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Created by cartoonist Matt Groening, The Simpsons began as a series of animated shorts that debuted on The Tracey Ullman Show in April of 1987. After three seasons, The Simpsons cartoon was picked up by FOX in the form of a half-hour prime time TV show. As the cartoon's popularity increased, so did the Simpsons merchandise. Below, you will find a selection of Simpsons t-shirts that include the coveted Pin Pals Simpsons bowling shirt and the Duff Beer Simpsons t-shirt. The Simpsons cartoon tells the story of an average, dysfunctional, middle-class American family living in the fictional town of Springfield. The family is comprised of the father Homer, his wife Marge, and their three children: Bart (10), Lisa (8), and Maggie (1). Browse our selection of Simpsons hats below, where you'll find more Simpsons merchandise, such the Duff Beer Simpsons hat.
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duff beer simpsons t-shirtsDuff Beer Simpsons t-shirt

Duff Beer is Homer Simpson's beer of choice in The Simpsons cartoon. These red Duff Beer Simpsons t-shirts feature the beer's Duff logo design on the front. Purchase this bestselling piece of Simpsons merchandise and make Duffman (Duff beer's mascot) proud. Wear the Duff Beer tee under your Pin Pals Simpsons bowling shirt available below. Link to: Duff Beer Simpsons

Vote Quimby t-shirtVote Quimby Mayor of Springfield

Mayor "Diamond Joe" Quimby is the longstanding mayor of the fictional city of Springfield. A composite parody of U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy, Quimby is a slick, opportunistic politician whose chief priorities seem to be keeping himself in office, womanizing, and various other forms of corruption. He was once the subject of 27 separate paternity suits, and he has numerous illegitimate children. Support Quimby by wearing this Vote for Quimby Simpsons t-shirt along with one of your favorite Simpsons hats. It is also available in women's styles. Link to: Vote Quimby Mayor of Springfield

pin pal simpsons bowling shirtPin Pals Bowling shirt or Patches

This Pin Pals Simpsons bowling shirt is a tribute to Homer's bowling team, the Pin Pals. Homer formed the team after he and Moe were told that it was "league night", and that they could not bowl unless they had a team. This coveted piece of Simpsons merchandise has quickly become a collector's item. The front features a smaller Pin Pals logo along with the name Homer stitched in red near the breast. Link to: Pin Pals Bowling or Patches

Simpsons Family Guy teeSimpsons Family Guy t-shirt

This tee celebrates the historic Simpsons Family Guy crossover episode. It features the Griffins as they would look if they were recast as the Simpsons of Springfield. Wear it under a Homer Simpson costume, which showcases the infamous father of Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. Order this Family Guy inspired design with Simpsons hats, or pair it with a fun Homer Simpson costume tee for a day spent imagining yourself as the doughnut loving dad. Add a Homer mask to round out your collection of Simpsons merchandise. Link to: Simpsons Family Guy

Simpsons costume teesHomer Face tee and Bart Face tee

Choose either a Bart or Homer costume Simpsons t-shirt that displays either the face of Homer Simpson or his son Bart, depending on your preference. Wear your Simpsons tee as you enjoy one of the four types of Duff Beer, including Duff Dark and Duff Raspberry. Also, check out the Drink Duff Simpsons hat available below, and start building up your collection of Duff Simpsons merchandise. This is a good tee to wear under your Pin Pals Simpsons bowling shirt. Link to: Homer Face and Bart Face

Ralphie SimpsonsRalph Wiggum Unpossible t-shirt

Ralph Wiggum is not as incompetent as everyone thinks. Despite gluing his ear to his shirt, pretending to be a firetruck, and wetting himself in public, Ralphie is a quite capable young man. The fronts of these Simpsons t-shirts let everyone know that Ralph Wiggum is able to do anything he sets his mind to. After all, nothing is "unpossible," including a mermaid riding a dinosaur on a motorcycle into space while carrying the American flag. "Me fail English? That's unpossible," states Ralphie on the show. Is he clueless like Homer Simpson, or is he a genius in disguise? Wear it with the Ralphie Simpsons hat. Link to: Ralph Wiggum Unpossible

