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The House TV show (also known as House, M.D.) is a medical drama that revolves around Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) and his team of diagnosticians at the fictional Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. Dr. House acts as a medical Sherlock Holmes as he works with his team to successfully treat patients with baffling ailments. Here, we prescribe a dose of House t-shirts that will help to satisfy your addiction to the popular television show. Choose a Snakes on a Cane House TV show logo tee or the Everybody Lies Hugh Laurie Dr. House t-shirt.
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House M.D. logo t-shirt

House M.D. Logo t-shirt
Description: This bestselling tee displays the House television show logo on the front and a popular quote from the series on the back. The quote was taken from an exchange between Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) and Dr. James Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard). "If you're dying, suddenly everybody loves you," says Dr. House. "You have a cane," replies Dr. Wilson, "nobody even likes you." House clarifies, "I'm not terminal, merely pathetic; you wouldn't believe the crap people let me get away with." This Fox House TV show logo t-shirt is perfect for casual fans of the TV series. Pair it with Snakes on a Cane tees. Link to: House M.D. Logo

Princeton Plainsboro t-shirt

Property of Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital
Description: Utilizing a combination of medical knowledge and psychology, Gregory House M.D. and his team of doctors work out of the Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. The hospital's exterior shots are actually of Princeton University's First Campus Center, the University's student center. Link to: Property of Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital

House Lupus tee

House It's Not Lupus tee
Description: The design on these House TV t-shirts displays the Dr. Gregory House quote, "It's not Lupus." He is referring to why he has a cane, which he uses as the result of an infarction in his quadriceps muscle some years earlier. The pain from his leg has led him to develop an addiction to Vicodin. "[The pills] let me do my job, and they take away my pain." His colleagues often encourage him to go to drug rehab. Link to: House It's Not Lupus

House MD Brain t-shirt

House M.D. Brain t-shirt
Description: This official House t-shirt features the appetizing brain logo. The design includes a human brain with the Fox House TV show logo printed across the middle. The next time you develop a strange rash, you might find yourself at the Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital under the care of either Dr. James Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard), Eric Foreman (Omar Epps), or Allison Cameron (Jennifer Morrison). If they cannot quickly identify the cause of your ailment, expect to be seen by Gregory House, M.D. (he's the guy with the cane). Be honest with him, because he is convinced that "everybody lies." Link to: House M.D. Brain

house warhol t-shirt

Dr. Gregory House Warhol t-shirt
Description: This colorful House tee displays a Warhol style design that features four images of Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie). Each image varies in color, but shares an identical color with the image next to it, creating a design reminiscent of the famous piece of artwork. Various anatomical structures can be seen in the background, including a heart, brain, and skull. Wear this shirt as you repeat your favorite Hugh Laurie House quotes and houseisms. Link to: Dr. Gregory House Warhol

Everybody Lies House Quote tee

Everybody Lies House Quote tee
Description: The design on the left displays the popular quote from the Fox House TV show, "Everybody lies." House M.D. uses the quote because he has learned that patients often lie about their symptoms and circumstances. During the team's deliberations, he will sometimes use variations of the quote, including, "The patient is lying," or "The symptoms never lie." This Everybody Lies House t-shirt celebrates the intelligent doctor's quote. Let this assumption guide you to your own diagnoses while watching the House television series. Link to: Everybody Lies House Quote

House Snakes on a Cane t-shirts

House Snakes on a Cane t-shirt
Description: The design on these Snakes on a Cane House tees was created by actor Hugh Laurie. They are being used by FOX in a marketing campaign for the television show. The House Snakes on a Cane t-shirt is the perfect way to promote the hit medical drama. The design displays two snakes climbing up a cane, which looks very similar to the Caduceus medical logo. Hugh Laurie presented FOX with his sketches for the design, which they accepted. The unique logo on these Snakes on a Cane House M.D. t-shirts is available on both regular and form-fit tees. Wearing one is a side effect of being a genius. Link to: House Snakes on a Cane

the doctor is in

House The Doctor is In
Description: Dr. Lisa Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein), the hospital administrator at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, often has to sign-off on risky medical procedures prescribed by Dr. Gregory House. As a result of House's distasteful bedside manner, Dr. Cuddy forces him to spend time treating patients in the hospital's walk-in clinic. She hopes that this will improve his interactions with his subjects. These dark Hugh Laurie House TV shirts display a black and white design on the front, along with the text, "The Doctor is in." The back of this official tee displays the House TV series logo. Link to: House The Doctor is In

Gregory House MD portrait t-shirt

Dr. Gregory House t-shirt
Description: The front of this piece of Fox House TV show apparel features a silhouette style portrait of the genius doctor. The design shows his stern face staring intensely at the observer. One can only imagine what humorously sarcastic remark he is waiting to make. Fortunately, he directs most of his sarcasm at his patients and fellow doctors like Dr. Lisa Cuddy and Dr. Allison Cameron. He self medicates with various narcotic pain relievers so that he can do his job. This puts him and the audience in both a morally and ethically compromising position. Link to: Dr. Gregory House

House M.D. heart tee

I Know You're In There... I Can Hear You Caring.
Description: Dr. James Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) is to House M.D. who Dr. Watson is to Sherlock Holmes. Dr. Wilson offers a much more caring, softer side than his counterpart. Dr. Gregory House is intrigued by the science involved in solving each case, and he often ignores the human side of the diagnosis. The front of this House M.D. t-shirt displays a Hugh Laurie House quote. While knocking on Doctor Wilson's door, House remarks, "I know you're in there... I can hear you caring." Link to: I Know You're In There... I Can Hear You Caring.

genius has side effects

Genius Has Side Effects House tee
Description: Let everyone know that, like Dr. House, your supreme brainpower can sometimes cause unsavory side effects. The front of this House TV show t-shirt displays the tagline, "Genius has side effects." Diagrams of a skull and the cross section of an organ can be seen in the background behind the text. The House TV series was inspired by Dr. Lisa Sanders monthly magazine column called Diagnosis. The show has been nominated for numerous awards, including the Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series. Link to: Genius Has Side Effects House

Normals not Normal

"Normal's Not Normal" House t-shirt
Description: "Normal's not normal, if you're not normal." The beginning of this Gregory House M.D. quote is printed on the front of these mustard colored House t-shirts. The idea of what is "normal" is raised quite often on the show. Dr. Allison Cameron tells House, "It's normal to want to be normal." The characters often express their views on normalcy, because patients with symptoms and illnesses that aren't normal surround them. Link to: "Normal's Not Normal" House

House M.D. Books

House M.D. Books - Medical Science Book, House and Philosophy
Description: Delve into the hit medical drama with these House, M.D. books. Start with author Henry Jacoby's bestseller House and Philosophy: Everybody Lies, which explores the philosophical issues that arise on the TV show. If you're more interested in the medical side of the drama, then pick up Andrew Holtz's two books that explore the fact and fiction behind the medical science seen on the show. For lighter fare, try the official guide to the TV series that includes a foreword by actor Hugh Laurie. Link to: House M.D. Books - Medical Science Book, House and Philosophy



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