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Created by J.J. Abrams, ABC's Lost TV show tells the story of the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815, which crashed onto a mysterious island somewhere in the Pacific. Each episode of the Lost TV series focuses on a single survivor, using flashbacks to help explain the character's internal struggles on the island. Here, we present a unique selection of Lost t-shirts that include the Dharma Initiative tees and the Drive Shaft Band Lost t-shirt. You will also find an assortment of related ABC Lost merchandise, in particular Lost hats and Dharma costumes. Whether your favorite character is Sawyer, Jack, Locke, Kate, or Charlie, you'll surely find a Lost shirt below that suits your style. Check back for new tees.
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live together die alone lost t-shirts
Lost Live Together Die Alone t-shirt
Description: Get stranded wearing one of these Lost t-shirts that feature a Survivor-themed design for the ABC television series that focuses on the characters John Locke and Jack Shepard. The front of the T features the familiar Survivor logo with the phrase "live together, die alone". This piece of Lost clothing will show everybody that you're a fan of the ABC Lost TV show. This tee is great to wear at home or on a deserted island. Link to: Lost Live Together Die Alone

Lost Oceanic Airlines
Oceanic Airlines t-shirt
Description: This bestselling Oceanic Airlines Lost t-shirt lets everyone know that you're one of the unlucky ones who ended up stranded on the island. The front of the tee features the official Oceanic logo. Wear it to celebrate the Oceanic 6 who made it home, including Jack, Kate, Sayid, Sun, Hurley, and Aaron (Claire's son). Let's just hope that Hurley doesn't try playing the Mega Lotto numbers, "4 8 15 16 23 42" again. They never seemed to bring the stranded Oceanic passengers much luck. Who knows, they just might end up back on the island. Link to: Oceanic Airlines

Lost Quotes t-shirt
Lost Quotes Collage t-shirt
Description: The Lost TV show left behind many noteworthy quotes and images from the episodes. This design features two of the most memorable quotes, "We have to go back" and "Not Penny's boat." An instant conversation starter, this design will have fellow fans pointing out their own favorites. Pair it with a Bad Robot t-shirt which is a favorite among fans of Lost and JJ Abrams projects in general. Link to: Lost Quotes Collage

dharma stations lost shirts
Dharma Stations Lost shirts
Description: The Dharma Stations Lost t-shirts feature almost all of the known Dharma Station logos. The logo designs include the Swan Station, Arrow Station, Staff Station, Pearl Station, Flame Station, Hydra Station, and Looking Glass Station. The main Dharma logo is also available. Don't be shy. Let everyone know that you're a part of the Dharma Initiative. Just don't let them drink all of your Dharma Beer. Pair this apparel with Dharma Lost hats. Link to: Dharma Stations Lost

Epic Fail Lost t-shirt
Epic Fail Lost Symbols t-shirt
Description: Anybody who watches the Lost TV show is familiar with things like the lost heiroglyphic symbols and the Bad Robot logo. The epic fail design on the left features the Lost symbols that can be seen before the hatch explodes. Pair it with a one-of-a-kind Bad Robot Lost shirt to celebrate your addiction to TV's most intriguing show. Bad Robot Productions is the JJ Abrams owned production company behind the series. Tell your friends that you were given the jersey for being one of the Oceanic 6. Link to: Epic Fail Lost Symbols

back to the island lost t-shirts
Back to the Island Lost t-shirt
Description: This creative design from graphic artist Jimiyo features the Volkswagen VW Dharma bus outfitted as a time machine. It's bringing several of the Flight 815 survivors back to the island. This time they'll hopefully be more cautious of the island's dangers like wild boars, the number "4815162342", black smoke, the deadly sonic wave fence, polar bears and the Others. Pair it with the Hanso Foundation Lost t-shirt which advertises the Hanso Foundation, an organization that uses the deadly island. Link to: Back to the Island Lost

Dharma Lost Costume Jumpsuit
Lost Dharma Costume Jumpsuit and Motor Pool Costumes
Description: Become part of the Initiative in your very own Lost Dharma costume jumpsuit with your choice of custom Dharma patch, including Orchid, Flame, Motor Pool, Chef, Security and other familiar logos. Your decision depends on which job on the island would fit you the best. Some costumes also feature an embroidered name. Create your own initiative with your friends and wear the jumpsuits as Dharma Lost Halloween costumes. Link to: Lost Dharma Costume Jumpsuit and Motor Pool Costumes

oceanic air t-shirt
Oceanic Flight 815 t-shirt
Description: This popular Oceanic Air Lost tee pays tribute to the doomed airline, the leader in island travel. The front of these Lost t-shirts let everyone know that you survived Oceanic Airlines Flight 815. Available in a variety of styles, this Lost clothing item is perfect for any fan of the ABC TV show. See the Oceanic Airlines Lost hat. Link to: Oceanic Flight 815