the simpsons costumes, masksThe Simpsons Costumes and Masks

Choose from a variety of The Simpsons outfits, including the Duffman costume (Duffwoman also available). As the mascot for Duff Beer, you'll be the hit of your next Halloween party. "Oh, yeah!" Deluxe Homer and Marge Simpson costumes are also available, complete with Marge's tall blue wig. If you are looking for just a mask instead, browse the Homer and Bart masks. Add your own unique accessories like a dozen pink frosted donuts. Your friends will appreciate them. Link to: The Simpsons Costumes and Masks

bartman t-shirtBartman Simpsons t-shirt

Do the Bartman in this Simpsons t-shirt that features Springfield's most rebellious superhero on the front. The design was inspired by the music video and the corresponding album The Simpsons Sing the Blues. Turn back the clock to the early 1990s and wear this T to teach your friends how to do the Bartman. Link to: Bartman Simpsons

simpsons springfield isotopesSimpsons Springfield Isotopes t-shirts

This unique piece of Simpsons merchandise refers to the town of Springfield's minor league baseball team the Springfield Isotopes. The team name is likely a reference to the town's nuclear power plant. Homer Simpson was the Isotopes mascot for a while until he was fired. This tee promotes the team that is sponsored by Duff Beer. These Springfield Isotopes Simpsons t-shirts are available in both men's and women's styles. Get a Springfield Isotopes t-shirt and cheer on the team. They can use all the support they can get. Link to: Simpsons Springfield Isotopes

Simpsons Homer Glow in the Dark t-shirtSimpsons Cast Homer Glow t-shirt

This officially licensed design features familiar faces from the show, including Lisa, Bart, Homer, Marge and many of the other characters who have made the cartoon so memorable. Turn out the lights to reveal the glow in the dark Homer. This Simpsons tee shirt features the cast and family members "getting along." The TV show's creator, Matt Groening, has said that he named the characters after his own family members. Wear this piece of Simpsons merchandise with Simpsons hats. Link to: Simpsons Cast Homer Glow

Springfield Unathletic Dept.Springfield Unathletic Dept. t-shirt

This grey T brings to mind one of Homer Simpson's most famous quotes, "Trying is the first step toward failure." That's one reason why Homer is part of the Springfield Unathletic Dept. This Simpsons t-shirt displays the department logo on the front, which features Homer sleeping on the couch. The humorous design is a tribute to Springfield's most unathletic citizen. Wear it underneath an unbuttoned Pin Pals Simpsons bowling shirt. Link to: Springfield Unathletic Dept.

Devolving HomerHomer Simpson Devolving tee

Dress in this unique piece of Simpsons merchandise that shows Homer Simpson headed in the wrong evolutionary direction. The funny devolving design will surely get you some laughs. The front of these gold Simpsons t-shirts feature the familiar evolutionary silhouette, only this time with Homer Simpson, proud member of the Springfield Unathletic Dept. and employee of Mr. Burns. Get this one of a kind Simpsons tee along with one of the Simpsons hats. You'll be ready to be lazy in no time. Link to: Homer Simpson Devolving

moes tavern simpsons t-shirtsMoe's Tavern Simpsons t-shirt

Click through to browse Moe's Tavern apparel, including the gold Moe's Tavern t-shirt shown on the left. Each piece of Moe's Tavern Simpsons merchandise features the brown Moe's Tavern logo printed on a gold tee. The entire design reads, "Moe's Tavern, home of the flaming Moe." This Simpsons t-shirt works great with the Duff Beer Simpsons hat. Wear it to let everyone know that Moe's Tavern is your establishment of choice. Link to: Moe's Tavern Simpsons

the simpsons hats, duff beer bottle opener hatsSimpsons Hats, Duff Beer Hats

Express your adoration for the legendary cartoon with The Simpsons caps and Duff Beer hats. Younger fans will love the Mind Numbing Squishee trucker style cap, while adult fans who enjoy beer will prefer the Duff bottle opener hats. Yes, you read that correctly. There is a bottle opener built into the hats. The classic red Duff cap is perfect to wear as a Duffman costume accessory. Link to: Simpsons Hats, Duff Beer Hats



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