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The Peanuts comic strip by Charles Schulz follows a child named Charlie Brown, his gang of friends and pet beagle Snoopy. Unfortunately for Charlie, he has bad luck and is unsuccessful at everything he tries. His friends include blanket toting Linus, piano playing Schroeder, tomboy Peppermint Patty, skuzzy mess Pigpen, junior genius Marcie, know-it-all Lucy and more. See the whole gang by reading one of the Peanuts books or watching the DVDs, then decorate your home this holiday with a Charlie Brown Christmas tree and ornaments. Peruse our collection of Peanuts t-shirts including the yellow Charlie Brown Zig Zag shirt, Pigpen tee and Linus t-shirt.
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Costume Charlie Brown tee

Charlie Brown Peanut t-shirt
Description: This Charlie Brown design transforms an ordinary cracked peanut into a symbolic work of art that resembles the tormented ladies man. He can't seem to shake the four ladies in his life, including Violet who snubs him, Peppermint Patty who is manlier than he is, and Lucy who plays tricks on him. Frieda, the curly haired redhead, is one of the few who genuinely cares about his feelings. If you're tormented too, try pairing this with a Costume Peanuts t-shirt. Link to: Charlie Brown Peanut

Stupid Holiday shirt

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree t-shirt
Description: A Charlie Brown Christmas is a festive favorite for the young and old. While Charlie may not be in a holiday mood from the start, the transformation of his scrawny tree into a magnificent creation turns him around. This Charlie Brown t-shirt features his pitiful tree that we all know and love. If you aren't feeling very spirited yet this season, then grab this Peanuts tee and pair it with Peanuts ornaments and Charlie Brown action figures to turn you around. You can also get your very own Charlie Brown Christmas tree which is available below. Link to: Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown t-shirt

Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown t-shirt
Description: Join Charlie Brown and Linus in the pumpkin patch as they wait for the Great Pumpkin to arrive. This festive Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown tee features a silhouette of Snoopy surrounded by the phrase, "Great Pumpkin Believer". You can wear it to your next for-real Halloween party. It's the perfect piece of clothing regardless of whether the Great Pumpkin comes to your pumpkin patch or not. If Halloween is not your holiday, check out our other great Charlie Brown t-shirts or Pigpen and Linus tees. Link to: Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

Yellow Charlie Brown Zig Zag tee

Charlie Brown Zig Zag t-shirt
Description: While most people would not want to be Charlie Brown because of his unwavering bad luck, some would. This yellow Charlie Brown Zig Zag shirt is for those people who want to be the charming little boy that has touched millions of people throughout the years. Pick up some Peanuts books and Charlie Brown clothing to remind yourself of why he keeps a place in your heart. For the complete look, grab a Charlie Brown Christmas tree available below. Link to: Charlie Brown Zig Zag

Eat My Dust Pigpen tee

Junk Food Eat My Dust Pigpen t-shirt
Description: If Charlie Brown tees don't do it for you then maybe this Pigpen t-shirt will. The brown and blue design enhances the essence of Pigpen himself, and the witty quote "Eat my dust" perfects the flow. So if you are looking to get dirty, advertise it with these Pigpen Peanuts t-shirts. Pair it off with more great Peanuts clothing or a Charlie Brown action figure for a gift that any fan would love to receive. Link to: Junk Food Eat My Dust Pigpen

Munchies Linus t-shirt

Linus Munchies t-shirt
Description: Charlie Brown's best friend Linus works up quite an appetite carrying around his blanket everywhere. Here, he is curing his case of the munchies with a chocolate chip cookie. Have a cookie too and cure your own case of the munchies in this cool Peanuts Linus Munchies t-shirt. It's ideal for Linus fans or the general slacker in your life. If you'd rather represent the aspiring go-getter, choose a Charlie Brown t-shirt instead. Either is a great choice. Link to: Linus Munchies

The Peanuts Gang t-shirt

Peanuts Abbey Road shirt
Description: This Peanuts t-shirt features the gang walking across Abbey Road just like The Beatles. In the design are thumb sucking Linus, counseling trickster Lucy, Charlie Brown, Snoopy and Woodstock. This group is always spending time together. Whether they are playing baseball, solving mysteries, ice skating or putting on skits, these kids are having good old fashion fun. As this Peanuts clothing item simply shows, all you need are friends, so show a friend that you care by getting them one of our Peanuts tees. Also, get a Charlie Brown Christmas tree below. Link to: Peanuts Abbey Road

Peanuts Linus shirt

Linus t-shirt
Description: Linus is often recognized for being Charlie's blanket toting best friend. He is very intelligent for his age and usually speaks like a philosopher even when he is sucking his thumb. While this act may undercut the average Joe, it seems to make Linus smarter. Apparently, he is able to fall deep into thought by blocking out the world with his thumb sucking. This design is available on a variety of products, including hoodies, tees, onesies, bibs and more. Be smart and grab a Linus t-shirt for your favorite gifted friend. Link to: Linus

A Charlie Brown Christmas tee

A Charlie Brown Christmas t-shirt
Description: A Charlie Brown Christmas is one of the most adored holiday favorites of all time. Here, we see his decrepit twig turned into a Christmas tree wonder with the assistance of his loyal friends. Clearly, he's taking time out from playing football and baseball to discover the true meaning of Christmas. If you want to spread holiday cheer, get this Christmas Charlie Brown t-shirt for yourself and pick up a Charlie Brown action figure for a friend. Add Linus and Pigpen tees or a Charlie Brown Zig Zag shirt for a fun pairing. Link to: A Charlie Brown Christmas

I Love My Gang Charlie Brown t-shirt

Peanuts Four Bars t-shirt
Description: Why me? That's the question that Charlie Brown asks himself when things go wrong...which is always. Nothing ever goes right for this poor little go getter. Most people would just give up but not our hero. Get this Peanuts t-shirt if you can sympathize with him and admire his determination. To celebrate his effort, pair it with other Charlie Brown tees, Peanuts clothing or a Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Link to: Peanuts Four Bars

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Toy

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree
Description: This bestselling Charlie Brown Christmas Tree is the perfect novelty decoration for both Peanuts fans and holiday lovers who enjoy classic pop culture nostalgia. Just as your heart would open up to a poor scrawny puppy from the pound, bring home this adorable little Christmas tree so that you can give it the same kind of love. We promise that it will make your spirit light up as it spreads joy to everyone who sees it. Link to: Charlie Brown Christmas Tree



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