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Texas Chainsaw Massacre Leatherface t-shirt

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Texas Chainsaw Massacre t-shirts

At the time of its release, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was the most successful independent horror movie ever made. It has since found a cult following, and the movie's sadistic chainsaw-wielding villain, Leatherface, has become an icon across the horror genre. Below, we present a Texas Chainsaw Massacre t-shirt gallery. Quench your bloodthirsty appetite for horror with a Sally Hardesty Leatherface t-shirt or buy one of the movie poster art Texas Chainsaw Massacre t-shirts. Browse the gallery for more merchandise like Leatherface masks and Texas Chainsaw Massacre costumes. Pair them with a Leatherface prop chainsaw for a horrific look that will frighten your friends out of their skin.
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Sally Hardesty Leatherface t-shirtTexas Chainsaw Massacre Monologue t-shirt

The front of this tee features the beginning of the movie's opening monologue accompanied by a silhouette image of Sally Hardesty's terror-filled face. The words "The", "tragedy", "befell", and "Sally Hardesty" are printed in red to emphasize the killer's favorite piece of meat. This Texas Chainsaw Massacre tee is an appealing tribute to the horrifying tone of the movie that is set in the very beginning by the opening monologue. Link to: Texas Chainsaw Massacre Monologue

triple leatherface texas chainsaw massacre t-shirtThe Texas Chainsaw Massacre Leatherface tee

Show your support for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre with this Leatherface blood splatter design. The fronts of these Texas Chainsaw Massacre Leatherface t-shirts feature the butcher holding his chainsaw in the form of a black and white silhouette on the white apparel background. The tee is perfect for having a gore-themed dinner party and watching Leatherface movies on your big screen TV. Wear this with your Texas Chainsaw Massacre mask for a complete Leatherface costume. Link to: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Leatherface

leatherface t-shirtsTexas Chainsaw Massacre Poster tee

This bestselling Texas Chainsaw Massacre t-shirt displays the movie poster art, which includes an image of Leatherface (Gunnar Hansen) holding his chainsaw in front of him, along with the tagline, "Who will survive and what will be left of them?" The image conjures up memories of the final scene in the movie, when Leatherface raises the saw above his head after Sally Hardesty escapes in the back of a pickup truck. The image's distorted facial features reveal the Leatherface mask of human skin that is worn by the character. Link to: Texas Chainsaw Massacre Poster

texas chainsaw massacre movie poster shirtTexas Chainsaw Massacre Italian Movie Poster Art tee

The front of this Leatherface t-shirt displays the artwork from the film's Italian movie poster. The image on the T shows a rendition of actor Gunnar Hansen, decked out in his Texas Chainsaw Massacre costume that includes unkempt hair and a mask of human flesh. A bloody hand is reaching up in front of the villain, whose white shirt is stained with blood. Capture these scenes with Leatherface toys and Texas Chainsaw Massacre action figures. Link to: Texas Chainsaw Massacre Italian Movie Poster Art

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Don't Look teeTexas Chainsaw Massacre Eyes tee

The fronts of these Texas Chainsaw Massacre t-shirts feature the eyes of Sally Hardesty as she watches the horror caused by Leatherface and his saw. Wear it so that everyone knows that you're ready to outrun and outlive the psychotic chainsaw wielding killer Leatherface. He's the guy who makes his own friends out of pieces of yours. The merchandise item on the left is perfect to wear underneath Texas Chainsaw Massacre costumes and similar dark sweatshirts. Link to: Texas Chainsaw Massacre Eyes

sheriff hoyt texas chainsaw massacre t-shirtsHoyt for Sheriff t-shirt

Cast your vote for the Sheriff of Travis County, Texas in this Hoyt for Sheriff tee. The front of this Texas Chainsaw Massacre tee features a distressed silhouette of the "sheriff", a man who turned his family, including Leatherface, on to the taste of human flesh after having to survive on it as a prisoner during the Korean War. Wear this TCM shirt as part of your Leatherface costume to show your support for the stepuncle, who murdered the local sheriff and now poses in his place. Add Texas Chainsaw Massacre masks below to complete the look. Link to: Hoyt for Sheriff

