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The movie Dirty Dancing is a romantic classic that follows the life changing summer of Frances 'Baby' Houseman (Jennifer Grey). She and her family go to Kellerman's resort where she falls in love with the dance instructor, Johnny Castle (Patrick Swayze). After performing at the Sheldrake, they become inseparable despite her parent's disapproval. After being fired over their relationship, Johnny stands up to her family and they make history with the final dance of the season. Celebrate this hit movie with our collection of Dirty Dancing t-shirts like the Patrick Swayze shirt, Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner t-shirt and Crazy for Swayze tees.
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Kellermans shirtKellerman's t-shirt

If you have ever wondered where a wealthy doctor takes his family for a summer vacation, look no further. Kellerman's resort is nestled in the Catskill Mountains and is full of fun family activities, including dance lessons, magic shows and potato sack races. You can be one of the gang too with this Kellerman's t-shirt worn by the employees. The friendships will last as long as the mountains stand. Link to: Kellerman's

Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner teeNobody Puts Baby in a Corner t-shirt

This Dirty Dancing shirt features one of the greatest movie quotes of all time. After being ostracized by the Houseman family and fired from the resort, Johnny Castle comes to Baby's rescue at the finale dance of the season. He walks up to their table and firmly states, "nobody puts baby in the corner". He quickly leads her up to the stage and history is made. Celebrate the legendary scene with this Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner shirt. Also, get in the spirit with the music from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack which is available below. Link to: Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner

Dirty Dancing Lift t-shirtDirty Dancing Lift t-shirt

This Dirty Dancing tee commemorates the finale scene that we all know and love. You know the best place to practice lifts is in the water, at least according to our favorite dance instructor Johnny Castle. While Baby tries to learn the lift for the show at the Sheldrake, she can't quite get the lake or at the show. The preparation (aside from the lift) apparently paid off though and she was able to inform Penny that she didn't do the lifts but it was good. If you love Johnny like Baby does, then check out the Patrick Swayze shirts below. The Crazy for Swayze t-shirt will speak your mind for you. Link to: Dirty Dancing Lift

Logo Dirty Dancing shirtDirty Dancing Movie Logo t-shirt

The movie Dirty Dancing is plain and simply one of the best movies ever, so what better way to spread the word than with this plain and simple design. Whether you enjoy watching Patrick Swayze dance, Jennifer Grey sneak around, or Jerry Orbach scold his daughter, this tee is a great fit for you. In addition to black, it's also available on white, pink and blue apparel. Along with all of our Dirty Dancing t-shirts, be sure to check out the Dirty Dancing movie soundtrack. Link to: Dirty Dancing Movie Logo

I Carried a Watermelon shirtI Carried a Watermelon t-shirt

Upon her arrival at Kellerman's Mountain House, Billy asked, "you want a job here?" She should have just said yes then. Not only could she have sported a Kellerman's t-shirt like other employees, but she would have been paid for carrying the watermelon up to the staff quarters. Besides embarrassing herself by awkwardly stating "I carried a watermelon" when Johnny asks what she's doing there, Baby learns what all the kids have been doing in their basements back home. It might not be the family foxtrot but it looks fun to us anyway. Get this Dirty Dancing shirt if you want to try some basement style dancing. Link to: I Carried a Watermelon

Baby in Corner Patrick Swayze shirtBaby in the Corner Dirty Dancing t-shirt

Many scenes in this movie may make your heart flutter but few are as exhilarating as Johnny Castle jumping off the stage and dancing down the aisle to the song "The Time of My Life". This Patrick Swayze shirt highlights his quote along with a picture of Baby practicing for this moment. If you think you have some hot moves too and want to give it a try yourself, the song is featured on the Dirty Dancing soundtrack available in the gallery. Listen to it as you read Patrick Swayze's book, The Time of My Life. The Crazy for Swayze t-shirt below may also be of interest to true fans. Link to: Baby in the Corner Dirty Dancing

Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner t-shirtDirty Dancing Baby in a Corner shirt

