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The Superman logo is the most popular movie related symbol put onto clothing. Worn by both adults and kids, the Superman symbol is recognized worldwide and the comic book's characters have become cultural icons. Lex Luthor, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, and Clark Kent have found themselves repeatedly adorning the silver screen as well as being featured in cartoons, TV shows, videogames and toy collections. Choose one of the officially licensed Superman t-shirts or hats, in addition to the custom Smallville t-shirt and the unique Super You tees.
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superman distressed logo teeSuperman Distressed Logo Tee

This is hands down the current bestselling man of steel tee. The officially licensed comic book t comes in dark blue. The symbol has a slightly worn or 'distressed' appearance, hence the name of the shirt. Its stylish look is casually fashionable and is ideal for both adults and kids. This cool Superman tee is great for a casual night of fun or a relaxing day at home. Link to: Superman Distressed Logo

Costume Superman t-shirt and HoodieCostume Superman t-shirt or Hoodie

Become the Man of Steel in either a great looking costume Superman t-shirt or a costume hoodie that features a button on red cape. Both items display the classic Superman shield on the front in the traditional colors of red, blue and yellow. These fun pieces of clothing are perfect to wear as quick Superman costumes or as casual fan gear that will help you to represent the classic Superman quote, "truth, justice and the American way." Whether you choose the hoodie sweatshirt or the Junk Food Superman costume tee, you'll be well prepared to woo the Lois Lane in your life. Link to: Costume Superman or Hoodie

Smallville t-shirtSmallville Kansas t-shirts

Even the Man of Steel was a teenager at one point, and this popular TV show focuses on those years. It was a time when Superman was discovering his powers and Lana Lang and Lois Lane were discovering Superman. The series, which began in 2001, has made actors Tom Welling, Kristin Kreuk and Michael Rosenbaum megastars among teens. At left is a Smallville t-shirt that displays a logo for the high school, which is home to the Smallville Crows. It's perfect for any fan of the hit TV series. Link to: Smallville Kansas

custom superman letter shirtsCustom Superman Letter t-shirts

This unique line of tees let you pick your shield logo letter, such as 'K' as in Kevin or 'C' as in Clark. It's a superman jersey made just for you. These one of a kind ts were designed by artist Adam Campen of Richmond Virginia and are sold securely through Adam's online store. Click the tee to see all of the available shirts. *NOTE: The letter 'S', in addition to certain color combinations, is not available due to licensing constraints. Link to: Custom Superman Letter

Superman Pow TeesSuperman POW tees

Pow! Whack! Bam! Boom! This tee features a vintage comic book style action word with the Superman logo positioned overtop. In comics it is popular to use big words to emphasize heightened action, especially during fights. These Superman Pow shirts probably won't give you a super punch or kick, but they will show everyone that you're always ready to jump into the action. The design is also available on men's apparel and kids' clothing. Give it as a gift with a Smallville t-shirt. Link to: Superman POW

dc comics superman t-shirtSheldon's Superman t-shirt

Jump into the DC Comics Superman adventures with this football style shirt that is perfect for any aspiring Man of Steel. This Superman comic book tee was made popular by physicist Sheldon Cooper. It displays the Man of Steel's infamous shield logo. Perhaps Superman wears it when he plays Lex Luthor's team in kryptonite football. Of course, that's when he's not in Metropolis working at the Daily Planet. This comic book t-shirt is a great gift for the superhero fans in your family. Link to: Sheldon's Superman

Superman Secret Identity teeSecret Identity Superman shirt

This ode to Clark Kent and the most ridiculous disguise in movie history (along with the fake moustache) will make you the master of disguise at your next party. This custom Superman t-shirt lets everyone know that you're ready to reveal your secret identity. The Superman secret identity tee comes in various colors and sizes, including baby and kids. Link to: Secret Identity Superman

Lex Luthor t-shirtLuthorcorp Lex Luthor t-shirt

Lex Luthor is the best known Superman villain. Now you can show you're a fan of this scheming entrepreneur / villain with the Luthorcorp Lex Luthor shirt shown at left. The front reads Luthorcorp in black lettering with the company's symbol positioned above. Inspired by Michael Rosenbaum's character's company on the Smallville television show, this tee will bring out your own inner Lex. Link to: Luthorcorp Lex Luthor

Superman Torn t-shirtSuperman Torn tee

Whether you attend Smallville High School in Smallville, Kansas or you write for the Daily Planet, this stylish torn design will get everyone's attention, even Lois Lane's. Pair it with a cool Smallville t-shirt for the perfect gift. Wear this tee as you reminisce about the days you spent researching articles for the Smallville High Torch, while at the same time trying to manage the drama in your life. Match this tee with a stylish Superman hat. Link to: Superman Torn

Superman Shield t-shirtsSuperman Shield t-shirts

Choose from a wide variety of Superman shield tees available in varying styles and colors. Pick a logo that reflects your ethnicity, your favorite color, your favorite sport, or your feminine side. Don't hesitate to wear your Superman t-shirt at all times. You'll never know when you'll need to take off your glasses, and be anything but a mild-mannered reporter. Even if you're not faster than a speeding bullet and more powerful than a locomotive, this tee will help to fuel your overactive imagination. Link to: Superman Shield

Superman CostumesSuperman Costumes

Embrace your inner superhero in an official Superman costume. Choose from a variety of styles and sizes, including child and adult. Outfit your significant other in a stylish Supergirl costume for an attractive couple's ensemble. These easily recognizable costumes are perfect for parties, handing out candy, stopping bank robbers or starting campfires with your laser vision. Link to: Superman Costumes

Superman HatsSuperman Hats and Beanie Caps

Disguise yourself in a Superman cap featuring the shield logo from the movie. Choose from a variety of options, including the classic blue, yellow and red hats that feature the hero's familiar symbol. Get stylish with a Superman fedora or face the cold wearing a knit Superman beanie cap. Link to: Superman Hats and Beanie Caps



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