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Fans have taken notice of ABC Family's TV show Switched at Birth, notably for its ability to thrust American Sign Language (ASL) into the spotlight and enlighten its audiences to a deaf lifestyle. The unusual story shows how the lives of two teen girls, Bay Kennish (Vanessa Marano) and Daphne Vasquez (Katie Leclerc), can be dramatically altered due to human error. If they have sparked your interest in signing, then peruse our gallery of Switched at Birth t-shirts including a Carlton School for the Deaf shirt, Bay's Hammer Girl t-shirt and Buckner Hall tees.
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Kennish Car Wash Switched at Birth TeeKennish Car Wash shirts

From major league baseball player to successful businessman, John Kennish can do it all. He might even take a shot at politics in the future with the help of his lovely wife Kathryn. Every time he sets his mind to something he seems to handle it in stride, making the shifts flawlessly. This Kennish Car Wash t-shirt features the design of his company while highlighting his early life achievements. If you are looking for a stable job and a nice boss, try interviewing in this Switch at Birth tee. It is available in a variety of styles and colors. Link to: Kennish Car Wash

Carlton School TeeCarlton School for the Deaf

When it comes to schooling, Bay and Daphne have had very different experiences in life, but when they come together their educations become intermingled. The prestigious Buckner Hall is Bay and Toby's alma mater until Daphne begins taking cooking classes there in the afternoons. That isn't the only change. As Bay better understands ASL and begins to further herself from her current life, she enrolls in a pilot program for the hearing at Daphne's school. Promote this innovative show in a Carlton School for the Deaf t-shirt. Link to: Carlton School for the Deaf

Buckner Bulldogs TeeBuckner Hall Bulldogs t-shirts

When it comes to athletics, Bay was never a big participant like her dad but Daphne is another story. Aside from being interested in the culinary field, she is a wonderful basketball player. It is one of the first things that helped bond the two after the discovery of the switch. He began coaching for her team at Carlton and continued until she changed teams. This Buckner Hall Bulldogs shirt shows the mascot for the school and team she chose to play for. Link to: Buckner Hall Bulldogs

Bay Girl with Hammer TeeBay's Hammer Girl Art

Bay Kennish may not understand where she fits in the art world or even in the world in general, but her love of street art has drawn her in for the long run. While many see her work as vandalism, her girl with the hammer and other objects could be considered inspirational and intriguing to others. If a love of art runs in your blood too, then be a walking billboard for Bay in a Hammer Girl tee. Link to: Bay's Hammer Girl Art

Carlton School for the Deaf Mustangs MerchandiseCarlton Mustangs Merchandise

A Carlton Mustangs t-shirt or hoodie isn't just for gym class anymore. This Carlton School for the Deaf design is for all the Switched at Birth TV show fans who would jump at the chance to either play for their basketball team like Daphne, attend the school with Emmett, partake in the pilot program like Bay or see more television programs promoting ASL. Whatever your reason, this merchandise is bound to satisfy so start showing your Mustang Pride. Link to: Carlton Mustangs Merchandise

Buckner Hall T-shirtBuckner Hall Crest tee

Whether you like the school on these Buckner Hall shirts or not, the name would look impressive on any college application, which is why the Kennish kids attend. Their parents strive to put them ahead in any way possible, but sometimes a forced fit isn't the best fit. While Toby may break the rules on occasion, Bay would be the first to agree that it isn't her cup of tea. Show which school you'd like to attend by picking a Switched at Birth shirt that suits you best. Link to: Buckner Hall Crest



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