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Originally titled The Babysitter Murders, John Carpenter's independent horror movie Halloween gave birth to the iconic villain Michael Myers, and it launched a franchise that is still garnering screams today. Here, we take a trip back to Laurie Strode's hometown of Haddonfield, Illinois (the movie was actually filmed in Pasadena, California), as we bring you a gallery of Halloween t-shirts. Our tee selection includes the popular clown face Michael Myers t-shirt and the bestselling Evil Never Dies Halloween movie t-shirt. Browse below for more Halloween movie merchandise, including scary Michael Myers costumes, movie hats, Halloween soundtracks, and fear inducing Michael Myers masks.
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retro michael myers t-shirts
Michael Myers Retro t-shirt
Description: The front of this Halloween tee recalls the events of October 31, 1963, when young Michael Myers stabs his seventeen-year-old sister Judith with a kitchen knife. Director John Carpenter visited a real sanitarium in order to capture the vacant darkness that we see in young Michael's eyes. The fronts of these Michael Myers t-shirts include an image of Michael's face and the mask that he wears when he hunts his sister Laurie. This design is also available on long sleeve jerseys. Link to: Michael Myers Retro

Smith's Grove Sanitarium Halloween t-shirt
Smith's Grove Sanitarium Halloween tee
Description: The front of this bestselling Halloween t-shirt features the logo for the asylum that housed your favorite horror movie icon. Michael Myers broke out of Smith's Grove Sanitarium to look for his sister, Laurie Strode. Looking at the front of the tee, you can almost hear the ominous Halloween soundtrack theme luring him out of the confines of the sanitarium. This unique Halloween movie merchandise item is perfect for horror fans. Link to: Smith's Grove Sanitarium Halloween

Michael Myers t-shirt
Michael Myers Mask and Drips t-shirt
Description: This design for the famous slasher movie features Haddonfield's resident butcher Michael Myers. He literally butchers the residents of the community with a kitchen knife. The front of this Michael Myers t-shirt displays his masked face, which still haunts many of the people in the Haddonfield area. The design on this Halloween tee also features the Halloween logo in orange font near the bottom. This piece of merchandise is available in men's sizes and is being sold by a limited number of stores. Link to: Michael Myers Mask and Drips

Halloween movie poster tee
Halloween 1978 Poster Art
Description: This Halloween movie t-shirt displays the poster art from the movie, which reads, "The night he came home!" The tagline refers to the night that Michael came home to look for his sister, Laurie, who attends Haddonfield High School. Tell everyone that you went to high school with Michael Myer's sister Laurie Strode. The front of this poster style tee offers the perfect tribute to the classic 1978 horror movie. Purchase this design with other Halloween movie sweatshirts, hoodies, and hats. Link to: Halloween 1978 Poster Art

the shape michael myers t-shirt
Myers October Ale t-shirt
Description: The design on the front of these dark Michael Myers t-shirts displays the head of The Shape (a.k.a. Michael Myers) as part of a fictional promo for Myers Ale, which is brewed and bottled by Smith's Grove Brewing Co. The cast and crew of the Halloween movies often refer to Myers' character as The Shape, because that's what he is called throughout the script for the 1978 movie. The original script refers to the character by name only twice, in the beginning and in the closing scene. Screenwriters John Carpenter and Debra Hill purposely did this, because Michael is faceless behind his disguise. Link to: Myers October Ale

hey jerk speed kills
Hey, Jerk! Speed Kills!
Description: The fronts of these Halloween movie t-shirts display the classic line by Annie Brackett (Nancy Kyes), "Hey, jerk! Speed kills!" Annie, the daughter of the Sheriff, delivers this Halloween movie quote when she, Laurie Strode, and Lynda van der Klok are walking home from school. Michael Myers' car cruises by the girls. Annie yells, "Hey, jerk! Speed kills!" The car screeches to a halt, and Annie says, "God, can't he take a joke?" Laurie playfully warns Annie, "You know Annie some day you're going to get us all in deep trouble." Also available in tan. Link to: Hey, Jerk! Speed Kills!

