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10 Best Beauty and the Beast T-Shirts for Adults

Be our guest as you browse the gallery of t-shirts below inspired by Disney's Beauty and the Beast movies. Bring home your favorite characters like Belle, Gaston, Lumière, Cogsworth and Chip with these adult-themed Beauty and the Beast shirts. Wear one as you watch the petals begin to fall from your own rose, as you wait for true love. Browse designs that creatively combine pop-culture elements or pick up adult Beauty and the Beast costumes. Step into our castle for the best Beast and Belle shirts for adults before they disappear like Beast's rose.
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Belle Reading is Sexy T-Shirt
Belle Reading is Sexy T-Shirt
Description: This design is a pop culture mashup of the popular shirt Rory wears on the Gilmore Girls TV show. That design featured a girl gazing up from her reading glasses with the quote "reading is sexy" displayed next to her. This design replaces that girl with Belle for a fun Reading is Sexy shirt that encourages girls to read. Of the bestselling Beauty and the Beast t-shirts for adults, this is a "smart" choice. Link to: Belle Reading is Sexy

Beauty and the Beast Stained Glass T-Shirt
Beauty and the Beast Stained Glass T-Shirt
Description: This clothing item titled "Tale as Old as Time" is an artist's interpretation of the Beauty and the Beast happily-ever-after stained glass that appears at the end of the movie. It features a variety of well-known elements from the Disney movies, including Belle, Prince Adam, Cogsworth, Chip, and the iconic rose that is at the center of the story. This stained glass shirt allows you to celebrate your favorite aspects of the movie in one design. Link to: Beauty and the Beast Stained Glass

Belle Starbucks Shirt
Belle's Book Cafe T-Shirt
Description: Belle always seems to have her head in a book. She was blown away by the Beast's library at his castle. Slip on one of these Beauty and the Beast shirts for adults that promotes Belle's Book Cafe. It's a place where you can enjoy a good book as you're served a cup of fresh coffee or tea from Mrs. Potts. Just disregard the chip in your cup. It's all part of the vintage atmosphere. Link to: Belle's Book Cafe

Sad Beast T-Shirt
Sad Beast T-Shirt
Description: This cute adult Beauty and the Beast shirt features a sad looking Beast holding a heart-shaped balloon. How would you feel if you were living alone in that giant castle with no "human" companions? You'd probably start talking to the furniture too. Easily one of the best Beauty and the Beast shirts, this piece of clothing showcases the creature's adorable side. Link to: Sad Beast

The Beast of the Opera Tee
The Beast of the Opera T-Shirt
Description: This Beauty and the Beast Phantom of the Opera design is an enchanting Belle shirt for adults, as it combines the two iconic tales as old as time into one clothing design. Belle is wrapped in the Beast's arms as she gently touches his hidden face. Sure, it's not hard to imagine what's underneath his mask; a lot of facial hair and a big heart. Link to: The Beast of the Opera

Be Our Guest Lumière T-Shirt
Be Our Guest Lumière T-Shirt
Description: This Be Our Guest shirt will have you humming the catchy song that Lumière sings in the Disney movies. Belle sits down for dinner at the castle's giant table and Lumière, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts, Chip, and the other enchanted household objects dance around as they serenade Belle with song and food. Link to: Be Our Guest Lumière

Belle's Book Club T-Shirt
Belle's Book Club Shirt
Description: Belle's village is comprised of many interesting characters, including herself, her father Maurice, Gaston, LaFou, Laurette, Paulette and Claudette, among others. This Beauty and the Beast Belle t-shirt for adults lets everyone know that you're not only a member of the village too, you're part of Belle's Book Club. No, this doesn't mean you have to stroll through the village with your head in a book all day, but you wouldn't look out of place if you did. However, it would only be a matter of time before you stepped in horse droppings or walked in front of a wagon. Link to: Belle's Book Club

Tale as Old as Time T-Shirt
Tale as Old as Time T-Shirt
Description: This Beauty and the Beast collage shirt offers an artist's creative interpretation of one of the movie's most popular taglines. It features the Beast and Belle at the center, surrounded by characters like Lumière, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts and Chip. Other notable movie elements like the rose are featured as well. Link to: Tale as Old as Time

Belle Tattoo Shirt
Belle Tattoo T-Shirt
Description: Belle is not afraid to let others know she's a nerd who buries her head in books all day, but at the same time, she's not afraid to let her beauty shine and express her love for the Beast either. Artistically, this is one of the best Beauty and the Beast Belle shirts for adults. The design features the village bookworm with a tattoo of the Beast across her shoulder and chest. Underneath her is the phrase, "Till the last petal falls." Link to: Belle Tattoo

Beast and Belle T-Shirt for Adults
Beast and Belle T-Shirt
Description: This painted-style Beauty and the Beast shirt for adults features a subdued image of the Beast holding out his hands for Belle, and she in turn is holding his rose. The design on this piece of clothing lets your imagination fill in the rest, including the enchanting love story that the image conveys. Link to: Beast and Belle

Beauty and the Beast Costumes for Adults
Beauty and the Beast Costumes
Description: Click through to browse an extensive selection of Beauty and the Beast costumes for adults and kids. Select Beast and Belle clothing for the perfect Beauty and the Beast couple's costume. You can even outfit yourself in monster gloves and a Beast wig or mask. Lumière and Cogsworth costumes are also available. Link to: Beauty and the Beast Costumes



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