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The Smurfs TV show is a popular animated series from the 1980s. This Hanna Barbera production is based on a Belgian comic strip by Pierre Culliford about little blue creatures living in mushroom homes. The Smurfs' existence is threatened by an evil wizard named Gargamel and his cat Azrael, who are constantly looking to capture and eat the beings. Gargamel creates Smurfette to trick the men. Luckily, she is converted by Papa Smurf's magic and becomes a sweet addition to the town. Peruse our gallery of Smurf t-shirts including the Papa Smurf t-shirt, pink Smurfette shirt, Lazy Smurf tee and the Smurfette costume.
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Smurfs Headphones t-shirtSmurfs Headphones t-shirt

Not only is the word Smurf used to describe the friendly blue creatures who live in the village, but it is also incorporated into their everyday language. It can easily be transformed into most parts of speech. For example, things can be smurfy, smurfalicious or the smurfiest. It can also describe actions like smurfing around, getting smurfed or telling others to smurf away. Now that you understand the language, grab one of these Smurf tees that display one of the blue guys listening to some smurfin' cool tunes.

Smurfs Junk Food Smurfette t-shirtSmurfette t-shirt

This cute clothing item features our favorite blonde cartoon character, Smurfette. Although she started out as an evil black haired villain sent by Gargamel to ruin the town, Papa Smurf came to the rescue and stopped her dead in her tracks. With a little magic from the elder, she transformed into the blond bombshell we all know and love. As you know, we aren't the only ones who love her either. She has her pick of men, including glasses wearing know-it-all Brainy and tattooed muscle man Hefty, just to name a few. Pair this Smurfette t-shirt with some plush Smurf toy stuffed animals for a great gift.

Papa Smurf shirtPapa Smurf t-shirt

This classic black Papa Smurf t-shirt lets you know exactly who is boss. The white-bearded, blue-faced man knows how to get all the attention with his bright red cap. Apparently, elders get to wear colors other than white because while Papa wears red, Grandpa Smurf wears yellow. He is hard to miss with his spectacles, wooden cane and beard that drags along the ground. Get this tee and some Smurf action figures before they are gone. Remember, the smurfy bird gets the worm.

Smurfette and Smurf CostumesSmurf and Smurfette Costumes, Hats

If you always wished you could live in Smurf Village among the little blue creatures, then this product is for you. This Smurf costume will have you singing la la la la la la with your newfound friends. These cute costumes and hats prove that you don't have to be sad to be blue. Opt for the adorable couples' ensemble and outfit yourself and your significant other in Smurf and Smurfette costumes and hats. You'll be the hit of the party. They'll also help explain why your house looks like a giant mushroom and your friends are named Enamored, Vanity and Hefty.

Costume Smurfs shirtSmurfs Costume t-shirt

The Smurfs tee shown here is perfect for anyone who loves the Smurfs. It doesn't matter if your favorite is Brainy, Grouchy, Hefty, Vanity, Baker, Wild or any of the others; this design encompasses your love for all of them at once by making you one of them. Be the first to remind your friends of this great 80's cartoon with these costume Smurf t-shirts. Many people may have forgotten about them, but this is a sure fire way to quickly remind them of their childhood fun. If you want to include your kids in on the fun, get toy plush Smurfs and action figures along with the clothes.

Christmas Smurfette teeHave a Smurfy Christmas

This Junk Food design features the girl next door, Smurfette, wishing you a Smurfy Christmas. She enjoys baking sweets, skipping around the village and sewing trousers for her fellow blue folks. If that doesn't sound impressive to you, then maybe you should meet the blue girl Smurf. If you believe in family, helping friends and having fun, then this Smurfy Christmas design is perfect for you. If you agree, express yourself with this red Smurfette t-shirt or get one for your favorite female friend. You'll be the smurfiest friend ever!

Lazy Smurf shirtLazy Smurf t-shirt

Do you know how to figure out which little blue creature is Lazy Smurf? It's simple. He is the one that never works. He is often caught lying around in bed, snoozing in a hammock, or sleeping in the grass. We think this witty one liner is sure to help you relax as well as put a smile on your face. So, snatch up this Lazy Smurf t-shirt and wear it under your Smurf costume for the perfect ensemble.

The Smurfs teesThe Smurfs t-shirt

These Smurfs tees are covered in your favorite 80's childhood cartoon characters. Clearly pictured in this design are Vanity with his flowered cap, Enamored surrounded by hearts, Hefty flexing his tattooed muscle, Brainy observing the crowd, Papa keeping a watchful eye, Smurfette busy being beautiful, and Lazy sleeping under a mushroom. No need to try to pick your favorite because they are all great. If you would like to recreate this smurfy scene live, check out the Smurfette costume displayed above.

I Need a Drink Smurf shirtI Need a Drink Smurf t-shirt

If you are looking for a grown up piece of Smurf clothing, then you have come to the right place. Of course, that depends on how you look at this design. Pair it with a Papa Smurf t-shirt for the perfect grown up combination. This bestselling item is available in a variety of sizes. If this item is not your style, then perhaps a pink Smurfette t-shirt is more your fancy. Wear it to play with plush Smurf toys and action figures or to watch the DVDs.

Brainy Smurf Nerd t-shirtBrainy Smurf t-shirt

Know which one is Brainy Smurf? He is easily distinguished by his nerdy black glasses and know it all attitude that irritates the typically pleasant Smurfs. While he thinks he is next in command behind Papa Smurf because of his intelligence, in reality he is often wrong about his facts. Get these Brainy Smurf t-shirts to show off the brains you have. Pair them with Brainy action figures.

Smurfette t-shirtTotally 80's Smurfette t-shirt

Fall in love with the Smurfs all over again. These pastel Smurfette shirts will get hearts fluttering for the blue beauty that graces it. While we aren't sure if she really is all natural, she is definitely advertising herself that way. If you think she is, then grab this Smurf tee today to spread the word. Pop in a Smurfs DVD and kick back with Papa, Lazy, Grouchy, Brainy and the rest of the gang. Invite all your friends because there is no smurfier time than now to join in the fun. Wear it as part of a Smurf costume outfit.

Smurf Zombie shirtsSmurf Zombies Blue Horde t-shirt

If you like flesh eating zombies, then you'll love the zombie frenzy on this Blue Horde tee. The village has been overrun and two survivors, including Smurfette, are armed and ready to blow away some zombies on what is anything but a smurfy day. If this Smurf t-shirt makes you want to help save the village, then grab it before someone else does. Missing out on this design is bound to leave you feeling blue. Also, get some Smurf plush stuffed animals or Smurfette costumes from the gallery to help you start each day the smurfy way. You'll be the smurfiest person in the whole wide world!

Plush Smurfs ToysSmurf Plush Stuffed Animals

Collect your favorite blue characters in the form of Smurf stuffed animals. The adorable characters include the Papa Smurf plush, the Smurfette stuffed animal and the versatile blue 12-inch stuffed doll that represents the rest. Add the cat Azrael and the wizard Gargamel plush dolls to round our your collectable cast. These furry toys will have you well on your way to creating your own Smurf plush village full of your favorite stuffed animal Smurfs. Keep them safe from the Azrael and Gargamel dolls.



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