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Directed by Quentin Tarantino, the movie Pulp Fiction is made up of six interrelated stories that are told in a non-linear fashion. The main characters include a boxer, Butch Coolidge; two hitmen, Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield; and a crime boss, Marsellus Wallace. Here, we pay tribute to Quentin Tarantino's homage to B-movies, gangster films, and pop culture, with our selection of Pulp Fiction t-shirts and merchandise. Enjoy your next Royale with Cheese in a Big Kahuna Burger tee, recite the Bible in an Ezekiel t-shirt, or get some laughs in a Gimp Pulp Fiction t-shirt. Also, don't miss the Jack Rabbit Slim's, Red Apple Cigarettes, and Fox Force Five tees. Browse the Pulp Fiction merchandise below.
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Don't Be a Square Pulp Fiction t-shirt
Don't Be a Square Pulp Fiction tee
Description: This bestselling Don't Be a Square Pulp Fiction tee displays Mia Wallace's quote on the front along with the square that she draws in the air with her fingers. The unique design on this Pulp Fiction Mia t-shirt will remind those around you not to be squares. You can recite Mia's quote from Pulp Fiction when you see someone acting a little too uptight. This design is also available on long sleeve tees, hoodies, mugs and iPhone cases. Link to: Don't Be a Square Pulp Fiction

street fighter pulp fiction t-shirts
Street Fighter Pulp Fiction t-shirt
Description: The fronts of these Street Fighter Pulp Fiction t-shirts display a video game style character selection screen that includes Vincent (John Travolta), Jules (Samuel L. Jackson), Butch (Bruce Willis), Mia (Uma Thurman) and even the Gimp. The title Pulp Fighter II, along with the edition, is displayed at the top of the design. Wear it to play video games and to recite the Pulp Fiction Ezekiel bible verse, "The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of the evil man." Link to: Street Fighter Pulp Fiction

Bert and Ernie Pulp Fiction shirt
Pulp Fiction Bert and Ernie t-shirt
Description: This funny Bert and Ernie Pulp Fiction t-shirt features the Sesame Street characters posing as Vincent and Jules. Below these two best friends is the Sesame Street sign, only here it displays the title Pulp Muppet. Wear the tee as you practice reciting Ezekiel 25:17, which you can pretend is today's Sesame Street lesson. Buy it with a Big Kahuna Burger t-shirt or hat. Link to: Pulp Fiction Bert and Ernie

vincent vega santa cruz shirt
UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs tee
Description: This might not be the usual attire for Vincent Vega but after being sprayed down with a hose, this UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs t-shirt is the one Jimmie throws him. You can't be picky when it comes to escaping the law. Not only is this tee designed for sports fans and Pulp Fiction movie addicts but works well as a costume too! So slick your hair back like John Travolta and enjoy the ride. Link to: UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs

Pulp Fiction Fruit Lemon Orange
Pulp Fiction t-shirt
Description: These bestselling Pulp Fiction t-shirts will go great with a Royale with Cheese. The design features a lemon and an orange, which are the true possessors of pulp. Wear it to recite your favorite scenes, like the well-known car scene from the movie where Vincent tells Jules that in Paris a Quarter Pounder with Cheese is called a Royale with Cheese. Enjoy your own Royale with Cheese. The burger looks "Mmmm... Tasty," just like Jules said in the tasty burger quote from Pulp Fiction. Link to: Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction Ezekiel quote tee
Pulp Fiction Ezekiel Quote tee
Description: The front of this Ezekiel t-shirt features the familiar Pulp Fiction Bible verse from Ezekiel 25:17. Jules recites the Bible quote right before he shoots Brett (Frank Whaley) for his disloyalty to Marsellus. The Ezekiel Pulp Fiction quote ends with the lines, "And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee!" Link to: Pulp Fiction Ezekiel Quote

winston wolfe t-shirt
Winston Wolfe t-shirt
Description: This Winston Wolfe Pulp Fiction t-shirt displays the cleaner on the front along with his most memorable quote from the movie. Not only does Winston "The Wolf" Wolfe (Harvey Keitel) clean up the mess left behind by Jules and Vincent, he takes the two men to Monster Joe's Truck and Tow to dispose of their bloodied car. Link to: Winston Wolfe

