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In 1984, the American toy company Hasbro brought the Japanese transforming Diaclone and Micro Change toy lines to the US and collectively re-branded them as Transformers. To coincide with the release of the toys, a Marvel comic book series was created and a Transformers cartoon television series began, which quickly gained a large following. Below, you can relive the nostalgia by selecting a Transformers t-shirt from our wide variety of classic Autobot, Decepticon, and Transformer Optimus Prime t-shirts. Whether you prefer good or evil, the cartoon's story transports us to another world, where seemingly conventional cars and planes can transform into devastatingly powerful robots, making them more than meets the eye. In addition to tee shirts, you will find Transformers sweatshirts, masks, costumes and toys. Some relate to the Transformers live-action movie.
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Dinobots t-shirt
When Dinobots Ruled the Galaxy
Description: This creative Dinobots t-shirt features Grimlock with a falling banner that is similar to the one that falls at the end of Jurassic Park. Only here, it reads, "When Dinobots Ruled the Galaxy". Can you imagine the commander of the Autobots, Optimus Prime, having to save the park from Dinobots that have escaped their confinements. Pair it with black Optimus Prime t-shirts that display the animated Transformers movie theme song's chorus, "You've got the touch." Grimlock is is a popular character from the cartoon and toy line, and he looks great on this Jurassic Park Transformers t-shirt. Link to: When Dinobots Ruled the Galaxy

Transformers Autobot t-shirt
Optimus Prime Says Stay in School Transformers t-shirt
Description: Autobots are the "good guys" in the Transformers cartoon. They are led by Optimus Prime, and they have come to Earth from the planet Cybertron to stop the Decepticons from destroying our planet for energy. They are also staunch advocates for education, especially Optimus Prime. This blue Optimus Prime Autobots t-shirt displays the leader of the Autobots next to his piece of advice, "Optimus Prime says stay in school." After all, who's going to fix the robots when they can't fix themselves. Link to: Optimus Prime Says Stay in School Transformers

Transformers Optimus Prime Box Art t-shirt
Transformers Box Art t-shirt
Description: This cool tee features the vintage Optimus Prime Transformers box art. Whether you're a fan of the cartoon or the Transformers live-action movie, this retro design celebrates the origins of the Autobot leader. If you imagine you're being chased by Starscream and the rest of the Decepticons, this Transformers t-shirt is a perfect way to show you'll do what it takes to fight the enemy, like changing into a truck. Wear it to your next party. Maybe Blaster or Soundwave will play you a few of the Strokes band's tracks for you. Link to: Transformers Box Art

Transformers Decepticon Logo t-shirt
Transformers Decepticon t-shirt
Description: The Decepticons are the arch enemy of the Autobots, who they battle for control of the planet Cybertron. This black Decepticon t-shirt features the gradient blue Decepticon logo in the center of the chest. The Decepticons, led by Megatron, were originally military hardware robots before being converted into Transformers of various types. Some of the most menacing Decepticons include, Starscream, Soundwave, and Barricade. Link to: Transformers Decepticon

Transformers Optimus Prime Costume tee
Optimus Prime Costume tee
Description: These Transformers costume Optimus Prime t-shirts feature a faded image of the leader of the Autobots Optimus Prime, with the Transformers cartoon logo on the sleeve. This Autobot costume tee lets you embody the leader, who transforms into a cab-over truck. This Transformers t-shirt is a stylish tribute to the television cartoon that aired from 1984 until 1987. Wear it out when you're cruising around in your vintage yellow Beetle (a.k.a. Bumblebee). Show support for Optimus, your Autobot leader. Link to: Optimus Prime Costume

Autobot Logo t-shirts
Autobot Logo tee
Description: This black tee features an Autobot logo on the front in the center of the chest. The screen print design produces a vintage look that helps to keep this T in sync with today's fashion trends. This officially licensed Transformers Autobot t-shirt has a soft feel that will help you to relax and stay cool. Order one of these Autobot Transformer t-shirts today. Link to: Autobot Logo

