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The MTV Beavis and Butthead TV show is a crude 90s cartoon created and voiced by Mike Judge. The two metal head Highland High School students, one a blond with an under bite and the other a brunette with braces, collected a cult-like following by amusing viewers with their odd music video critiques. Grab some nachos and peruse our gallery of Beavis and Butthead t-shirts including the I Am Cornholio shirt, Beavis costume Death Rock tee and Butthead costume Skull t-shirt. See the Beavis and Butthead Do America movie and collect action figures.
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Beavis and Butthead TP teeBeavis and Butthead T.P. tee

Like this Beavis and Butthead tee says, they've come for your T.P. The dimwitted duo are up to their ordinary hijinks again, and this time their depravity includes stealing your toilet paper. If you think they plan on using it for its intended purpose, you're clearly mistaken. These idiots have much more creative plans for your bum tissue. Expect to see it in your tree or don't be surprised if they use the rolls as pretend binoculars like Butthead is doing here. Teachers are frustrated at their lack of comprehension and incessant chuckling, but who can blame them? Link to: Beavis and Butthead T.P.

Burger World t-shirtBurger World t-shirt

While they are not attending Highland High, the two work at Burger World manning the register and tackling burger flipping duties. This Burger World t-shirt design features them in their red visors and collared button ups required by the job. Treat yourself to some Beavis and Butthead action figures to reenact their days spent slacking at work and school. To embody the goofy characters, create Beavis and Butthead costumes from some of the tees in this gallery. Link to: Burger World

Breaking the Law shirtBreaking the Law shirt

As any fan can attest, Beavis and Butthead shirts rock and this one is no exception to the rule. It features the line "breaking the law" from the Judas Priest song of the same name that they start singing anytime they are up to no good. If you like watching them break the law, then pair this tee with a Beavis and Butthead Cornholio shirt today. Link to: Breaking the Law

Beavis shirtBeavis Death Rock Costume t-shirt

Do you wanna rock? This blue Death Rock Beavis t-shirt can be seen in a variety of promotional items for the show, second only to the Beavis Metallica shirt. It is a great option for a Beavis costume and the Skull t-shirt below could be used by a friend as a Butthead costume. Pick yours up today as well as some Beavis and Butthead merchandise to brush up on your character's mannerisms. Use the action figures to help with reenacting the show's scenes. Link to: Beavis Death Rock Costume

Beavis and Butthead teeBeavis and Butthead Couch t-shirt

There is no better place to kick back and watch some music videos than on Butthead's couch, as we can see by the design on this Beavis and Butthead shirt. Here, they have taken on their superhero identities, Beavis and Buttman. Snag a copy of the Beavis and Butthead soundtrack or the Do America movie to entertain yourself while you lay around on your own comfy couch. It's definitely a pastime that Mike Judge would approve of. Link to: Beavis and Butthead Couch

Great Cornholio shirtCornholio t-shirt

When Beavis consumes a bit too much sugar, he shows a whole new side of himself. He emerges as "the great Cornholio," with his arms arched up, eyes bugging out and shirt pulled over his head. Often chanting about needing "TP for his bunghole", it is a classic Beavis scenario. Snag this Cornholio t-shirt if his alter ego is your favorite side of him. Link to: Cornholio

Beavis and Butthead Masks and CostumesBeavis and Butthead Costumes and Masks

Beavis and Butthead costumes and masks are here so grab a friend and have some fun! You can pair off the masks with a t-shirt or buy a full costume that includes a top. It's your choice. To see their shenanigans check out the B & B Do America movie and hit TV show. Don't forget to pick something up for the friend who is always up for a spur of the moment road trip. The Beavis and Butthead figures are a good option, since that way you both can play. Link to: Beavis and Butthead Costumes and Masks

Nachos Rule Beavis and Butthead shirtNachos Rule t-shirt

Beavis and Butthead tees highlight various hobbies and attributes that define the characters, with this one honing in on their love of nachos. That's right, nachos! A quick trip to the Maxi Mart and they are knee deep in the cheesy goodness, and often times they enjoy Fruity Whips as well. It seems there is no better place to enjoy them than on Butthead's infamous couch. Follow their lead and eat up. Use the Skull tee below or the Death Rock shirt to create Beavis and Butthead costumes that rule. Link to: Nachos Rule

Butthead shirtButthead Skull Costume t-shirt

This Skull Beavis and Butthead t-shirt was designed to be used as a potential Butthead costume. Although he frequently wears his Butthead AC/DC shirt, this Skull design can often be seen as well. Get a friend to wear the Death Rock shirt option for a killer Beavis costume that will go perfectly with this design. Don't miss out on the great Cornholio shirt either. Both of these options can be found here in the gallery. Link to: Butthead Skull Costume

Beavis and Butthead FiguresBeavis and Butthead Action Figures, Dolls and Toys

Relive the 90s with these collectible Beavis and Butthead dolls, action figures and toys, including the Beavis Cornholio figure, character bobbleheads, plush dolls and the T.V. Talkers toy (pictured on the left). The toy works with any TV remote control. Simply press a button and the characters talk, repeating some of their most memorable phrases. Link to: Beavis and Butthead Action Figures, Dolls and Toys



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