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The Hello Kitty character was created in 1974 by a Japanese company called Sanrio. Her real name is Kitty White and she resides outside of London with her parents, George and Mary, and her twin sister Mimmy. She is surrounded by the love of her family as well as her boyfriend, Dear Daniel. While she was first designed to adorn a coin purse, her appeal to preteen girls exploded into a worldwide phenomenon. Peruse our gallery of Hello Kitty clothing like black and pink Hello Kitty t-shirts and a Hello Kitty hoodie with ears. Wear a stylish black Hello Kitty tee shirt with watches and jewelry. Also see toys and plush dolls.
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Hello Kitty Singing In The Rain tee
Hello Kitty Singing t-shirt
Description: This music themed tee features our favorite lovable feline grooving to the beat by impersonating her favorite singing actor. Her eye catching look includes lovable polka dot rainboots and matching blue umbrella. It is hard to tell the difference between the two on this Hello Kitty Musical shirt (which is available in a variety of sizes). It is a great gift for any fan of Ms. Kitty or classic musicals, so grab one for yourself and one for your best friend. Pair it with a piece of rhinestone Hello Kitty jewelry and a matching watch to complete the look. Wear it with a sweatshirt. Link to: Hello Kitty Singing

black Hello Kitty Zombie
Hello Zombie t-shirt
Description: If you are looking for a black Hello Kitty t-shirt that is different from the rest, look no further. While most designs feature her as perfect and lovable, these classic black Hello Kitty tees feature our famous four legged friend at her nastiest. Here, our zombie kitty is looking a bit worse for the wear with a prominent black eye, brain exposed, and flies swarming around her head. We are pretty sure her loving boyfriend, Dear Daniel, would steer clear if he ever caught her looking like this. This tee would be a great addition to any fan's collection of Hello Kitty clothing, so grab it now for yourself or your friend. Link to: Hello Zombie

Hello Kitty Surfing t-shirt
Hello Kitty Surfing t-shirt
Description: Despite her obvious obsession with getting attention, Miss Kitty knows that what's truly important is what is on the inside. This is true with Miss Kitty and her boyfriend Dear Daniel, who just can't get enough of her. If you fell in love with this Japanese Hello Kitty shirt like we did, snatch up one of these clothing items soon because they won't last long. Pair it with the Twilight Hello Kitty design. For the complete nerdy look, bring along Hello Kitty backpacks or lunch boxes. Wear it under the Hello Kitty hoodie with ears or the equally adorable earmuffs. Link to: Hello Kitty Surfing

Hello Soft Kitty Sheldon tee
Hello Schrodinger t-shirt
Description: While pink Hello Kitty t-shirts may be favored most, these pick-your-color tees are just as cute and funny as Miss Kitty's favorite TV show. The design displays our adorable friend in her Big Bang Theory costume to show support for her favorite soft kitty obsessed physicist. If you are unable to resist the temptation of buying this unique item or a more girly pink Hello Kitty tee shirt, rest assured that you are not alone. If this sounds like heaven to you, get dreaming on Hello Kitty bedding or pair this design with dark black Hello Kitty werewolves and vampires clothing. Add a plush doll to help inspire those sweet dreams. Link to: Hello Schrodinger

white Hello Kitty Hat
Hello Kitty Hats and Beanies
Description: If you've found the perfect Hello Kitty shirt but you need something warmer to wear with it, you've come to the right place. This soft white hat is reminiscent of the earmuffs or the Hello Kitty hoodie with ears and red bow. It will put a smile on everyone's face while keeping your head and ears nice and toasty. This Hello Kitty hat will also look great with a matching white sweatshirt. Whether you pair them with a hoodie or any Hello Kitty watch, plush doll or stuffed animal, your leading lady will surely appreciate the thought and enjoy the uniqueness of this cozy hat with ears. Link to: Hello Kitty Hats and Beanies

Hello Kitty Face shirt
Hello Kitty Face t-shirt
Description: If you love a variety of styles, from the cute Hello Kitty shirts to the tanks and hoodies, then these Hello Kitty tees are a nice in between. The design features Miss Kitty's face as if she's peeking out of the material. Be prepared to get compliments because this creative concept will turn heads. If you think this design is out of this world, then capture one for yourself today. Also check out our Hello Kitty watches, jewelry, stuffed animals and bedding. Link to: Hello Kitty Face

