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Bruce Lee t-shirt selection

The Chinese-American martial artist, Bruce Lee, is regarded as the most influential martial artist of the 20th century. Below, you will find an attractive selection of Bruce Lee t-shirts that include an assortment of tees related to Bruce Lee's movies. Don't miss the unique Enter the Dragon Bruce Lee t-shirt, which is a popular favorite among fans due to its bloody claw mark on the front. Also, browse the gallery below for more Bruce Lee merchandise, including stylish Bruce Lee hats, Kato masks, gloves, action figures and Bruce Lee costumes. Celebrate the man who is responsible for popularizing Chinese martial arts in the West. Select from the Bruce Lee shirts and other striking merchandise listed below.
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Enter the Dragon Bruce Lee t-shirtEnter the Dragon Bruce Lee t-shirt

Show off your fighting style with one of these Enter the Dragon Bruce Lee t-shirts that feature a stylized claw slash from Bruce Lee's first Hollywood-produced movie, Enter the Dragon. The claw marks are red and appear to be dripping blood. To the right of the marks in small orange font is the movie's title, Enter the Dragon. This Bruce Lee tee looks good with the Bruce Lee hat available near the bottom of the gallery. Link to: Enter the Dragon Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee t-shirts Kung FuBruce Lee Silhouette t-shirt

This Bruce Lee t-shirt features a black and white rendering of Bruce on the front in his fighting stance. He is ready to take on his next foe, and you will be too with this sharp black Bruce Lee tee. This is one of our bestselling pieces of Bruce Lee merchandise, and it is a must-have for any fan of Lee's movies. The front displays a silhouette of the legend, which lets everyone know that you're a martial arts master. Wear it underneath your Bruce Lee costume or to make everyone aware that you know kung fu. Link to: Bruce Lee Silhouette

Bruce Lee Game of Death shirtGame of Death tee

This yellow Game of Death tee features Bruce in a fighting pose dressed in his familiar yellow and black costume. The style of his outfit was also replicated for Uma Thurman's Kill Bill costume. Whether you dream of attending a former Bruce Lee Jeet Kune Do school to learn The Way of the Intercepting Fist, or you're just a fan of the classic movies, this piece of apparel is the perfect tribute. Pair it with a Jeet Kune Do Bruce Lee shirt. Check out the Bruce Lee hats as well. Link to: Game of Death

enter the dragon bruce lee teesEnter the Dragon Scream tee

These grey Bruce Lee t-shirts feature the martial artist in the 1973 movie Enter the Dragon. Pair it with a Bruce Lee face design or a Game of Death costume for the perfect tribute to the legendary star. Celebrate the iconic martial artist who was born "Lee Juan Fan" and grew up to master both dance and the martial arts. This grey Bruce Lee tee is as cool as the man himself. Pair it with a collectible Bruce Lee action figure or an attractive Enter the Dragon movie poster for the ultimate gift. Link to: Enter the Dragon Scream

bruce lee shirt kickBruce Lee The Art of Kicking tee

Show your fists of fury in this Bruce Lee Kick tee. The front of the tee displays a rendering of the martial arts legend performing a high kick. Wear it underneath the Bruce Lee Game of Death costume available below. The costume's stripes are nearly identical to the stripes that run along the sides of Bruce Lee's costume in the Game of Death movie. Let everyone know that you'll take on the underworld with one of these fun Lee apparel items. Link to: Bruce Lee The Art of Kicking

bruce lee dragonBruce Lee Dragon tee

This attractive piece of Bruce Lee merchandise features Lee clenching his fists in his fighting stance. Behind Bruce is a gold dragon that matches his name, which appears under him. Whether you're about to Enter the Dragon or participate in a Game of Death, your homeboy Bruce has got your back. Order this Bruce Lee t-shirt with retro Bruce Lee hats, which are showcased in the gallery along with many other apparel items. Link to: Bruce Lee Dragon

Bruce Lee sunglasses shirtBruce Lee Shades shirt

This Bruce Lee tee features a distressed image of Bruce wearing sunglasses. It demonstrates that Bruce looked cool even when he wasn't on screen fighting. In the background of the design, you can see several star bursts. Let others know that the Dragon was more than just an ordinary celebrity. The design can be worn under your favorite Bruce Lee hoodie. Look for similar women's Bruce Lee shirts. This design is a unique tribute to the legend. Link to: Bruce Lee Shades

bruce lee kato t-shirt green hornetGreen Hornet Kato t-shirt

As a child, Bruce's Cantonese name meant "Little Dragon." These black Green Hornet Bruce Lee t-shirts feature an image of the Little Dragon as the character Kato on the popular TV show. It's the perfect complement to the rest of our gallery, which focuses on Bruce's big screen work like the movie Enter the Dragon and his other films. The design features Lee as Kato next to the Green Hornet. This Bruce Lee merchandise item can be purchased in a variety of different sizes. Link to: Green Hornet Kato

kick bruce lee t-shirts dragonBruce Lee Kick t-shirts

This Immortal Dragon Bruce Lee t-shirt features Bruce performing a flying kick, as seen in movies like Enter the Dragon. The image of Bruce kicking lies on top of a gold dragon. At the lower right corner of the design is the Bruce Lee quote, "The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering." Pair it with an Ilse of Han (Shih Kien) tournament design that promotes the mysterious island martial arts tournament. Wear this cool tee so that your friends know you're a bad mofo. Link to: Bruce Lee Kick

bruce lee game of death t-shirtGame of Death Bruce Lee tee

Participate in the Game of Death and pair this cool design with a Way of the Dragon Bruce Lee tee. Both display a rendering of Lee in a fighting pose. In the movie, released as Return of the Dragon in the U.S., Lee's character, Tang Lung, travels from Hong Kong to Rome, where he is to help his sick friends' niece, Miss Chen, protect her restaurant, which is being targeted by local gangsters. Wear this T with one of the Bruce Lee hats available in the gallery. Link to: Game of Death Bruce Lee

game of death costumeBruce Lee Game of Death Costume

Wear this full body Game of Death costume overtop of your favorite Bruce Lee shirt for the ultimate combination. Lee's classic yellow costume is easily recognized by Game of Death movie fans and admirers of the martial artist the world over. In the movie, Lee traverses the floors of a pagoda, where he eventually fights Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on the final floor. Add this stylish costume to your collection of Bruce Lee t-shirts and related clothing. Link to: Bruce Lee Game of Death Costume

kato costume green hornetKato Green Hornet Costume

Fill the shoes of Bruce Lee with this Kato costume that let's you portray the part of The Green Hornet's legendary sidekick. Kato assists Britt Reid (alter ego of The Green Hornet) on his vigilante missions and otherwise functions as Reid's driver and bodyguard. Lee's role of Kato helped to popularize martial arts in America in the 1960s, and eventually led to his well-known mainstream movie roles. Browse Kato masks, gloves and full outfits that have been made popular again by the 2011 Green Hornet movie starring Seth Rogen and Jay Chou. Link to: Kato Green Hornet Costume

Bruce Lee hatBad Mofo Bruce Lee Hat

Top off one of the bestselling Bruce Lee tees with this Bad Mofo hat that is pretty self-explanatory. The trucker style cap is perfect for fans of the legendary martial artist, who want everyone to know that like the Jeet Kune Do master, they are a bad mofo themselves. Link to: Bad Mofo Bruce Lee Hat



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