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A Nightmare on Elm Street t-shirts

The 1984 Wes Craven horror movie A Nightmare on Elm Street was an immediate box office success that sparked a franchise and marked the beginning of Johnny Depp's career. The series follows the ghost of a child serial killer named Freddy Krueger who murders people in their dreams. Unwilling to die, the movie is coming alive again with a 2010 remake. If these classic slasher films top your list of favorites, then check out our gallery of merchandise including A Nightmare on Elm Street t-shirts, Freddy Krueger shirt, Freddy costumes, gloves and props.
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Nightmare on Elm Street Nursery Rhyme shirt
Freddy Krueger Nursery Rhyme tee
Description: One two Freddy's coming for you, three four better lock your door, five six grab your crucifix, seven eight better stay up late, nine ten never sleep again. This design celebrates the Krueger nursery rhyme that has become synonymous with the horror movie, but be careful, it might make you sleepy. This Freddy t-shirt displays the notoriously creepy rhyme in lettering similar to the Nightmare on Elm Street movie font. Complement your collection with this killer A Nightmare on Elm Street nursery rhyme t-shirt, or quote its lyrics in the movie sweater. Link to: Freddy Krueger Nursery Rhyme

A Nightmare on Elm Street Poster Art shirt
A Nightmare on Elm Street Logo t-shirt
Description: If you prefer the original 1984 movie to the remake, the A Nightmare on Elm Street shirt shown here features the original film's title from the poster art. Unlike Jackie Earle Haley's portrayal of Freddy in the recent remake, the original Wes Craven version delivers the comical lines that Freddy is known for, while also eliciting fear in the audience at the same time. You can be the judge on which film is better. Either way, I hope this Freddy tee satisfies your nostalgic cravings. Link to: A Nightmare on Elm Street Logo

Screamworks Freddy Krueger shirt
Freddy Krueger Screamworks tee
Description: This Freddy Krueger t-shirt features the A Nightmare on Elm Street character incorporated into the Dreamworks studio logo. Wear it to watch your favorite, including Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare featuring Robert Englund as the infamous nightmare murderer. For a mind-blowing Halloween, check out the male and female Freddy Krueger costumes in the gallery and browse the props and merchandise that go with them. Link to: Freddy Krueger Screamworks

Nightmare on Elm Street Sweater
Freddy Krueger Sweater
Description: Perhaps the most recognizable of all of the killer's accessories other than his knived fingers, this Nightmare on Elm Street sweater will keep you warm on chilly Halloween nights when you're not hanging out in the boiler room. Diehard fans might notice that the stripes are flipped on this officially licensed item. The real krueger sweater from the movies has red as the first color at the neck. Link to: Freddy Krueger Sweater

Freddy Nightmare on Elm Street t-shirt
Freddy Krueger All Night Long t-shirt
Description: A Nightmare on Elm Street t-shirts often feature Freddy in his sweater and fedora. This one focuses on his glove. It will let others know that you're ready to rock 'n' roll all night and never sleep again. Whether your favorite is the original, the remake, Freddy's Revenge, Dream Warriors, The Dream Master, The Dream Child, Freddy's Dead, New Nightmare or Freddy Vs. Jason, this Rock 'n' Roll All Night Freddy Krueger tee is a perfect fit. Link to: Freddy Krueger All Night Long

Freddy Krueger Always Follow Your Dreams shirt
Always Follow Your Dreams t-shirt
Description: Imagine if the world was turned upside down and everything that was nice and innocent became sinister and evil. This Freddy Krueger design does just that by featuring a cute version of the sweater-adorned killer from the A Nightmare on Elm Street movies. It proves that you can indeed mix good and evil. It's the ideal design for horror fans young and old. If you agree, snag this Freddy shirt or A Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Krueger costume today. Link to: Always Follow Your Dreams

Freddy tee
Horror Park tee
Description: This Nightmare on Elm Street t-shirt features ten villains from famous horror movies, including the hockey masked Jason Vorhees and The Shape Michael Myers. They are portrayed as kids playing at the Horror Park together. Whether he is lurking around the streets, in your dreams or on your tee, his metal-knifed glove scares the wits out of everyone. If you are looking for more spooky items, not just tees, then check out the Freddy sweater below or the Nightmare on Elm Street gloves. Link to: Horror Park

Nightmare on Elm Street costumes
Freddy Krueger Costumes
Description: Our Nightmare on Elm Street costumes include male and female Freddy costumes complete with fedora hats, scary masks, razor gloves and signature olive and red striped sweaters. We have everything you need to scare the life out of your neighbor during trick-or-treating or your friend at a Halloween party. There are also props available that are ideal for creating a horrifying holiday atmosphere. To tide you over for the rest of the year, watch the Nightmare on Elm Street movies or collect Freddy Krueger action figures. Link to: Freddy Krueger Costumes

A Nightmare on Elm Street shirt
Freddy, Jason and Michael Scream Team t-shirt
Description: Some people are able to overcome their differences and end up best friends. This Freddy tee features Freddy and his BFFs, Jason and Michael, posing together. Michael is holding his kitchen knife, while Freddy is showing off his sharp razor glove. Wes Craven's idea of a ghost serial killer that murders people in their dreams is a genius concept. These are three of the few horror franchises that can still give me the heebie jeebies. If this trio hanging out together gives you the creeps, then snag this Freddy Krueger A Nightmare on Elm Street shirt today. Link to: Freddy, Jason and Michael Scream Team

A Nightmare on Elm Street Springwood High School shirt
Elm Street Springwood High School tee
Description: The younger residents of Elm Street attend Springwood High School and now you can display it as your alma mater too. This Springwood High School shirt can be worn as a tribute to both the remake and the original movies featuring Robert Englund as serial killer Krueger. He has made the Wes Craven franchise a staple in horror movie history. If you're a diehard fan, be sure to look at the Freddy Krueger sweaters, Nightmare on Elm Street costumes and Freddy gloves in the gallery. Female Freddy costumes for women are also showcased. Link to: Elm Street Springwood High School

A Nightmare on Elm Street Free Hugs tee
Free Hugs Freddy t-shirt
Description: Remember, whatever you do, don't fall asleep. Of course, that advice doesn't help much if you live on Elm St, an immediate strike against your chances for survival. If you are frightened by the Nightmare on Elm Street movie remake starring Jackie Earle Haley, in addition to the rest of the films in the series, then this tee would probably be a good fit for you. This Freddy t-shirt features the horror icon offering free hugs to calm your fears. Of course, it might be a trap to kill you. Wear your striped sweater with it. Link to: Free Hugs Freddy

Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Gloves
Freddy Krueger Gloves
Description: No man or woman's Freddy Krueger costume is complete without a Freddy glove. His weapon of choice, a knived glove that he assembled himself, slices and dices his victims in their dreams. It is simply a must. There are a wide variety of gruesome options available sure to fill all of your accessory needs. The version with metal blades is about as close as you can get to a real Freddy Glove replica. Go scary this year with a costume that is straight out of a nightmare. These authentic looking replicas will help to convince everyone that the dream is real. Link to: Freddy Krueger Gloves



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