Transformers Polo shirts
Transformers Polo Shirts
Description: These popular Transformers Polo shirts are available in both Autobots and Decepticons styles. The embroidered logo design is great for business casual attire that is perfect for work, a round of golf, or whenever you need to be formal but still want to have fun. Choose to represent good or evil and wear one overtop of your favorite Transformer t-shirt, including an Optimus Prime or Megatron tee. They're prefect for any fan of the classic cartoon and movies. Pair a polo with a Transformers cartoon tee for the perfect gift combination. Link to: Transformers Polo

1984 Transformers Optimus Prime t-shirts
1984 Optimus Prime t-shirts
Description: This officially licensed light blue T celebrates the year that we were officially introduced to the Autobots and Optimus Prime. In 1984, Hasbro's Transformers made their way from their home planet of Cybertron into toy boxes across America. The unique toys offered a two dimensional play value. Celebrate with these '84 Optimus Prime t-shirts. Link to: 1984 Optimus Prime

Transformers Costumes Kids and Adult
Transformers Costumes
Description: The 2009 Transformers live-action movie directed by Michael Bay uses CGI to create Transformer characters, including Bumblebee, Starscream and Megatron. Embody your favorite characters from the movie with Transformers costumes that include Optimus Prime and Bumblebee costumes. Give this piece of merchandise as a gift with the Autobot Transformers t-shirt available in the gallery, or buy the classic Autobot symbol on Transformers sweatshirts. Wear them over Starscream tees. Link to: Transformers Costumes

Transformers Soundwave shirt
Say Hello to My Little Friends Soundwave tee
Description: One of the most popular Transformers Decepticons appears on the front of this Soundwave shirt, which combines Soundwave with the well-known Scarface quote. In the cartoon and the Transformers live-action movie directed by Michael Bay and starring Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox, Soundwave helps the Decepticons battle the Autobots by transforming into a cassette player and transporting smaller microcassette robots in its tape deck. Jam to your favorite songs in one of these Decepticon Transformer t-shirts that displays Soundwave unleashing his little friends. Link to: Say Hello to My Little Friends Soundwave

Bumblebee Transformers T-Shirt
Bumblebee Transformers t-shirt
Description: More than two decades before the dream of a Transformers live-action movie would finally become a reality, an animated movie was released into theaters. The year was 1986 and the Transformers cartoon was at the peak of its popularity. Orson Welles, in his final film role, provided the voice of the animated movie's villain Unicorn, which threatened to destroy the Autobot's home planet Cybertron. This Bumblebee Transformers t-shirt displays the Autobot as he appeared in the 1986 animated Transformers movie. The updated live-action movie version is displayed below in the form of an action figure. Link to: Bumblebee Transformers

Transformers Movie Action Figures
Vintage Transformers Action Figures G1 & New Transformers Movie Toys
Description: Get in on the action with these toy figures that are perfect for both kids and collectors alike. Browse a large number of new Transformers movie toys inspired by the live-action films, including Revenge of the Fallen and Dark of the Moon. Go nostalgic and bid on vintage Transformers G1 action figures like Megatron, Bumblebee, Shockwave, Jetfire and Optimus Prime. Also keep an eye out for parts and accessories that you might need to make your classic G1 collectible transforming toys complete. Link to: Vintage Transformers Action Figures G1 & New Transformers Movie Toys

Transformers Voice Changer Helmets
Transformers Optimus Prime Voice Changer Helmet, Bumblebee Mask
Description: These Bumblebee and Optimus Prime voice changer masks allow you to talk like an Autobot. Adjustable for both kids and adults, the voice mixer Transformers helmets are great for fans of any age. Disguise your voice by speaking into the built-in microphone or press a button to play pre-recorded character phrases. Use them to cap off the perfect Transformers costume or t-shirt. Get your hands on these bestselling collectable masks while you still have the chance. Link to: Transformers Optimus Prime Voice Changer Helmet, Bumblebee Mask



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