Fox Force Five Pulp Fiction t-shirts
Fox Force Five Pulp Fiction t-shirt
Description: In the movie, when Vincent (John Travolta) and Mia (Uma Thurman) are at Jack Rabbit Slim's, Mia tells him about a failed television pilot that she had starred in called Fox Force Five. The design on these Pulp Fiction t-shirts pays homage to Mia's stab at stardom. The front of the tee displays a silhouette image of the Fox Force Five title with a woman leaning against it holding a gun. Mia's character was Raven McCoy, a knife expert who had been raised by circus performers. Browse to see more Fox Force Five Pulp Fiction merchandise items. Link to: Fox Force Five Pulp Fiction

Klingon Jules Winnfield tee
Klingon, Do You Speak It?!
Description: The front of this tee features a play on Jules' "English, do you speak it?!" quote from Pulp Fiction. Instead of English, here, Jules is asking whether you speak the extraterrestrial humanoid language Klingon from Star Trek. This funny Pulp Fiction shirt is a great way to add a little geek flavor to your love of the Quentin Tarantino classic. Link to: Klingon, Do You Speak It?!

Jack Rabbit Slim's tee
Jack Rabbit Slim's tee
Description: Dance the night away at Jack Rabbit Slim's 1950s themed restaurant, where you'll be waited on by a staff of pop culture icons, including Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, and Ricky Nelson look-alikes. Enjoy a $5 milkshake before you take to the floor to do the Pulp Fiction dance a la Vincent (John Travolta) and Mia (Uma Thurman). This Jack Rabbit Slim's Pulp Fiction t-shirt pays tribute to the fictional eatery. The front of the tee features a Jack Rabbit Slims logo that includes a pair of rabbit ears. The retro design is available in a variety of colors. Let your friends know that you prefer Slim's. Link to: Jack Rabbit Slim's

Jules Serious Gourmet Coffee t-shirt
Serious Gourmet $#!t tee
Description: Wear this cool Jules mashup tee as you recite quotes like the Pulp Fiction movie quote, "This is some serious gourmet $#!t." In the movie, Jules (Samuel L. Jackson) makes this remark to Jimmie (Quentin Tarantino) after Jimmie gives coffee to them. Jules and Vincent have a dead body in Jimmie's garage, but Jules takes time to savor the coffee, something that offends Jimmie. Get this tee or the familiar Pulp Fiction logo silhouette. Wear this piece of Pulp Fiction merchandise with one of the cool hats available in the gallery. Link to: Serious Gourmet $#!t

Jules' Cartoon Pulp Fiction
Jules' Blue Krazy Kat Cartoon t-shirt
Description: Pulp Fiction t-shirts are in high demand, especially this light blue Krazy Kat Cartoon tee Jules wore at the coffee shop. According to Jimmie, who originally owned the garment himself, he looks like a dork. I guess Samuel L. Jackson doesn't know how to rock the look but I'm sure that you do. To use this design as a costume, grab a friend to dress up like his sidekick Vincent Vega in the UC Santa Cruz shirt above. Link to: Jules' Blue Krazy Kat Cartoon

Snow White Pulp Fiction
Fairy Tales Fiction t-shirt
Description: Forget a kiss, an adrenaline shot to the heart would have surely woken Snow White up. This Pulp Fiction t-shirt re-imagines the fairy tale with a Pulp Fiction twist. Instead of overdosing on heroin like Mia, Snow White overdosed on a poison apple. Too bad Lance (Eric Stoltz) wasn't around to help revive her. Pair the design with Red Apple Cigarettes Pulp Fiction merchandise like hoodies and mugs. Link to: Fairy Tales Fiction

Big Kahuna Burger shirt
Big Kahuna Burger t-shirt
Description: If you're craving a tasty burger, this Big Kahuna Burger Pulp Fiction t-shirt might satisfy your appetite until you can get your hands on the real thing. It can also be used to create a great Big Kahuna Burger employee costume. Jules (Samuel L. Jackson) enjoys the burger in the movie just before he shoots Brett for betraying Marsellus. Enjoy your new piece of movie apparel in the color of your choice. Link to: Big Kahuna Burger

Pulp Fiction iPhone Case Bad Mother
Pulp Fiction Bad Mother iPhone Case
Description: This Pulp Fiction iPhone case will let everyone know that you're not to be messed with. The design is based on Jules' wallet from the movie. Jules tells Pumpkin to get his wallet out of the bag. When she asks him which one it is, he informs her that it is the one that says Bad Mother******. It is then that she fully realizes that her attempt to rob the patrons of the restaurant was a big mistake. This Bad Mother iPhone case might help to deter criminals from attempting to steal your phone. Link to: Pulp Fiction Bad Mother iPhone Case



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