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Miley Cyrus, daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus, stars as Miley Stewart on the Hannah Montana Disney Channel series. She also plays the role of Hannah, Miley's secret pop star identity, which is concealed from everyone except for her close friends and family. Here, we present a gallery of Hannah Montana t-shirts and clothes, including the popular Sweet Niblets t-shirt and the equally attractive Secret Celebrity Hannah Montana t-shirt. The Emmy-nominated Disney Channel series also stars Emily Osment, sister of Haley Joel, as Lilly Truscott, Miley Stewart's best friend. Billy Ray Cyrus takes on the role of Robbie Ray Stewart, Hannah's father. See other Hannah Montana clothes like sweatshirts, hats and costumes.
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Hannah Montana logo t-shirtHannah Montana logo t-shirt

The official Disney Hannah Montana tee shown on the left features the familiar TV show logo design. The name "Hannah" is displayed in light blue stage light style text, which helps to give the tee a pop star look. Enjoy the best of both worlds in this easily recognizable piece of Hannah Montana clothing. Go to school by day and live out your dreams as an undercover pop star at night. This design is also available on Hannah Montana sweatshirts and hoodies. In addition to youth merchandise, the design is available on adult clothing items. Link to: Hannah Montana logo

Secret Celebrity Hannah MontanaSecret Celebrity t-shirt

Do you want to be a secret celebrity? Do you karaoke Hannah Montana songs like "Nobody's Perfect", "Who Said", and "If We Were a Movie"? These popular Hannah Montana t-shirts feature a reddish-pink silhouette of Hannah's face, with the label "Secret Celebrity" printed across the top of the design. Imagine that you're the next Miley Stewart, a secret celebrity who is afraid to reveal her true identity. Wear this Hannah Montana t-shirt as you sing along in your Hannah Montana costume. Link to: Secret Celebrity

quote Sweet Niblets t-shirtSweet Niblets t-shirt

Add this sweet niblets tee to your collection of Hannah Montana clothes. What does the phrase "sweet niblets" mean? No one knows for sure exactly, but we do know that a niblet is a kernel of corn. This explains the variations of the quote heard on the show, such as when Hannah's dad, Robbie Stewart, uses the phrase "sweet frozen niblets!" The Hannah Montana quote "sweet niblets" is similar to the idiom "jiminy crickets". Link to: Sweet Niblets

Hannah Montana t-shirtHannah Montana t-shirt

The Hannah Montana photo on the front of this tee features the pop princess in one of her classic poses. She has her arms raised in the air and a smile on her face, as if she's just made eye contact with an old friend. "Oh my gosh! Where have you been?" exclaims Hannah. The friendly design on this tee is both fabulous and inviting. Old friends will feel at ease as you approach, even if their name is Rico. The design shown on this Hannah Montana clothing item is available on a variety of other garment styles. Link to: Hannah Montana

ya think Hannah Montana quoteYa Think? Hannah Montana Quote

"Ya think?" is a popular quote from Hannah Montana that Miley Stewart uses to confirm the obvious. The fronts of these Hannah Montana t-shirts feature the fashionable expression enclosed in a thought bubble. The expression itself is printed in purple and yellow text surrounded by a black border. This Hannah Montana quote is also available on sweatshirts, hoodies, long sleeve jerseys, hats, and other cool Hannah Montana merchandise items. Link to: Ya Think? Hannah Montana Quote

wave Hannah Montana t-shirtsHannah Waving t-shirts

The design on the front of this Hannah Montana t-shirt features a black and white silhouette of the undercover pop star waving to her fans. The Hannah Montana Disney Channel series logo is displayed near the bottom left of the design, overtop Hannah's arm. The bluish purple background offsets the dark silhouette nicely. Browse through to see more Hannah Montana clothes that feature this design. This includes long sleeve jerseys, ringer Ts, and Hannah Montana sweatshirts. Link to: Hannah Waving