Michael and Laurie Halloween t-shirt
Michael and Laurie tee
Description: The Halloween tee above displays a Calvin and Hobbes parody. Michael Myers is chasing Laurie with a knife. They're not exactly two buddies. This funny Halloween Michael Myers t-shirt celebrates the legendary killer's weapon of choice, a kitchen knife. Michael indeed finds other creative ways to kill as well, including stabbing (not shooting) a victim with the barrel of a shotgun. This tee is perfect for horror fans and comic fans alike. Match it with a Halloween movie hat. Link to: Michael and Laurie

silver shamrock novelties tee
Silver Shamrock Novelties tee
Description: Do you have a Silver Shamrock Novelties Halloween disguise? If not, you better hurry and buy one. Be sure to put your disguise on and watch the special Silver Shamrock commercial on Halloween Eve. Just be careful that your head doesn't dissolve and spew insects and snakes. This Silver Shamrock Halloween movie t-shirt is based on the novelty company from Halloween 3: Season of the Witch. Link to: Silver Shamrock Novelties

Boogeyman Halloween movie t-shirts
Halloween You Can't Kill the Boogeyman tee
Description: You can't kill the boogeyman, but he might spare your life in one of these Halloween tees. Nobody knows this better than Dr. Sam Loomis (Donald Pleasence), Michael Myers' psychiatrist. The front of this shirt displays Haddonfield's most notorious boogeyman. Also on this Halloween t-shirt is the movie logo. Buy this piece of Halloween movie merchandise with one of the Haddonfield High School Michael Myers t-shirts. Tell everyone that you and Loomis tried to kill the Boogeyman, but now he's back from the dead. Link to: Halloween You Can't Kill the Boogeyman

Rob Zombie Halloween movie tee
Scream Team Halloween t-shirt
Description: The design on the front of this tee features a trio of killers, including Freddy, Jason and Michael. Wear it as you watch Michael Myers in Rob Zombie's Halloween movie remake. Pair it with Rob Zombie Halloween movie t-shirts that feature Michael Myers standing with a knife in his hand searching for his next kill. The Rob Zombie Michael Myers horror movie offers a fresh take on the franchise and its killer. Link to: Scream Team Halloween

Halloween II Pumpkin Head tee
Halloween II Movie tee
Description: The front of this Michael Myers t-shirt advertises the follow-up, Halloween II. In this gruesome sequel Michael continues to hunt for his sister, Laurie Strode, in Haddonfield, Illinois. He begins his search at the hospital where Laurie was taken to recover from his first attack. As he looks for his sister, the corpses begin to pile up. Just make sure that you're not on Michael Myers hit list. Link to: Halloween II Movie

rabbit in red lounge halloween movie t-shirt
Rabbit in Red Lounge Halloween tee
Description: The Halloween soundtrack is surely in the jukebox at The Rabbit in Red Lounge. The fictional establishment is familiar to hardcore fans as being one of the places that Dr. Loomis (Donald Pleasence) identifies to help piece together Michael Myers whereabouts. He discovers the establishment's name on a matchbook that reads, "The Rabbit in Red Lounge - Entertainment Nightly." This Halloween movie t-shirt displays a stylish logo for the lounge. Also on sweatshirts. Link to: Rabbit in Red Lounge Halloween

Michael Myers costumes
Halloween Michael Myers Costumes and Masks
Description: These Halloween Michael Myers costumes will help to let everybody know that you're a proud member of the Haddonfield Butcher Club, established on October 31, 1978. Wear these outfits overtop your favorite Michael Myers t-shirts so that you can thoroughly embody The Shape (Michael Myers). Put one of the costumes on when you visit Haddonfield to remind everyone of Halloween 1978. The dark eyeholes in Michael's disguise help to convey the emotional emptiness of the character. Link to: Halloween Michael Myers Costumes and Masks

haddonfield high school halloween movie t-shirts
Haddonfield High School Halloween tee
Description: This simple dark tee pays homage to your fictional alma mater, Haddonfield High School. The front of the T displays orange lettering that reads, "Haddonfield High School, Class of 1978". Fans will easily remember the date on this Halloween tee as the year that Michael Myers returned to the town of Haddonfield, in search of his sister Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis). He stole the lives of several students who were part of the class of 1978. These Halloween movie t-shirts are an eerie reminder of Myers and the year that changed Haddonfield. Link to: Haddonfield High School Halloween



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