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Is MTV's The Hills show fiction or reality? Does it really matter? The addictive MTV "reality" show chronicles the experiences of a group of attractive twenty somethings, including Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag, who develop an ongoing feud after Lauren disagrees with Heidi's choice in a long-term boyfriend. Celebrate the drama with our head-turning gallery of MTV The Hills t-shirts. Tees include the popular Take me to the Hills t-shirt and the Team Heidi/Team Lauren MTV Hills t-shirt. Discover other MTV Hills merchandise, including tweed caps and the MTV Hills show soundtrack. Let everyone know you're ready to hang in The Hills.
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The Hills Speidi t-shirtThe Hills Team Speidi t-shirt

Do you dream of partying in The Hills with Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag? These Speidi The Hills tees will get you on your way, even if you don't land an internship with Teen Vogue, or have a crummy husband named Spencer Pratt. Choose from a variety of styles and colors to fit whatever your general mood may be. The MTV Hills TV show design displays an amalgamation of Spencer and Heidi's names, which form the word "Speidi." Celebrate the pair that are always on the rocks. Link to: The Hills Team Speidi

The Hills Theme Song t-shirtThe Hills Theme Song t-shirt

This cool MTV Hills theme song tee celebrates Natasha Bedingfield's hit song from the MTV Hills TV series. Wear this MTV The Hills shirt so that everyone knows that "the rest is still unwritten," especially when referring to the first two seasons of the television show, when Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port interned at the top teen fashion magazine, Teen Vogue. It was a busy time for LC, who had to balance classes at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising with her job. Link to: The Hills Theme Song

The Hills Palm Tree teeThe Hills Palm Tree tee

The design on the fronts of these MTV Hills t-shirts features the TV series name in front of a set of palm trees. The design captures the atmosphere of the show, which includes trendy LA boulevards with equally posh restaurants, nightclubs, and designer stores. Wear this tee on a day spent shopping at the mall or relaxing at home listening to the MTV Hills Show Soundtrack. Numerous styles and colors are available, including white, light blue, and yellow. Link to: The Hills Palm Tree

Team Lauren t-shirtTeam Lauren t-shirt

Let everyone know that you're on Lauren Conrad's side with this Team Lauren MTV Hills t-shirt. The feud began when Heidi Montag decided to move in with her boyfriend Spencer Pratt, after previously ending the relationship due to his unfaithfulness. Upset by Heidi's potentially disastrous decision, Lauren turned to Audrina Patridge for friendship, eventually inviting Audrina to move in with her. Link to: Team Lauren

Team Heidi t-shirtTeam Heidi t-shirt

The Team Heidi MTV Hills TV show tee is a great way to show your support for Heidi Montag, Lauren's former roommate who decided to move in with her boyfriend Spencer Pratt, despite Spencer's disloyalty. Do you think that Lauren Conrad (LC) overreacted when Heidi moved out? If so, then this is the perfect shirt for you, and you will make a welcome addition to Team Heidi. To Lauren's credit, it's hard when your bff abandons you for a guy, but a good bff needs to be there no matter what. Link to: Team Heidi

I Just Saw Lo's BritneyI Just Saw Lo's Britney

Lauren Conrad delivers this MTV Hills quote, and it is easily one of the funniest lines from the MTV Hills TV series. Lauren is talking to Brody Jenner at a Las Vegas club (they are there for Brody's birthday) when she unavoidably gets an eyeful of Lo flashing everyone. This prompts Lauren to remark, "I just saw Lo's Britney." The Lauren Conrad quote on these MTV Hills t-shirts is obviously eluding to pop star Britney Spears and her less than flattering paparazzi crotch shots. Link to: I Just Saw Lo's Britney

MTV Hills t-shirtMTV Hills Cast Walk of Fame tee

The design on this Hills tee displays the MTV TV series name above the names of its four most prominent stars. Taking center stage is Lauren, whose name is featured inside a pink star. Lauren came to The Hills after being featured in the MTV reality series Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County. The Hills chronicles her personal and professional lives as she pursues a career in the fashion industry. This MTV Hills t-shirt also includes the names Whitney, Audrina, and Heidi. Link to: MTV Hills Cast Walk of Fame

Heidi is BrainwashedHeidi is Brainwashed

Sometimes everyone around us can easily see what we refuse to admit. The front of this tee reveals the obvious, "Heidi is Brainwashed." At the end of The Hills Season 3, Heidi abandons a work-related opportunity in Vegas with Bolthouse Productions. She returns home with Spencer Pratt, who pleads his love to her when he crashes a casual business meeting that she is attending. Brainwashed, Heidi then appears as if she's in a walking coma, waiting for her psychotic boyfriend's next command. Link to: Heidi is Brainwashed

I Love The Hills teeI Love The Hills tee

The front of this MTV Hills shirt exposes your addiction to the TV show that's part reality and part Hollywood. This tee is the perfect fit no matter who your favorite cast member might be. The girls include Whitney Port, Lauren Conrad, Audrina Patridge, and Heidi Montag. Commemorate each episode's high-class drama with one of these cool MTV Hills t-shirts. They're perfect to lounge around in as you listen to the MTV Hills TV Show Soundtrack or watch your favorite reruns. Link to: I Love The Hills

MTV The Hills t-shirtsI hate Spencer

Let everyone know that you're a good bff with this tee that is available in both short and long sleeves. The design reads, "I hate Spencer". It is referring to Heidi Montag's significant other Spencer Pratt. Heidi enters into combustible relationships and ignores her friends, a pattern that is confirmed by Heidi's father during Spencer Pratt's visit to her family's home. Specifically, Heidi cuts ties with Lauren Conrad (LC) to move in with Spencer, a decision that can only end in doom. Link to: I hate Spencer

Heidi and Spencer Danger t-shirtHeidi + Spencer = Danger t-shirt

Combining Heidi and Spencer is the equivalent of building a house on the edge of a cliff that is known for mudslides. The entire union should be wrapped in yellow danger tape. The humorous design on the front of this MTV Hills t-shirt (tank top pictured) echoes this sentiment. Any boyfriend who thinks that he's impressing his girlfriend by hiring a graffiti artist to tag the walls of their home is a complete tool. Spencer does this after Heidi tells him that they should pick out a painting for the wall. Heidi comes home to find the word "Hollywood" spray-painted across the wall. Can you see the landslide coming? Link to: Heidi + Spencer = Danger

The Hills t-shirtThe Hills Logo t-shirt

The stylish design on the fronts of these MTV Hills t-shirts display the TV series logo. The design reads, "The Hills". The tee is perfect for a day spent shopping on Rodeo Drive with Lauren Conrad and her longtime friend Lo Bosworth. Okay, so even if they're not cool enough to go with you, you'll have no problem pulling off this tee yourself. Just put your windows down and crank the MTV Hills show soundtrack as you cruise to your favorite stores. Just don't forget to invite your own bffs, so that your posse is more than one deep. You wouldn't want to run into Justin Bobby alone. Link to: The Hills Logo

Team Audrina PatridgeTeam Audrina

Available in a variety of colors and styles, the Team Audrina MTV Hills shirt is a great way to show your support for Audrina Patridge, even if her ex did take her ticket. Who can forget the classic moment during the MTV Hills TV series when Lo Bosworth asks Audrina's ex if she can call him Justin Bobby. Apparently, his friends call him Bobby for some reason, but his name is Justin, we think. Link to: Team Audrina



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