I love Hannah MontanaI Love Hannah Montana

The front of this Hannah Montana tee displays the declaration, "I Love Hannah Montana." The word "Love" is replaced by a red heart. Wear this tee as you dream about Jake Ryan and karaoke all of your favorite songs from the Hannah Montana Soundtrack CD. It's an easy way to let your friends know that your Hannah's number one fan. Purchase the I Love Hannah design on a plethora of Hannah Montana clothing, including hats, onesies, and tank tops. Link to: I Love Hannah Montana

undercover pop star hannahUndercover Pop Star tee

This designer style Undercover Pop Star t-shirt is both trendy and fashionable. It will have your friends trying to guess your secret celebrity identity. The design on these Hannah Montana t-shirts displays a rendering of a guitar to the left of the attractive text that reads, "Undercover Pop Star". Now you can play the role of Miley Stewart and experience the best of both worlds in this official piece of Hannah Montana merchandise. It's perfect to wear on your next girls night out. This Disney tee is available in both kids and adult sizes. Wear it with a Hannah Montana costume to become your favorite pop star. Link to: Undercover Pop Star

Hannah Montana PajamasHannah Montana Pajamas

The purple Hannah Montana pajama set shown on the left includes a sleep shirt and sleep pants. The pants feature a drawstring closure and a full elastic waistband. The long sleeve Hannah Montana t-shirt top displays a real Hannah Montana photo, with the phrase, "Put Me in the Spotlight," printed overtop. Hearts and guitars decorate the background of the design, which is similar to the purple and pink pattern of hearts and guitars that covers the pants. This bestselling Hannah Montana clothes combination is available in four different sizes. Link to: Hannah Montana Pajamas

Hannah Montana logo teeHannah Montana Logo shirt

The front of the Hannah Montana tee on the left features the classic logo design for the Hannah Montana Disney series. Gold stage light style text helps to illuminate the word "Hannah", which rests on top of the last name "Montana". Rock out with this simple yet straightforward Hannah design that's perfect for every Miley Stewart fan in your family. The logo design is available on a variety of Hannah Montana clothing, including sweatshirts and long sleeve jerseys. Link to: Hannah Montana Logo

Hannah Montana Guitar t-shirtHannah Montana Guitar t-shirt

The stylish purple design on this attractive piece of Hannah Montana apparel features a guitar with the name "Hannah Montana" underneath. It's the perfect attire to where to your next Hannah Montana karaoke party. You'll feel like a secret celebrity as you belt out songs like "Nobody's Perfect" and "If We Were a Movie". Your star power might even put the Jake Ryan in your life under your spell. The design on these Hannah Montana t-shirts can also be purchased on adult size tees and hoodies. Link to: Hannah Montana Guitar

Hannah Montana CostumesHannah Montana Costumes and Wigs

Capture the persona of your favorite teen superstar with these Hannah Montana costumes and accessories, including signature gloves, wigs and headsets. Grab your microphone and sing along in a Hannah Montana Lola costume or dance to the beat in Hannah's movie dress. With numerous versions of the popular character to choose from, you'll surely find your favorite. Combine the costumes with your favorite Hannah Montana t-shirt for the perfect pop star ensemble. Link to: Hannah Montana Costumes and Wigs

look Hannah Montana t-shirtsMiley Stewart Hannah Montana t-shirt

The dark Hannah Montana tees on the left show off a blue and purple silhouette of the undercover pop star. A light blue border surrounds the design, which itself fades from blue to purple as you look from left to right. As with this and other Hannah Montana clothes featured on this page, custom text can be added to the front or back of the tee. Position your text and play with font styles until you get the perfect design. This option is also available for Hannah Montana sweatshirts and hoodies. Link to: Miley Stewart Hannah Montana

Hannah Montana Dolls and ToysHannah Montana Dolls and Toys

Embody the best of both worlds with a Hannah Montana singing doll and a Miley Stewart doll. Each stylish figure comes with accessories like microphones and microphone stands, brushes, purses, bracelets and backstage passes. Give a pass to the Oliver figure so that he can come congratulate Hannah after her concert. The singing dolls perform hits like "True Friend", "Nobody's Perfect", "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree", "Pumping Up the Party" and other notable favorites. Link to: Hannah Montana Dolls and Toys



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