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Based on the book Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk, the movie of the same name is equally as engrossing and unusually twisted. Edward Norton stars as the unnamed narrator who befriends Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt), a soap salesman who persuades Norton's character to participate in an underground fight club. We quickly learn the rules, the main one is "you do not talk about Fight Club." The movie's theme of apathy and aggression resonated among its audience, and soon fans were writing their own fight club scripts by beating each other senseless in their backyards. Here, you can celebrate the movie and Chuck Palahniuk's book through our selection of Fight Club t-shirts, soap bars and Tyler leather jackets.
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Project Mayhem Fight Club t-shirts
Project Mayhem Fight Club t-shirts
Description: Available in both men's and women's styles on a variety of clothing colors, the Fight Club Project Mayhem shirt expresses itself in black weathered stencil lettering that looks sharp on anyone's back. Join Tyler Durden's Project Mayhem, an organization focused on eliminating consumerism as a way of life and reversing the eroding state of masculinity in our culture. Adapted from Chuck Palahniuk's book, the story takes a radical and violent stance against corporate America. Link to: Project Mayhem Fight Club

Fight Club Movie Hit Me tee
Fight Club Hit Me Quote tee
Description: Straight from the Fight Club movie to the front of this tee, comes the scene featuring the Tyler Durden quote, "I want you to hit me as hard as you can." Brad Pitt's character, Tyler, delivers the quote in the movie, speaking to the Narrator (Edward Norton). The design on this t-shirt immediately conjures memories of mischief, mayhem, and soap. Pair it with the movie poster for the ultimate gift combination. Anyone who has seen the movie will easily recall the Brad Pitt quote on this memorable tee. They might even invite you to a local bare-knuckle brawl. Just don't talk about it. Link to: Fight Club Hit Me Quote

Sock it to Me Fight Club t-shirt
Tyler's Sock it to Me Fight Club t-shirt
Description: This vintage Sock it to Me design is worn by Brad Pitt's character, Tyler Durden, in the Fight Club movie. The orange and blue retro style logo has a slightly worn look to give it a more rugged appearance. Whether you're in the mood for a stroll along Paper Street, or you plan on becoming a member of Tyler Durden's Project Mayhem, this Fight Club t-shirt will keep you in style no matter what you're doing. Tell your friends that your soap salesman friend Tyler lent it to you. Link to: Tyler's Sock it to Me Fight Club

3rd rule of fight club shirts
3rd Rule of Fight Club
Description: A great addition to our selection of Fight Club t-shirts, the 3rd Rule of Fight Club tee offers a humorous twist on the rules that Tyler Durden explains to Edward Norton's character in the movie. Wear this tee to inform your friends that "the 3rd rule of Fight Club is have fun and try your best." The Narrator's mind-numbingly dull job in the Federated Motor Corporations's Compliance and Liability Division is part of what drives him to participate in and follow the rules of Fight Club, Tyler Durden's underground organization for bare-knuckle fighting. Link to: 3rd Rule of Fight Club

edward norton brad pitt tyler durden marla tee
Marla Big Tourist tee
Description: A popular favorite, this quote T features Marla... the big tourist. She attends the same support group meetings that Edward Norton's character attends for the grievously ill. Like the Narrator (Norton), Marla is an impostor as well, getting off on other people's pain and suffering. Her presence frustrates the Narrator because her lie reflects his lie. This Fight Club shirt is a fitting tribute to Marla... the big tourist. Link to: Marla Big Tourist

fight club paper street soap company
Paper Street Fight Club
Description: This tee pays homage to the movie Fight Club's famous Paper Street Soap Company. In the movie, Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) sells the soap to department stores at $20 a bar. Little do the customers know that the soap is made from human body fat! The Narrator explains, "We were selling rich women their own fat asses back to them." The distressed design on this grey tee features an image of a fist surrounded by the name of the underground Paper Street organization. This Fight Club t-shirt is available in several different colors. Link to: Paper Street Fight Club

Red Leather Jacket Fight Club Brad Pitt
Tyler Durden Red Leather Jacket | Brad Pitt Fight Club Costume
Description: This red Fight Club leather jacket is more than just a key element to any Tyler Durden costume. It's a replica jacket that was designed to look just like the one that Brad Pitt wears in the movie. The button-up coat features genuine leather that is soft and light on the body. It's the perfect coat to incorporate into your wardrobe or to wear as a Fight Club Halloween costume. Tyler Durden would welcome you into his soap business with open arms. Maybe you can hand it out to trick-or-treaters for Halloween. Link to: Tyler Durden Red Leather Jacket | Brad Pitt Fight Club Costume

Fight Club t-shirts motor oil quote
You Can Use Old Motor Oil to Fertilize Your Lawn
Description: The design on the left displays the billboard quote from the movie Fight Club. "Did you know? You can use old motor oil to fertilize your lawn." Ironically, the hazardous water-saving tip on the billboard is sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency. Browse a variety of Edward Norton quote tees including, "I am Jack's smirking revenge," and "I am Jack's complete lack of surprise." The shirt is available in a variety of sizes. Pair this quote T with Project Mayhem logo clothing. Link to: You Can Use Old Motor Oil to Fertilize Your Lawn

brad pitt shirts
Paper Street Soap Company
Description: This great Fight Club Soap Company t-shirt could pass for official company clothing. It features the logo for Tyler Durden's Paper Street Soap Company. Wear this tee and tell everyone that you sell "all natural, handmade" soap. If your customers are skeptical, you might point out that it works great on blood stains. Pick up this piece of merchandise to promote the company's soap, which is made from human fat. More colors available! Link to: Paper Street Soap Company

fight club recycle your animals
Fight Club Recycle Your Animals t-shirt
Description: Anyone familiar with Chuck Palahniuk's book knows that like the fight club, Project Mayhem is also governed by a set of rules, one of them being, "You have to trust Tyler." The front of this tee promotes Tyler's suggestion to, "Recycle Your Animals". The phrase is seen on a bumper sticker in the movie and significant debate has sparked over its meaning. Of course, discussing this shirt could violate the first rule of Fight Club, "You do not talk about Fight Club." Available on a short-sleeve t-shirt, the design is a perfect way to express your loyalty. Link to: Fight Club Recycle Your Animals

I am Jack fight club
I Am Jack Fight Club tee
Description: Let this image of Tyler and his better half remind you not to break the first rule of Fight Club. This I Am Jack design creatively morphs each character together onto a playing card. Just make sure that you don't break the first rule when someone tells you they love it. These unique Fight Club t-shirts offer the perfect balance of both personalities. Pair it with an "I'm breaking the first rule of Fight Club" t-shirt. Link to: I Am Jack Fight Club

Fight Club Paper Street Soap Bar iPhone Case
Fight Club iPhone Case
Description: Modeled after the Fight Club soap bar, this iPhone case resembles the iconic movie item and is the perfect way to disguise and protect your phone. Fellow fans will instantly recognize the soap bar and they may even begin to wonder if you work for Tyler Durden as a door-to-door soap salesman. Mostly, they'll be wondering why you're talking into a Fight Club soap bar, even though it does make for a great conversation piece. It might not wash away you're own mischief and mayhem, but it looks great protecting your iPhone. They're perfect for fans of the movie and Chuck Palahniuk's books. Link to: Fight Club iPhone Case



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