

Care Bears Costume shirtCheer Bear Care Bears Costume t-shirt

Now that you have been browsing through some of the most stylish and adorable Care Bears t-shirts available anywhere, we wanted to present you with another option. This Care Bears Costume t-shirt features a Cheer Bear tummy design that lets you become the fun loving creature. This creative Cheer Bear Costume shirt will have you sliding on rainbows in no time. Balance the happiness with a Grumpy Bear t-shirt. See below for a collection of goodies for people who love these bear pals like Care Bears stuffed animals, toys and more for your enjoyment. It is like a blast from the past! Link to: Cheer Bear Care Bears Costume

Vintage Care Bears Action FiguresVintage Care Bears Figures and Toys

These 1980s Care Bears poseable figures are sought after mementos of the popular characters. Collect them all while you still can get your hands on them or buy them for the fan in your family. For sale individually or as Care Bear action figure lots, there are plenty of options for obtaining your favorite poseable characters, including the vintage Grumpy Bear figure, Tenderheart and Lotsa Heart Elephant. Link to: Vintage Care Bears Figures and Toys

Care Bears PlushCare Bears Plush Stuffed Animals

Cuddle up with your favorite rainbow sliding furry friends. Care Bears stuffed animals include characters like the Bedtime Bear plush, Cheer, Oopsy, Birthday, Funshine and many more. Soft and huggable, these plush toys will snuggle their way into your child's heart and even your own. Pair them with a t-shirt from the gallery for the ideal gift. Link to: Care Bears Plush Stuffed Animals



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