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In 1942, Disney released the animated movie Bambi, based on the book Bambi, A Life in the Woods by Felix Salten. The baby deer quickly stole hearts around the world as we watched him stabilize his scrawny legs to learn to walk, make friends with Flower the skunk and Thumper the rabbit, as well as find his soul mate, a lovely doe named Faline. If his journey through life touched yours, peruse our gallery of Bambi t-shirts including the Thumper shirt and Flower tee. The gallery also offers a variety of movie merchandise you won't want to miss out on including Bambi toys and Thumper plush stuffed animals. Adopt them as your new friends.
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Bambi shirtBambi Laying in the Grass t-shirt

As the son of The Great Prince of the Forest, Bambi has a lot to live up to. The regal pose shown on this Bambi shirt seems to illustrate that he is following closely in his father's footsteps and is on the way to making him very proud. If you loved watching him grow from a fawn to a buck, then pick up this Disney Bambi tee and some merchandise today. The gallery is full of delightful treats for yourself and exceptional gifts for others, so check out the Bambi plush toys that are fun for fans of all ages. Link to: Bambi Laying in the Grass

Bambi Tank TopBambi Tank Top

There is nothing like a bright, sunshiny day to lighten up a person's mood. This Bambi t-shirt has a similar effect. Its cheerful pink color and charming drawing are sure to make you feel like a million bucks in no time. If you are looking for something more subdued, then keep browsing our gallery of Bambi clothing. We have a variety of options, any of which would make a splendid gift for a close friend or Disney fan. Light up their life and yours. There is something for everyone and that includes you, so stock up now! Link to: Bambi Tank Top

Thumper shirtThumper Sitting t-shirt

"I'm thumping, that's why they call me Thumper." It seems self-explanatory enough but that is the reason he gives for his name, as though it needed any clarification. No one can help but love Thumper's foot thumping when he is happy or excited; even his spring fling found it endearing. If you couldn't help but adore him too, then snag your Thumper t-shirt now. He doesn't get any cuter than this! To snuggle with this cuddly little creature or one of his best friends, see the gallery for Bambi toys including Thumper stuffed animals, as well as Flower the skunk and Bambi plush options. Link to: Thumper Sitting

Disney Bambi teeBambi Snow Scene t-shirt

Winter is a wonderful time of year and even better for those who are getting their first taste of it. For Bambi it was a chance to see his footprints in the snow, go sliding around on the lake with his buddy Thumper, and check in on Flower while she hibernates. If you understand why he enjoys the snow and cold weather, then this Bambi tee will be a perfect match for you. If you want to wear it around in the snow, then I would suggest getting it on a sweatshirt, long sleeved shirt or hoodie instead. All of these are available for men, women and children with this lovely winter theme design. Let it snow! Link to: Bambi Snow Scene

Flower the Skunk shirtFlower's Cleaning Service Bambi tee

While the name Flower for a skunk is ironic, it is only exacerbated with the idea of a cleaning service but we love it. His shy expression and company promotion are irresistible. This Flower the Skunk t-shirt is not only cute, it's amusing at the same time. It comes in a variety of sizes, colors and styles for men, women and children, so grab them today to spread some smiles. For more gift ideas, take a moment to browse the Bambi, Flower and Thumper plush stuffed animals that make adorable companions. What more could you want? Link to: Flower's Cleaning Service Bambi

Disney Bambi shirtAcorn Wreath Bambi shirt

Bambi shirts will always be a hit for children and adults but for different reasons. For kids, it is simply a great story about a cute deer they find funny and furry, but for adults it is a reminder of their own youth and churns up feelings of nostalgia. Neither reason is better than the other, as both give fans a connection that is hard to break. Whichever reason relates to you doesn't matter, because both can be satisfied by picking your favorite Bambi t-shirt design now. Want even more? Get a Bambi plush toy from the gallery so you can tote him around wherever you go. Link to: Acorn Wreath Bambi

Thumper teeSomething Nice Thumper t-shirt

"If you can't say somethin' nice...don't say nothin' at all." Those are the words Thumper's father told him before going out that day, which he so bashfully stated after accidently uttering some unkind words about Bambi's unstable walk and subsequent fall. The two soon made amends and he and his siblings urged Bambi to try to walk again. Soon, the young deer was running about. If you think more people should heed this worthwhile message, then grab this Thumper t-shirt for your collection today. Link to: Something Nice Thumper

Flower the Skunk teeFlower the Skunk t-shirt

Do you remember how Flower the Skunk got his name? It was during Bambi's lesson in vocabulary from his newfound friend Thumper. Bambi chased a butterfly to a patch of flowers growing in the woods and as he was sniffing them, he encountered a skunk that he quickly referred to as Flower. The young skunk was amused by the name and so it stuck. That is how his ironic name came to be. If he is your favorite furry friend from the movie, then get yourself a Flower the Skunk t-shirt. Don't miss the Bambi toys and stuffed animals in the gallery. They are too cute for words, just like Flower! Link to: Flower the Skunk

Bambi shirtBambi Sitting t-shirt

Our Bambi tees feature him in an assortment of positions and situations, but this is probably the most well known. It is his sitting position that he often lands in when he is learning to walk or sliding over a frozen lake in the winter. Here, he seems vulnerable yet content, just as he should be. Read more about his life as a young prince living in the forest by getting a Bambi book. It would be a perfect bedtime story for any child. For an ideal combination gift, pair it with a Thumper or Bambi plush to sleep with. Link to: Bambi Sitting

Bambi and Butterflies shirtBambi and Butterflies t-shirt

Bambi and butterflies go hand in hand. Although he originally mistook them for birds, he loved to watch them flitter about around him; they even led him to Flower who eventually became one of his best friends. If his genuine interest in these delicate creatures makes your heart flutter, then this Bambi shirt will probably do the same. If you would like to send the little deer on adventures of your own choosing, get a plush Bambi stuffed animal or Thumper toy available below. Link to: Bambi and Butterflies

Bambi Stuffed AnimalsBambi Plush Stuffed Animals

When it comes to having fun these forest friends know how to do it. Whether they are frolicking in the flowers or skidding along the ice, they can always find something to keep them occupied. These soft Bambi toys include a Thumper plush, a Flower the skunk stuffed animal and of course the leading man himself, who is sure to keep a kid happy year round. These cuddly buddies are a great addition to any child's collection. Link to: Bambi Plush Stuffed Animals



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