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The TV show Ugly Betty follows the life of the fashionably inept but good-natured Betty Suarez (America Ferrera), and her out-of-character job at Mode Magazine in New York City. Co-produced by actress Salma Hayek, the ABC Ugly Betty TV show is an adaptation of the Colombian telenovela Yo soy Betty, la fea ("I am Betty, the ugly one"). Below, we showcase a runway's worth of Ugly Betty t-shirts, including the Viva La Betty! tee and the Mode Fashion Magazine Ugly Betty t-shirt. Browse through specific products for a selection of related Ugly Betty merchandise from the TV show like Wilhelmina and Mode Ugly Betty hats.
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mode magazine t-shirtMode Magazine Employee Wannabe

Tell everybody that you're Daniel Meade's new personal assistant at Mode Magazine. This stylish Mode t-shirt features the magazine's logo printed across the chest on the front, with the words "Employee Wannabe" printed underneath the logo. Tell your friends that Betty Suarez received a promotion and you're Daniel's new employee. Even Wilhelmina might complement you in this tee. Link to: Mode Magazine Employee Wannabe

ugly betty t-shirtEmbrace Your Inner Betty t-shirt

This bestselling Ugly Betty t-shirt puts a twist on the popular phrase, "Embrace your inner beauty." The front of the tee reads, "Embrace your inner Betty." Beneath the phrase on the right is an image of Ugly Betty's red-rimmed glasses, which adds a nice Betty-esque touch to the tee. This piece of officially licensed ABC Ugly Betty merchandise is the perfect gift for female fans of the TV show. Link to: Embrace Your Inner Betty

Viva La BettyViva La Betty t-shirt

Long Live Betty! The fronts of these America Ferrera Ugly Betty t-shirts feature a colorful drawing of the actress in her Golden Globe winning role. The sun's dark rays can be seen shining out from behind her and the phrase, "Viva La Betty" encloses her on the top and bottom. In English, this phrase means "Long live Betty." It is a play on the familiar Che Guevara associated phrase, "Viva La Revolucion." Wear this tee with a Mode Magazine Ugly Betty hat. Link to: Viva La Betty

nothing ugly about bettyNothing Ugly About Betty t-shirt

ABC's Ugly Betty TV show finished its first season with the biggest audience for a new TV series, revealing to us that there is definitely nothing ugly about Betty. America Ferrera stars as a Mode fashion magazine employee who learns to stand her ground in a very unfamiliar environment. Her braces may eclipse her smile and her red plastic glasses may be long out of style; but she is always honest, kind, passionate, and true to herself, proving that there is nothing ugly about Betty. Link to: Nothing Ugly About Betty

be true Ugly Betty t-shirtBe True Ugly Betty t-shirt

This black Ugly Betty tee features a handful of positive phrases that everyone should try to follow. The phrases are displayed in a gradient of beautiful colors. "Be true to yourself. Be smart. Be kind. Be honest. Be passionate. Be real. Be determined." A photo of Ugly Betty (America Ferrera) is displayed in the lower right corner of the design, with the title of the TV show beneath her. All of the Wilhelminas out there should head the advice on this Ugly Betty t-shirt. It might do them some good. Link to: Be True Ugly Betty

Betty is beautiful teeBetty B Necklace tee

Say cheese in one of these America Ferrera Ugly Betty t-shirts that display Betty's 'B' necklace. Aside from Betty's braces, the necklace is one of the most identifiable symbols for both the TV show and America Ferrera's character. It is a replica of a necklace worn by Henry VIII's second wife Anne Boleyn. The necklace is just part of the reason why Betty is elected the resident outcast in the New York City fashion industry. This design is available on other Ugly Betty merchandise items. Link to: Betty B Necklace

Mode t-shirtMODE Magazine t-shirt

Show everyone that you're a fan of Mode Magazine with this stylish Mode t-shirt. The design features a grey block on the front of the tee that contains the word "Mode" printed in white capital letters. Underneath the rectangle is the word "Magazine" printed in grey capitals. This shirt will let your friends know that you're an expert on the latest trends in the New York City fashion industry. It will also let them know that you're a fan of the America Ferrera Ugly Betty TV show on ABC. Match it with a Mode hat. Link to: MODE Magazine

Ugly Betty t-shirtsYou can take my bunny, but you can't take my spirit!

This Ugly Betty quote tee displays a quote from the episode entitled, "The Box and the Bunny." Fellow employees at Mode take Betty Suarez's bunny and put it in the toilet. Unshaken by their heinous act, Betty confronts them, "Well, whoever is doing this, if you think you can break me that easily, you are wrong. You can take my bunny, but you can't take my spirit!" Based on a Braveheart quote. Link to: You can take my bunny, but you can't take my spirit!

Wilhelmina t-shirtWilhelmina t-shirt

This Wilhelmina Ugly Betty t-shirt is the perfect piece of merchandise to wear when showing off your vicious side. Wilhelmina Slater (Vanessa L. Williams) is the cruel magazine editor at Mode who despises Betty Suarez, and who is constantly trying to undermine the magazine's editor-in-chief, Daniel Meade (Eric Mabius). Daniel is Betty's boss. This Wilhelmina t-shirt is a tribute to the most ruthless employee at Mode Fashion Magazine, Wilhelmina Slater. Look for Wilhelmina Ugly Betty hats. Link to: Wilhelmina

Betty is My Homegirl teesBetty is My Homegirl tee

These Ugly Betty t-shirts let everyone know that you're down with the New York fashion industry's best kept secret, Betty! The front of this tee displays the phrase, "Betty is my homegirl" across the chest in 3D font. Ugly Betty herself is displayed behind the phrase. Be brighter and bolder in your own life with this 100% cotton tee. Wear it with a pair of red Ugly Betty sunglasses. Browse the gallery to see other officially licensed Ugly Betty merchandise items. Link to: Betty is My Homegirl

Killer Poncho Ugly Betty t-shirtKiller Poncho! Ugly Betty t-shirt

This Killer Poncho tee features a Marc St. James Ugly Betty quote from the episode where Betty wears her Guadalajara poncho to work. Wilhelmina's henchman/assistant Marc St. James (Michael Urie) looks at the outfit and says, "Killer poncho!" He then turns away and puts his finger to his mouth as if he wants to make himself vomit. Later, he wears an identical poncho in an effort to mock Betty. Link to: Killer Poncho! Ugly Betty

ugly is the new beautifulUgly is the New Beautiful

The blue and pink design on the front of this Ugly Betty t-shirt reads, "Ugly is the new beautiful." When the young Latina woman, Betty Suarez (America Ferrera), pleads for an interview at Meade, she is immediately turned away. She is seen as a snotty Kleenex among a staff of lace handkerchiefs. The first Mode Magazine employee that she encounters is immediately ready to discard her. She eventually lands the job and proves to everyone that beauty is much more than what's on the surface. Link to: Ugly is the New Beautiful



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