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I Drink Your Milkshake t-shirt Gallery

Paul Thomas Anderson's There Will Be Blood may not be remembered for its critical acclaim, its numerous awards, or its superb acting. Instead, it may very well be remembered for the There Will Be Blood movie quote, "I drink your milkshake!" The declaration is delivered by oilman Daniel Plainview (Daniel Day-Lewis) at the climax of the movie. Here, we present a gallery of I Drink Your Milkshake t-shirts and merchandise to help celebrate the famously strange movie quote from There Will Be Blood. With a variety of designs to choose from, you will surely find an I Drink Your Milkshake t-shirt that makes you want to "drink it up."
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I Drink Your Milkshake shirt navyI Drink Your Milkshake Sneaky Straw

The front of the navy blue I Drink Your Milkshake There Will Be Blood t-shirt on the left features a white silhouette of Daniel Plainview (Daniel Day-Lewis) and Eli Sunday (Paul Dano). Eli is sitting at a table as Daniel slurps up his milkshake using a very long straw. Below the humorous image of the two characters, is the There Will Be Blood movie quote printed in white text. The famous declaration occurs during the climax of the movie, when Daniel Plainview mercilessly taunts Eli, telling him that he is as stupid as his father is. Also in women's sizes.

I Drink Your Milkshake t-shirtsI Drink Your Milkshake Portrait tee

At this point, you may be wondering what the Daniel Day-Lewis There Will Be Blood quote actually means. Director Paul Thomas Anderson took the catchphrase from a transcript of New Mexico Senator Albert Fall speaking at the 1924 congressional hearings on the Teapot Dome oil-drilling scandal. Senator Fall used the term "milkshake" to explain the complicated technical process of oil drainage to the senators. The I Drink Your Milkshake shirt on the left features a portrait of Daniel Day-Lewis as Daniel Plainview.

Daniel Plainview Milkshake t-shirtDaniel Plainview Milkshake t-shirt

Prospector Daniel Plainview accidentally discovers crude oil deposits on land that he was intending to mine for silver. This begins Daniel's nearly thirty-year obsession with oil drilling. Along the way, he becomes one of the most successful oilmen in California, leasing various plots of land owned by ranchers for drilling. The design on these There Will Be Blood I Drink Your Milkshake t-shirts features a silhouette of Daniel Plainview above the movie quote.

Parlor design There Will Be Blood t-shirtsI Drink Your Milkshake Parlor Design

This bestselling tee features the odd, emphatic quote from There Will Be Blood displayed across the chest. A parlor style design is displayed above and below the catchphrase. The design forms a moustache-like shape, which appears right side up above the phrase and upside down underneath the quote. This I Drink Your Milkshake t-shirt is available in a variety of styles and colors, including attractive women's apparel.

Milkshake There Will Be Blood t-shirtMilkshake There Will Be Blood t-shirt

"If you have a milkshake and I have a milkshake, and I have a straw and my straw reaches across the room and starts to drink your milkshake... I drink your milkshake! I drink it up!" This is the movie quote displayed on the front of the There Will Be Blood t-shirt on the left. Near the end of the quote, oilman Daniel Plainview (Daniel Day-Lewis) makes a Hannibal-Lecterian slurping sound that adds to this unsettling yet strangely humorous movie scene.

I Drink Your Milkshake t-shirtI Drink Your Milkshake! ...I Drink It Up!

The front of this I Drink Your Milkshake shirt prominently displays Daniel Plainview's There Will Be Blood movie quote in dark Old English style font. The movie's catchphrase spread like wildfire across the internet following the film's release. In addition to tributes to the quote appearing across numerous fan web pages and forums, Kevin Kunze's YouTube video spliced together clips from the movie's trailer to Kelis' song "Milkshake."

moustache and shake quote teeMoustache & Shake Movie Quote tee

This funny tee features a silhouette of a milkshake with a long straw sticking out of it. The drinking straw leads up to Daniel Plainview's moustache, which rests above his movie quote from There Will Be Blood. These I Drink Your Milkshake t-shirts are available in a variety of colors and look great in black. In the movie, Daniel uses the analogy of the long straw and the milkshake to represent how he was able to drain Brandy's land of its oil through the surrounding wells that he owned.

Daniel Plainview I Drink Your Milkshake t-shirtDaniel Plainview I Drink Your Milkshake

The front of this bestselling I Drink Your Milkshake t-shirt features Daniel Plainview holding a milkshake. If you subscribe to Entertainment Weekly, then you read about the milkshake craze in the February 15, 2008 issue. Gregory Kirschling's piece titled "Shake, Shake, Shake" explored the popularity of There Will Be Blood's milkshake quote. In addition to the tees, Kirschling also mentioned a YouTube video and a website devoted to the catchphrase (and Paul Thomas Anderson's movies). This Daniel Plainview shirt is one of the most popular milkshake tees.

Milkshake Splat There Will Be Blood t-shirtThere Will Be Blood Milkshake Splat

Available on more than eight different color tees, the There Will Be Blood t-shirt design on the left displays a cool milkshake splatter, with the movie's catchphrase printed overtop. Maybe they should have changed the There Will Be Blood quote on this tee to "I spill your milkshake." Regardless, the cool looking design is a great gift idea for fans of the movie. It could be wrapped with Upton Sinclair's 1927 novel, Oil!, on which the movie was based. Wear this I Drink Your Milkshake shirt the next time that you go oil prospecting in your backyard.

Straw in Tower There Will Be Blood t-shirtsThere Will Be Blood Straw in Oil Tower tee

The front of this unique tee displays a truly creative design. A milkshake straw is shown sticking out of an oil tower. A puddle of oil can be seen on the ground below the mouth of the straw. Daniel Plainview's (Daniel Day-Lewis) movie quote from There Will Be Blood appears to the right of the tower. These attractive I Drink Your Milkshake t-shirts offer an original design that is perfect for fans of the movie. Get yours while they're still available.

I Drink Your Milkshake Glasses, Mugs, DrinkwareI Drink Your Milkshake Glass and Mugs

This unique selection of I Drink Your Milkshake glasses and drinkware includes steins, coffee mugs, water bottles, shot glasses and the pint glass shown on the left. The latter is perfect for making a whipped cream capped milkshake with a cherry on top. Just make sure that you use an extra long straw to drink up your friend's shake in addition to your own. That's how Daniel Plainview would do it.



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