Hello Sugar Shirt
Hello Sugar t-shirt
Description: Celebrate the Day of the Dead or any day of the year in this calavera-inspired Hello Sugar shirt. Kitty White has decorated her face for the celebration and can be seen waving to the crowd. Hopefully, she won't scare off Dear Daniel, her boyfriend. Attend the festivities in style in this Hello Kitty t-shirt. Wear this piece of clothing to let everyone know that you've got a dark side behind your tender exterior. Link to: Hello Sugar

Nerdy Hello Kitty t-shirt
Nerdy Hello Kitty t-shirts
Description: This precious grey, white and pink Hello Kitty tee shirt features Kitty White looking studious in her thick pink spectacles and pink bow. Perhaps she has a study date with her knight in shining armor, Dear Daniel. While most fans will enjoy all of our white, black, and pink Hello Kitty t-shirts, this simple nerdy design offers its own unique humor. Add Hello Kitty plush dolls and stuffed animals to keep you company. Link to: Nerdy Hello Kitty

black Hello Kitty hoodie
Hello Kitty Hoodies
Description: This simple Hello Kitty sweatshirt features the feline face we all know and love, complete with her signature bow. Whether you are shopping for yourself, one of your best friends, your daughter or your girlfriend, you can't go wrong with this sweatshirt, a Hello Kitty hoodie with ears. Ladies always appreciate a cute new piece of Hello Kitty clothing or merchandise because it leads to compliments. Other great gift ideas include Hello Kitty lunch boxes, watches, jewelry, books and backpacks. Surprise someone special in your life today. Link to: Hello Kitty Hoodies

Lucky t-shirt
Kiss Me Hello Kitty t-shirt
Description: Now that you have spent some time looking at our collection of Hello Kitty tees, this one probably stands out in your mind. Why you ask? Unlike the black Hello Kitty t-shirt options in the gallery, this one is lucky and all green. While most fans love the colorful pastels typically found on Miss Kitty's clothing, some find simple to be better and we are here to please all. This merchandise item features the famously cool cat winking at anyone who gives her a look. Couple any piece of clothing with a Hello Kitty watch or jewelry to get some looks yourself. You might even be lucky enough to get a double take. Link to: Kiss Me Hello Kitty

I Love Wizards Hello Kitty tee shirt
I Love Wizards Hello Kitty shirt
Description: Is that Kitty White or her twin sister Mimmy White? It is Hello Kitty herself and she has given up her normal look for a Harry Potter inspired wizard costume. Her loving twin Miss Mimmy normally wears a yellow bow so she doesn't confuse people. Mimmy sees no need to cause a scene wherever she goes. She prefers a more quiet life baking cookies for her family. Her sister Kitty though is getting use to being in the dapper one as this Hello Kitty tee shirt shows. Get your own piece of this sassy star. Conceal it under a black sweatshirt. Link to: I Love Wizards Hello Kitty

Pop Hello Kitty shirt
Pop Squares Hello Kitty t-shirt
Description: Kitty White melts the heart of everyone she meets and one of these pop squares Hello Kitty t-shirts will melt the heart of everyone you meet too. While you never see a smile on her face, her expressive eyes say it all, just ask her darling boyfriend Dear Daniel. He must be something special because Miss Kitty could have her pick of any man in the world. Buy this piece of Hello Kitty clothing for the loved one in your life, because any daughter, friend, or girlfriend is bound to adore it. Wear it under the Hello Kitty hoodie with ears for a cute ensemble. Also check out the Hello Kitty plush dolls, watches and bedding. Link to: Pop Squares Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty Plush Dolls
Hello Kitty Plush Dolls and Stuffed Animals
Description: Here's your chance to bring home these unique Sanrio plush characters, including the frog Keroppi, Chococat and of course the star of the show herself, Miss Hello Kitty. The plush dolls feature the cool cat in various themed clothing, including a witch's outfit, a bunny costume, a watermelon dress, a nurse's uniform, a dracula get up and a punk rocker outfit to name a few. You'll also find other Hello Kitty toys and merchandise, including backpacks, games and PVC collectible figures. Link to: Hello Kitty Plush Dolls and Stuffed Animals



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