Lost Hurley t-shirt
Hurley and the Smoke Monster t-shirt
Description: This design features Hurley and the mysterious black smoke, which he is cuddling with like a teddy bear. Wear it as you play the lotto with the bad numbers "4 8 15 16 23 42". No one knows the curse of the bad numbers better than Hurley, who won the Mega Lotto with them only to see his world begin to fall apart around him. On the island, Hurley recognizes the numbers again on the hatch to the Dharma Initiative's Swan Station. The numbers also must be entered into the station's computer in order to maintain its stability. This impressive Lost Hurley t-shirt shows that everyone likes Hurley, even the Smoke Monster. Link to: Hurley and the Smoke Monster

desmond lost tee
Desmond Constant t-shirt
Description: Shipwrecked islander Desmond Hume has one goal, to get back to the love of his life, Penelope "Penny" Whitmore. This shirt is a tribute to one of the most talked about episodes of the ABC Lost TV series, titled "The Constant." Desmond slips toward death as the subconscious part of his mind keeps traveling back in time. In order to survive, he is told that he needs a constant that can ground him in both the past and the present. Desmond and his "constant" create one of the most moving episodes of the ABC Lost TV show. Link to: Desmond Constant

lost drive shaft shirt
Lost Drive Shaft shirt
Description: Rock on and show your support for Charlie's old band with this Drive Shaft tee that features the band name on the front in the form of the Drive Shaft logo. Perhaps Oceanic World Air would be willing to sponsor the band in the future. Wear this Drive Shaft Lost shirt to let everyone know that you're a fan of the band that released the hit song, "You All Everybody." Celebrate the Lost TV show with this unique design, available on over twelve different forms of apparel, including Lost sweatshirts and hoodies. Link to: Lost Drive Shaft

Not Penny's Boat Lost t-shirt
Not Penny's Boat Lost t-shirt
Description: "Not Penny's Boat." Before Charlie dies, he writes this message on his hand and shows it to Desmond, who in turn conveys it to the rest of the group. Charlie's message sparks the biggest dilema yet to be seen on the Lost TV show. Should the survivors follow Jack or Locke? The former still believes that the boat is their best chance at being rescued, while the latter believes that the arrival of the boat is a threat to their safety. Wear this Lost t-shirt to remind everyone of Charlie's message. Link to: Not Penny's Boat Lost

mr clucks chicken shack shirt
Hurley Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack
Description: Before winning the lottery, Hugo 'Hurley' Reyes spent his days shoveling chicken at Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack. Let everyone know that you prefer Mr. Cluck's over the other chains with one of these Mr. Clucks Lost t-shirts. The tee will have you uttering Mr. Cluck's slogan, "Have a cluckety cluck cluck day." Hugo sometimes brought Mr. Cluck's Chicken home after work. He and his mother would eat it for dinner, or he would snack on a leg or two in front of his favorite TV shows. Match this tee with souvenir Dharma hats. Link to: Hurley Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack

What Would John Locke Do t-shirt
What Would John Locke Do? t-shirt
Description: "What would John Locke do?" is a question that just might help you to survive on a seemingly deserted island. John Locke is a survivalist and a man of faith, the opposite of the secular realist Dr. Jack Shepard. Wear this design to fight the smoke monster or escape from the Others' Island and their settlement of Dharmaville. This Lost merchandise item celebrates the man who never wanted to leave. The front of this Lost shirt reads, "WWJLD?" Wear it on your next camping trip or day of hiking in the woods with your friends Jack and Kate. Link to: What Would John Locke Do?

lost polar beer
Polar Beer
Description: Some of the biggest mysteries on the island include the black smoke monster, the polar bear shown on this Lost tee, and the hieroglyphics symbols that appear on the timer after Locke lets the countdown expire during the episode titled "One of Them." After viewing these episodes of the ABC Lost TV show, fans scrambled to try to figure out the meaning behind these oddities. This design incorporates the Lost polar bear into a beer logo shirt. Match this polar bear design with Lost hats. Link to: Polar Beer

I Survived Lost
I Survived Lost
Description: If you were lost in the middle of the ocean on a "deserted" island, would you have the skills to survive? The front of this Lost t-shirt lets everyone know that you survived both the smoke monster and the Others. Pair it with one of the similar Lost t-shirts from above, which will conjure up memories of characters like Sawyer, Kate, Rousseau and Alex. The fronts of these Ts feature an image of the smoke monster that emerged on the island and was encountered by various survivors of the crash of the Oceanic plane. Link to: I Survived Lost



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