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The Alice in Wonderland movies are based on the popular Lewis Carroll books Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass. In these films, we follow Alice, a sweet blond-haired blue-eyed girl, down a hole and into a strange world of excitement. If you dream of this land, peruse our gallery of Alice in Wonderland t-shirts including the Disney Cheshire Cat t-shirt, Tim Burton Mad Hatter shirt and Alice tee. While chasing a pocket watch toting White Rabbit, Alice encounters some odd characters, including the vanishing Cheshire Cat, the wacky Mad Hatter, his sidekick the Dormouse and the unruly Queen of Hearts.
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Alice Into Wonderland shirtAlice Into Wonderland t-shirt

This Alice in Wonderland t-shirt features a splendid rendering of Alice journeying through Wonderland. There, she meets creatures like the Cheshire Cat. While the original kitty may seem friendly, he has the roar of a lion. He is only one of the strange characters Alice encounters on her adventures. Besides the cat, she reconnects with Tweedledee, Tweedledum, White Rabbit and more. To celebrate her friends, check out the Cheshire Cat shirt or browse the Alice in Wonderland hoodie and Mad Hatter tees below. To be Alice or another character, see the Alice in Wonderland costumes. Link to: Alice Into Wonderland

White Rabbit Alice in Wonderland shirtWhite Rabbit Running Late t-shirt

This whimsical Alice in Wonderland tee eludes to The White Rabbit quote, "You're late." Is she really late if "it's only a dream"? After seeing a hookah smoking caterpillar turn into a butterfly, a game of croquet with hedgehogs as balls and a Mad Hatter celebrating his unbirthday, we hope that she was only dreaming. If you celebrate your unbirthday or even think you should, check out the Tim Burton Mad Hatter t-shirt below. For more movie merchandise, check out the Alice in Wonderland dolls and Cheshire Cat plush stuffed animals available in the gallery. Link to: White Rabbit Running Late

Follow the White Rabbit teeFollow the White Rabbit t-shirt

This tattoo style Alice in Wonderland shirt features a unique design from artist Tim Shumate. Here, Alice is holding the White Rabbit. She is surrounded by mushrooms and flowers, two staple elements of Wonderland. If you want to completely capture this slightly darker, artistic look, pair it with a Mad Hatter tee today. In addition to the Tim Burton movie related apparel, check out the Alice in Wonderland book related merchandise as well. Link to: Follow the White Rabbit

Feed Your Head shirtFeed Your Head t-shirt

This collage design displays Alice in various scenes, including a large image of her holding the White Rabbit as she kneels over a chess board. The Red Queen appears in the lower left hand corner slightly above the design's title, "Feed Your Head." It's currently available for only six dollars. Wear it under your reversible Cheshire Cat hoodie. For more Alice in Wonderland merchandise, like a Cheshire Cat plush or Alice doll, check out the products in the gallery. Link to: Feed Your Head

Mad as a Hatter shirtMad as a Hatter t-shirt

This Mad Hatter t-shirt features the classic line "mad as a hatter" and Sir John Tenniel's depiction of the hatter from the Alice in Wonderland books. The expression, "mad as a hatter", is the result of hatters exposure to mercury that was used for curing felt for hats. The poison caused speech and vision disorders that made the hatters seem mad. Now that you've had a history lesson, check out the Lewis Carroll books and Alice in Wonderland movies to experience the classic story for yourself. Also, the Alice in Wonderland costumes will put a smile on any child's face. Link to: Mad as a Hatter

Cheshire Cat shirtCheshire Cat t-shirt

Alice's long journey begins by falling through a hole into a large room with a miniature door. When she discovers that she can't fit through the door, the talking doorknob informs her to check the bottle on the table labeled "drink me". After consuming it, she shrinks but is then hindered by a lock to which the key is still sitting on the table. At the suggestion of the doorknob, she eats a cookie which transforms her into a giant. After crying, she drinks more and falls in the empty bottle. Luckily, she floats through the door's keyhole in her own tears. Get this Alice in Wonderland t-shirt to celebrate the Cheshire Cat. Link to: Cheshire Cat

Alice in Wonderland hoodie sweatshirtAlice in Wonderland hoodie

For all of you Cheshire Cat fans out there, this Alice in Wonderland hoodie is for you! Here, the mischievous feline's tale can be seen in the hoodie's design. Wear it as you read Lewis Carroll's book or watch Tim Burton's version of the story. Any of the Alice in Wonderland tees would be great additions to your wardrobe, but if you are looking for something warmer, then a Cheshire Cat hoodie is the way to go. Also, check out the Alice in Wonderland dolls and plush stuffed animals featured in the gallery to snuggle up with in the cold. Link to: Alice in Wonderland hoodie

Cheshire Cat teeDisney Cheshire Cat t-shirt

If the darker Alice in Wonderland movie isn't for you, this Disney Cheshire Cat shirt might be exactly what you are looking for. The design features the Disney animated Cheshire Cat with his lovable grin and plump pink body. This graphic is available in a variety of colors and styles for men, women and children. For Alice in Wonderland sweatshirts, books, dolls, stuffed animals and other merchandise, check out the products in the gallery. Link to: Disney Cheshire Cat

Alice in Wonderland costumesAlice in Wonderland Costumes

You can get Alice in Wonderland costumes for the whole family. Whether you want to be Tweedledee, Tweedledum, White Rabbit, the Queen of Hearts, the Mad Hatter or Alice herself, you can find it here. We doubt Lewis Carroll could have imagined that all this would be the result of his books Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass but we are glad it is. For more Alice in Wonderland merchandise, check out the dolls, movie related plush stuffed animals, or try on a Mad Hatter shirt from the gallery. They will get your family in the Disney spirit. Link to: Alice in Wonderland Costumes

Red Queen shirtRed Queen t-shirt

This unique design was inspired by Helena Bonham Carter as The Red Queen. She only has one way of settling grievances, "Off with his head!" she shouts. This explains why the playing cards paint the roses red. After planting white roses by mistake, the cards cheerily paint the roses red for fear of losing their heads. Grab this Alice in Wonderland shirt today in an effort to please the queen. After all, if the queen isn't happy, no one is happy and she'll shriek "off with their heads!" It's also a great way to teach your boyfriend not to argue with you. Link to: Red Queen

Alice in Wonderland Art t-shirtsAlice in Wonderland Alice t-shirt

This artistic design features a rendering of Alice with forest leaves floating around her. Her stare looks as if she has caught a glimpse of the Mad Hatter's hat or the Cheshire Cat's wide eyes and creepy grin. Recall her story, including the teapots, cups with saucers, memorable quotes and the tree where her adventure begins. Wear this tee to show off the amazing illustration of the main character. Catch one of these Alice in Wonderland t-shirts before they get away. "What an idea... A crazy, mad and wonderful idea." Link to: Alice in Wonderland Alice

Alice in Wonderland Plush Stuffed AnimalsCheshire Cat Plush and Alice in Wonderland Toy Dolls

With this assortment of Alice in Wonderland plush figures and dolls, you can recapture the story's mystery by playing out your favorite scenes. Lead Alice and the other memorable characters, including the Cheshire Cat and the White Rabbit, down the rabbit hole and into your playroom. There are a variety of options to choose from, with some versions being much darker than others. This helps to make these Wonderland collectibles appealing to fans of all ages. Link to: Cheshire Cat Plush and Alice in Wonderland Toy Dolls



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