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The HBO Boardwalk Empire TV show follows the life of charismatic gangster and Atlantic City treasurer Enoch 'Nucky' Thompson (Steve Buscemi) as he rules over The World's Playground during the Prohibition-era. If you are captivated by the sparkly city lights and grand scenery, take a stroll through our collection of Boardwalk Empire t-shirts including the Babette's Supper Club shirt, Canadian Club Whiskey tee, Four Deuces and Team Nucky t-shirt. For more mobster merchandise, check out the 1920s costumes below, including the gangster and flapper dress costumes, to help you create a Boardwalk Empire Halloween outfit.
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Boardwalk Empire Whiskey shirt
Thompson's Irish Whiskey t-shirt
Description: The design displayed on this t-shirt is a creative tribute to Nucky's character on the HBO Boardwalk Empire TV show. Treasurer Nucky Thompson is displayed in an ad for Thompson's Irish Whiskey, distributed out of Atlantic City. The design features his face over a whiskey barrel, reminding others that when it comes to liquor in his town, everything must go through him. The eye-catching design would surely put a smile on Nucky's face, as it demonstrates the extent of his influence. Link to: Thompson's Irish Whiskey

Monopoly Boardwalk Empire shirt
Boardwalk Empire Monopoly t-shirt
Description: This brilliant Boardwalk Empire shirt features Nucky Thompson as the Monopoly Guy. Whether you have to pay Chalky's tax or you want to buy Capone's place, this design will leave you either rich and powerful or broke and on your way to jail. For other Boardwalk Empire apparel, keep browsing our gallery. We have more variety than Babette's bar on the eve of Prohibition, including Nucky Boardwalk Empire costume ideas. Link to: Boardwalk Empire Monopoly

Logo Boardwalk Empire tee
Boardwalk Empire Logo t-shirt
Description: Our Boardwalk Empire clothing collection wouldn't be complete without this basic black Boardwalk Empire tee. It is perfect for any fan regardless of whether they enjoy the characters like young Al Capone, carnation clad Nucky Thompson, sly Lucky Luciano and determined Jimmy Darmody, or the spectacular set complete with Fralinger's Salt Water Taffy store, baby incubator viewing areas and Steel Pier theatres. Not only can you take this opportunity to treat yourself, you can also delight your best friend. Add a Boardwalk Empire poster or a Four Deuces shirt for a more specific gift that will please. Link to: Boardwalk Empire Logo

Flapper and Gangster costumes
Gangster and Flapper Costumes
Description: 1920s costumes are making a big comeback with hits like HBO's Boardwalk Empire TV show propelling that era back into the limelight. We are pleased to offer a variety of male and female gangster costumes, as well as flapper costume dresses in a wide array of colors and cuts bound to suit your needs. Dress up as Nucky Thompson, his girl Lucy Danziger, or any other character that caught your eye. To learn more about the 1920s and Nucky's role in Atlantic City, check out the Boardwalk Empire book that your favorite show is based on (browse the book). Link to: Gangster and Flapper Costumes

Babette's shirt
Babette's Supper Club t-shirt
Description: Babette's Supper Club is the elite's playground with flappers flouncing around everywhere and secret meeting rooms for big pocket politicians. Here the rules don't apply and liquor flows like waterfalls as if prohibition never existed. It was every man's dream come true and so is this Babette's Supper Club t-shirt. It is available in men's and women's styles so anyone who wants to partake in the festivities can. Don't miss other great Boardwalk Empire merchandise like Fralinger's posters and the Nelson Johnson book. Link to: Babette's Supper Club

Four Deuces t-shirt
Four Deuces Nightclub t-shirt
Description: The Four Deuces Nightclub featured on this Boardwalk Empire t-shirt is the establishment that Al Capone managed in Chicago, consisting of a gambling area, brothel and bar. The real 2222 address is included despite being demolished years ago. If Capone's interests interest you, be sure to snatch a Four Deuces t-shirt or check out the Midget Boxing shirt below. For more Boardwalk Empire merchandise, browse related costumes. Link to: Four Deuces Nightclub

Harrow's Security tee
Harrow's Security t-shirt
Description: It was exciting to see this tee as the TeeFury selection of the day a few weeks back. As soon as I saw it, I was eager to feature it in the gallery. World War I veteran Richard Harrow is perhaps the most intriguing character on the HBO TV show. This illustration does a wonderful job at capturing his role in the series. Harrow has been Jimmy Darmody's sidekick and protector for much of the first two seasons. Injured in the war, he wears a mask that covers half of his face. In addition to his physical scars, he battles emotional wounds as well. Link to: Harrow's Security

Boardwalk Empire Nucky Thompson Costume shirt
Boardwalk Empire Jimmy Quote t-shirt
Description: If this Boardwalk Empire quote t-shirt had existed in Atlantic City during the 1920's, it would have made it clear that you admired Nucky. Despite being a gangster, people were excited to know Nucky and he helped many of them. Nucky Thompson is based on real life Prohibition political big wig Enoch 'Nucky' Johnson. His charisma and business acumen kept the city on top. Whether you like Thompson or Johnson, get your Nucky t-shirt today, and add a red carnation to your gangster outfit to create a Boardwalk Empire Nucky costume. If he's not your man, see the other Boardwalk Empire shirts and posters. Link to: Boardwalk Empire Jimmy Quote

Midget Boxing shirt
Always Bet on the Little Guy t-shirt
Description: Nothing like a day at the midget boxing ring, at least that's how a young Al Capone feels. You might recall Nucky's driver, Jimmy Darmody, talked with him at the match and gave Capone the advice to bet on the little guy. This Midget Boxing t-shirt features that amusing approach. If it gave you a chuckle then get yours today. If not, keep perusing our other Boardwalk Empire tees like the Four Deuces shirt. Link to: Always Bet on the Little Guy

Boardwalk Empire Nucky T-Shirt
Boardwalk Empire Nucky T-Shirt
Description: "If you wanna be a gangster in my town, you will pay for the privilege." Sound familiar? Powerful lines like this come to mind when looking at Nucky Thompson on this Boardwalk Empire t-shirt. The line was delivered by Nucky to Jimmy after he hijacked Nucky's load of liquor during a delivery. Suddenly, Jimmy is just like everyone else in the city. Read about how Nucky had a strong hold on Atlantic City lives with the Boardwalk Empire book available below. To be a gangster yourself, check out the gangster costumes. Add a red carnation to create a Nucky Boardwalk Empire costume. Don't miss the flapper dress costumes for your leading lady. Link to: Boardwalk Empire Nucky

Boardwalk Empire Book Nelson Johnson Terence Winter
Boardwalk Empire: The Birth, High Times, and Corruption of Atlantic City
Description: Uncover the real story behind your favorite HBO TV show, Boardwalk Empire. Nelson Johnson's book not only sheds light on the man behind the show's central character, Nucky Thompson, it also provides an exploration into Atlantic City's shady past from the Prohibition era to its modern day revival. Perhaps most impressive (and frightening) is learning about the extent of political corruption and organized crime that existed in the city during the 1920s and beyond. Link to: Boardwalk Empire: The Birth, High Times, and Corruption of Atlantic City



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