Snag this Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner t-shirt to remind everyone of one of the most unforgettable lines, let alone scenes, in movie history. Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey's chemistry is untouchable when he leads her up onto the stage and twirls her around. As her dress floats around her and her head gracefully flies back, you can only dream of being on that stage yourself. She's like the wind. Actually, any of our Dirty Dancing t-shirts will spark these memories for you and your friends. This tee is available in standard and long sleeve styles. Wear it when you visit the real Kellerman's resort. Link to: Dirty Dancing Baby in a Corner

Crazy for Swayze teeCrazy for Swayze t-shirt

If Dirty Dancing tees don't fully express your love for Patrick, then this Crazy for Swayze shirt might satisfy your need. We can't forget how many great movies he made besides this one. Aside from being an actor, he was an accomplished dancer, singer and athlete with a passion for flying and animals. If you would like to learn more about his short but extraordinary life, read Patrick Swayze's book, aptly titled The Time of My Life. You can also practice his dance moves by listening to the Dirty Dancing movie soundtrack. Wear this to your favorite resort when your Kellerman's shirt is dirty. Link to: Crazy for Swayze

Baby and Johnny Castle t-shirtJohnny and Baby t-shirt

This Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze t-shirt is for all those girls out there who wish that he was sprawled out on the floor beckoning to them. Surely you can remember Jennifer Grey acting sassy and teaching him to cha-cha around the dance studio. Unfortunately for them, the boss man Neil interrupts their escapades to discuss the final dance. A small disagreement ensues when Neil suggests the pachanga instead of the mambo and Johnny pushes for a soul dance he has been working on. If you wish he was your dance teacher or your lover boy, then get this Dirty Dancing tee today! Add a movie poster for the perfect gift. Link to: Johnny and Baby

Time Of Your Life t-shirtJohnny's Time Of Your Life

This Dirty Dancing t-shirt features a memorable quote to Baby Houseman who had become romantically involved with Johnny Castle. You can see in their hungry eyes that they've got a feeling that won't subside. They were willing to go against everyone and it paid off. Celebrate Patrick's life with the Crazy for Swayze t-shirt above or read his book, The Time of My Life. Practice your moves in your favorite Dirty Dancing clothing like the Kellerman's tees showcased here. Link to: Johnny's Time Of Your Life

Dirty Dancing teeJohnny Castle School of Dance t-shirt

Baby Houseman was one lucky lady to be a student at the Johnny Castle School of Dance. While she was not as spectacular as Penny (Cynthia Rhodes), she sure had a hot instructor. Besides, watching her learn to dance the Sheldrake show did prove to be amusing. Despite almost being busted by the little old couple, the Schumachers, they had a blast. Grab this Dirty Dancing shirt to get you in the mood for a little movement. Miss Frances Houseman proved to us that even if you can't do the merengue, you can still learn to dance. Either that or you will always be the one carrying the watermelon. Link to: Johnny Castle School of Dance

Baby in the Corner t-shirtNobody Puts Baby in a Corner shirt

This Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner t-shirt features the famous movie quote set on a picture of the unforgettable final scene. Just prior to the final dance depicted in this design, her sister Lisa (Jane Brucker) is on stage singing in the show. Baby is sitting with her angry father (Jerry Orbach) and her watchful mother (Kelly Bishop) when her leather clad hero appears and utters the famous movie quote. This is a great gift for any fan in your life. We recommend getting this tee and other Dirty Dancing merchandise like the Kellerman's t-shirt or the movie soundtrack CD for the perfect gift. Link to: Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner

Dirty Dancing SoundtrackDirty Dancing Movie Soundtrack

Step out of the corner and move to the rhythm of the Dirty Dancing soundtrack that features unforgettable hits like "(I've Had) The Time of My Life", "Hungry Eyes" and "She's Like the Wind", which was sung by Patrick Swayze himself. You'll also find older favorites like "Be My Baby" by The Ronettes and "In The Still of the Night" by The Five Satins. The album is available in CD format or as an MP3 download. Link to: Dirty Dancing Movie Soundtrack



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