human skin texas chainsaw massacre maskLeatherface Human Skin Mask tee

The design on the front of this Texas Chainsaw Massacre t-shirt displays the human skin face worn by the character of Bubba Sawyer Jr. in the TCM movies. The horrific Leatherface mask was stitched together from the skin of the killer's victims, who are usually captured after they stop at a gas station run by the cannibalistic Sawyer family. This includes Bubba's brother, Drayton "Cook" Sawyer. Link to: Leatherface Human Skin Mask

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Drayton Sawyer t-shirtDrayton Sawyer Chili Champ t-shirt

This Drayton Sawyer shirt is a fun alternative to a Leatherface t-shirt. Wear it as you watch the original movie or any of the sequels, including The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning. The design on the front celebrates Drayton as the Chili Cook-Off Grand Champion 2 years in a row. As the design states, "The secret's in the meat!" We're guessing that his brother with the chainsaw helped to tenderize it. Wear this Drayton "The Cook" Sawyer tee with your Texas Chainsaw Massacre costume or TCM hat. Link to: Drayton Sawyer Chili Champ

chainsaw last chance gas teeTexas Chainsaw Last Chance Gas tee

Let everybody know that you are a member of Bubba Sawyer Jr.'s (Leatherface) family. The design on the fronts of these Texas Chainsaw Massacre t-shirts features a logo for the Last Chance Gas Station run by Bubba's brother Drayton. Put this shirt on and tell your friends about your crazy cannibalistic family. Tell them about your brothers The Hitchhiker, Chop Top, and Drayton. Collect movie characters in the form of Texas Chainsaw Massacre toys. Link to: Texas Chainsaw Last Chance Gas

Ed Gein Leatherface teeLeatherface Character tee

The cartoon style design on these Leatherface t-shirts displays the mad character wielding a bloody chainsaw. His face is covered in a mask of human skin. The killer's bloodshot eyes are hidden within the dark circles created by his mask of human flesh. Running after his next victim, the movie character has his tongue out as he lifts his weapon into the air. His white apron has a fresh bloodstain on it and his tie is slung over his shoulder as he runs. His outfit is a sign that he takes his work seriously. Link to: Leatherface Character

Tree Removal Texas Chainsaw Massacre t-shirtTexas Chainsaw Tree Removal tee

This unique Texas Chainsaw Massacre t-shirt features a logo for the Texas Chainsaw Tree Removal Company. Bubba Sawyer can be seen in the logo wearing his Leatherface mask. This print is available on numerous tee colors in both men's and women's styles. Also look for this design on Texas Chainsaw Massacre sweatshirt hoodies. Wrap this tee with Leatherface toys and action figures for the perfect TCM gift. Link to: Texas Chainsaw Tree Removal

uncensored leatherface t-shirtTexas Chainsaw Massacre Uncensored t-shirt

This official Uncensored Leatherface t-shirt displays a silhouette of the maniac next to the movie's title and below the question, "Can you survive?" Wear the design to watch classic installments from the series, including the movie The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning. Leatherface might let you live if he encounters you in this piece of apparel. He is holding a chainsaw in his hands and a mask of human skin covers his face. Link to: Texas Chainsaw Massacre Uncensored

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Masks and CostumesLeatherface Costumes, Masks and Props

There are a ton of scary Halloween options to choose from nowadays but this Texas Chainsaw Massacre costume has to make the list at least once in your lifetime. This is a horror movie classic that everyone can appreciate. Here you'll find Leatherface masks, costumes and chainsaws that will scare the heck out of anyone you come across. Rev those chainsaws up and get to scaring! Link to: Leatherface Costumes, Masks and Props



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