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The Hot Tub Time Machine follows four men: suicidal drunk Lou (Rob Corddry), failed singer Nick (Craig Robinson), average loser Adam (John Cusack) and sci-fi geek Jacob (Clark Duke) as they travel to Silver Peaks Lodge in Kodiak Valley to escape their troubles. After their hot tub malfunctions, the group awakens to find themselves blasted back in time. The resort is in its heyday and they are rocking out at Winterfest '86. Their futures depend on their actions that weekend, so will they live it out like the past or change their lives forever? If you wish you could turn back time, peruse our radical Hot Tub Time Machine t-shirts like the Winterfest 86 shirt, Lou's Iron Maiden Killers tee, Great White Buffalo t-shirt and Sup Dawg tee.
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Chernobly t-shirtChernobly t-shirt

Chernobly is the energy drink that makes time travel possible! According to Lou, who drinks Chernobly as a chaser, it is like the Russian Red Bull. As an added bonus, it has stuff in it that isn't even legal in the United States. The hot tub repair man (Chevy Chase) informs them that this banned additive is responsible for scrambling the hot tub settings and blasting them back to 1986. If they have any chance of getting back to the present day, they need to get another can from the ski patrol bully Blaine by dawn. Grab this Chernobly t-shirt if you wish all it took was a hot tub and an energy drink to relive the past. Link to: Chernobly

Winterfest Kodiak Valley t-shirtWinterfest Kodiak Valley t-shirt

Head to the Kodiak Valley Ski Resort for Winterfest. This design lets everyone know that you were there in '86 hanging out with Lou, Adam and Nick. Wear it to recite your favorite movie quotes like, "Relax, it's only pee." If the hospital scene with Lou left you laughing, then pair this design with a It's Only Pee Hot Tub Time Machine shirt that is bound to get your friends chuckling too. Order it with the Sup Dawg t-shirt below. Link to: Winterfest Kodiak Valley

Miami Vice teeMiami Vice tee

How can you tell you have been tossed back in time? If you are observant like the guys, you might notice that Alf is on television, women are wearing leg warmers, some dude is rockin' a cassette player and another is sporting this Miami Vice t-shirt. Not only is this a great addition to any tee collection, it could also be used as an outrageous eighties costume when paired with the proper accessories. Link to: Miami Vice

Hot Tub Time Machine Winterfest teeWinterfest '86 t-shirt

Winterfest '86 at Silver Peaks Lodge in Kodiak Valley may have been a blast the first time around with Poison rocking everyone's world, but Nick made it even better the second time. Not only did he wail out to "Jessie's Girl", he sparked his career in the music business by giving the audience a sneak peek into the future with "Let's Get it Started". This Winterfest 86 shirt is available in a variety of styles and colors, so pick your favorite and get jamming with the Hot Tub Time Machine soundtrack. Put on your Motley Lue t-shirt, grab a can of the Russian Chernobly energy drink and get the party started. Link to: Winterfest '86

Kodiak Valley t-shirtKodiak Valley t-shirt

Kodiak Valley, where nobody gets carded and everyone gets least that is how Nick sells it over Pinnacle to Jacob. If it sounds like a dream come true, then grab this Kodiak Valley t-shirt now. If this isn't quite your cup of tea, then check out the rest of our hysterical Hot Tub Time Machine t-shirts. The Miami Vice tee and the Iron Maiden tee below that Lou rocks during his adventure are a great place to start. Of course, the Chernobly shirt and Great White Buffalo t-shirt are also cool clothing items. I can't decide, but hopefully you can. Link to: Kodiak Valley

Iron Maiden t-shirtLou's Iron Maiden Killers tee

If you have seen the movie Hot Tub Time Machine, then you recognize this black Iron Maiden Killers t-shirt as the tee that Lou wore during the eighties. It features the cover art from Iron Maiden's second album, Killers, that was released in 1981. Not only does this metal head wish that he could be a real life rocker, he makes it happen by changing his future in the past. Motley Lue anyone? If you are a fan of Iron Maiden, the eighties in general or just admire Lou's hard partying lifestyle, then this Hot Tub Time Machine t-shirt is sure to please. Grab a Chernobly energy drink and rock on! It's like liquid Twittagra. Link to: Lou's Iron Maiden Killers

Great White Buffalo shirtGreat White Buffalo t-shirt

Jennie is Adam's great white buffalo. She was a "one percenter", his first love and the one that got away...the great white buffalo. Although we can't pinpoint if all of these attributes combined define the term or one in particular, we get the gist of it despite their unwillingness to elaborate further to Jacob. Commemorate this creative term by getting yourself this Great White Buffalo shirt today. Also, check out the Hot Tub Time Machine posters and soundtrack, along with other merchandise. Link to: Great White Buffalo

Sup Dawg t-shirtSup Dawg t-shirt

When you blow the gig that could have skyrocketed you into the music industry, you end up being a whipped husband whose wife is cheating on you. As if that isn't bad enough, top it off with working at the Sup Dawg Pet Grooming Parlor where you fish things out of animals' butts. Fetch this Hot Tub Time Machine Sup Dawg t-shirt if you are thankful not to be Nick Webber-Agnew. Link to: Sup Dawg

Doctor Who Hot Tub teeHot Tub Time Machine Doctor Who t-shirt

This time-travelling movie is the every-man's Doctor Who. Rather than a police call box, it was a hot tub, but in both cases lives have been made prosperous through knowledge of the future. Lou might not have had the sonic screwdriver, but he was able to take credit for Motley Crue hits and founding Google, aka Loogle. In case you didn't notice, the armless bellhop Phil was Crispin Glover, the actor who played George McFly in the 1985 movie. If you loved both movies, get this Hot Tub Time Machine tee. Link to: Hot Tub Time Machine Doctor Who

Motley Lue t-shirtMotley Lue t-shirt

Lou made his dreams come true when he was given his second chance. Rather than going back to the present day, he opted to stay in the past and live the dream. He was able to make money by creating the search engine Loogle and he was in the band Motley Lue. I loved the film ending with Lou as the lead singer of Motley Lue in the Home Sweet Home music video. If you felt the same way about the movie ending on a high note, snag this Hot Tub Time Machine Motley Lue t-shirt. I'm on my way...I'm on my way...home sweet home! Here it on the Hot Tub Time Machine soundtrack. Link to: Motley Lue

Hot Tub Silver Peaks Lodge teeSilver Peaks Lodge tee

Who doesn't love the hot tub maintenance man, Chevy Chase? Pay homage to the actor and comedian with this Silver Peaks Lodge t-shirt. Without him realizing the Chernobly scrambled the hot tub, they may never have gotten back. It is available in a variety of colors and styles so you can pick your favorite. If this doesn't spark your interest, check out the rest of the Hot Tub Time Machine t-shirts including the Great White Buffalo t-shirt, Miami Vice tee or Winterfest '86 shirt. Link to: Silver Peaks Lodge

Twittagra shirtTwittagra t-shirt

When trying to figure out how to make money, Lou starts spouting off things that are successful, among them are Twitter and Viagra. He suddenly has the ingenious idea to create Twittagra despite not having a clue what Twitter is. If you like his enthusiasm and absolutely ridiculous creativity, then nab this Twittagra t-shirt. If you think Lou is an idiot, check out the other Hot Tub Time Machine tees we feature like the Iron Maiden Killers tee, the Chernobly t-shirt, Sup Dawg and Kodiak Valley clothing. Link to: Twittagra



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