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The iCarly TV show is a Nickelodeon series about a teen named Carly Shay (Miranda Cosgrove), who has a hit web show with her best friend Sam Puckett (Jennette McCurdy) and their techy friend Freddie Benson (Nathan Kress) who tapes it. If this is nothing new to you then peruse our gallery of iCarly merchandise including iCarly t-shirts like the Silly Little Truffles tee and the iCarly Mushroom Room shirt. To put on a show of your own, check out Sam's iCarly remote, Carly's microphone and the costume below, which is perfect for Halloween or any time.
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Daffodility shirtEmbrace Your Inner Daffodility t-shirt

If your best friend's tomboy style isn't exactly what the boy she has a crush on is looking for, what do you do? You give her a makeover! That's exactly what Carly decided to do for Sam...turn her into a girly girl. After Sam's semi-traumatic experience, she claimed that she felt like a daffodil. Carly decided that it would be a good idea for Sam to harness this feminine feeling and use it to her advantage. So, she told Sam to "embrace your inner daffodility". This iCarly Sam t-shirt is great for anyone who has just made the transformation to girly or is trying to summon their innner daffodility. Link to: Embrace Your Inner Daffodility

iCarly Cast teeiCarly Cast t-shirt

This iCarly tee is a favorite because it features all your favorite iCarly characters! This design has funky fun loving Carly, her oddball brother Spencer, sassy tomboy Sam and cool computer geek Freddie. Recreate this bond by wearing this iCarly cast shirt and grabbing three of your closest friends, along with an iCarly microphone and Sam's remote to create your own random dancing music show at will! Link to: iCarly Cast

Logo iCarly teeiCarly Logo t-shirt

If you love everything related to Carly's web show, then I'm guessing you love all of our playful iCarly t-shirts. This can leave you in quite a predicament if you are only picking one, but this simple iCarly logo shirt might be the ideal choice. Aside from the tees, when you think of the iCarly TV show you probably think about the iCarly soundtrack or DVD, but you might forget about the iCarly books. These stories drag you into an adventure of your own, which can be even better than watching the show itself. Be sure to also see the iCarly costume and toys below. Link to: iCarly Logo

Random Dancing teeRandom Dancing t-shirt

This iCarly Random Dancing t-shirt is quite obviously wonderful for fans who love the random dancing portion of Carly and Sam's show! Are you a robot person, a twister or just someone who flails around everywhere? It doesn't matter which way you dance, that's why it is called random dancing. You can't screw it up. It is just fun. If you like music then you might also enjoy the iCarly soundtrack or Miranda Cosgrove CD to help supply the beat. Link to: Random Dancing

iCarly teeiCarly Purple Flower t-shirt

iCarly apparel is a great gift for any kid. Not to worry if you are an older fan, all of our iCarly t-shirts are available in a variety of colors and styles in adult sizes for men and women. This show is for the kid in all of us. When was the last time you wanted to throw a cupcake against the wall with two of your best friends and cheer it on to stick? Okay, so it may not be common but cupcake slam looks like a blast! Outfit yourself in this iCarly Sam t-shirt and enjoy an episode of Carly and Sam's web show. To celebrate other elements of the series, pick up an iCarly Mushroom Room shirt and Sam's remote. Link to: iCarly Purple Flower

Carly and Sam t-shirtCarly and Sam t-shirt

Although all of our iCarly tees are too cute to resist, some of you might not be into all the pinks and purples featured on many of the designs. For those people, we have this adorable blue hued Sam and Carly shirt. The colors are just as fun and vibrant but a little more on Sam's style side. You can check out Carly and Sam's fashion sense on iCarly DVDs while you catch up on missed episodes. Link to: Carly and Sam

That's Jank teeThat's Jank t-shirt

For all of you parents out there shopping for your child or their friend, we'll fill you in on what this iCarly t-shirt is about. The phrase "that's jank" is what Carly uses when something is bad or doesn't go according to plan, so you can think of it as the new "that's messed up". As for present ideas, pair this iCarly jank shirt with an iCarly microphone or remote for a great gift idea. This way they can create their own show or just have fun pretending like Carly and Sam do all the time. You can even decorate with an iCarly poster. I think these ideas call for some random dancing! Link to: That's Jank

Mushroom Room shirtMushroom Room t-shirt

This iCarly tee is as playful and girlie as it gets! The flirty filigree print with retro writing is sure to wow anyone. Pair this iCarly Mushroom Room t-shirt with a Miranda Cosgrove CD or iCarly soundtrack as the perfect present for any fun loving fan. They can sing along with their friends or do some random dancing that will impress any onlooker. Make sure you have some fun in life. Don't be the wallflower! Link to: Mushroom Room

Silly Little Truffles teeSilly Little Truffles t-shirt

It appears that Carly has found her inner Carmen Miranda, considering she has a pineapple sitting on her head. This is the type of thing that her snotty history teacher Mr. Devlin would never appreciate. He can't even stand 3 hole notebook paper. His attitude leads to calling her a "silly little truffle" like on this iCarly Silly Little Truffles shirt. If this design just isn't you then check out our other iCarly t-shirts. They are all available in a variety of colors and styles for men, women and children. Wear them to watch your favorite iCarly episodes, which feature her memorable shenanigans like cupcake slam! Link to: Silly Little Truffles

Carly and Spencer teeCarly and Spencer t-shirt

This iCarly tee is a little different because it doesn't feature Carly and Sam but rather Carly and her brother Spencer (Jerry Trainor). He and Carly are close because they live together in his apartment while their father is gone working on submarines. It is from the upper level of his place that Carly broadcasts her web show with Sam and Freddie. You can do amazing things with a little imagination! Link to: Carly and Spencer

iCarly Sam's Remote, Carly's MicrophoneiCarly Sam's Remote, Carly's Microphone

Recapture the energy of the Miranda Cosgrove TV show with an iCarly microphone that plays the theme song, in addition to allowing you to amplify your voice as you sing along to your favorite Miranda Cosgrove songs or hits from the TV show soundtrack. Pair the microphone with Sam's remote for the perfect set. The interactive remote features buttons like applause, boo, random dancing and sound bytes that trigger corresponding effects. Link to: iCarly Sam's Remote, Carly's Microphone



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