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'The World is Yours.' At least that's what the gold statue on Tony Montana's desk tells us, and it's exactly how Al Pacino's character approached his life. In the movie Scarface, America, specifically Miami, is a smorgasbord of opportunity, and what isn't given to you must be taken. The 1983 Brian De Palma film is a remake of the 1932 film whose main character was named Tony Camonte, not Tony Montana. The De Palma version has become as big as the main character himself, spawning a world of Scarface clothing, including t-shirts, hats, blankets, ties, boxers, and more. Scarface memorabilia, such as toys, posters, and photos are a staple among young males and continue to generate tremendous sales.
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Say Hello to My Little Friend t-shirt
Say Hello to My Little Friend t-shirt
Description: It's the most repeated Tony Montana quote from the movie, which he delivers at the end as he makes his final stand. Relive this classic moment in cinema history with this cool Scarface tee that celebrates the movie by displaying the main character's quote on the front of the shirt next to the man himself holding a machine gun. Who hasn't harnessed the power of this scene at some point in their lives, exclaiming in their best Cuban accent, "Say hello to my lil' friend." Link to: Say Hello to My Little Friend

Scarface ChiChi Get the Yayo
Scarface ChiChi get the Yayo tee
Description: This black Scarface t-shirt features the Tony Montana Scarface quote, "ChiChi get the yayo." Most fans know what this means, but in case you're wondering, yayo means cocaine. Celebrate this classic line that Tony says to ChiChi in the Columbians' grungy motel room. This cool tee is a unique ode to the movie and the memorable scene. Link to: Scarface ChiChi get the Yayo

scarface blanket
Scarface Blanket
Description: Let Tony Montana protect you from the cold with this comfortable Scarface blanket. It features the classic Scarface movie poster art, and it measures 60" X 80" in size (twin). It can be machine washed and dried. Now available online, it is manufactured by Hollywood Handbags Inc. This licensed mink blanket is a great gift for any fan of the movie, especially yourself! Grab a bowl of hot popcorn, and curl up on the couch with your Scarface blanket during your next chilly winter movie night at home. Link to: Scarface Blanket

scarface costumes
Scarface and Gangster Costumes
Description: Say hello to your friends in one of these attractive Scarface costumes that will help to channel your inner gangster. Purchase accessories including the inflatable machine gun and a Scarface hat. Outfit your significant other in a sexy gangster costume for a dynamic couples ensemble. The sleek pinstripe design of the women's costume looks great with Tony's white suit jacket and pants. The white Tony Montana costume is an officially licensed movie product that is perfect for parties. Link to: Scarface and Gangster Costumes

scarface babylon club
Babylon Club Scarface tee
Description: These dark Scarface t-shirts feature the Babylon Club logo for the establishment from the movie. It's where Tony Montana was nearly assassinated. Celebrate the fictional establishment with this stylish design. This piece of apparel will have you uttering Tony's Scarface movie quote, "Say goodnight to the bad guy," and other memorable lines. Add this item to your collection of Scarface merchandise. Link to: Babylon Club Scarface

Scarface All Over t-shirt
Scarface Sublimation t-shirt
Description: Let them know you're a gangster with this sublimation Scarface tee that features Tony Montana on the front. This Scarface t-shirt won't get you into the Babylon Club, but it will let Tony Montana know that you're on his side. Purchase it with a Scarface movie poster. You cannot go wrong with this tee that offers a simple tribute to the movie character. Ships on a 100% cotton t-shirt. Link to: Scarface Sublimation

scarface silver logo shirt
Scarface Logo shirt
Description: The fronts of these black Scarface shirts display a silver version of the Scarface movie poster art. The design shows Tony Montana (Al Pacino) standing next to the movie's title, which is displayed vertically. Perfect for a night at the club, this short sleeve shirt is a stylish tribute to the fictional gangster. Order it with a Scarface action figure. Link to: Scarface Logo

Gnome Scarface t-shirt
Say Hello Parody t-shirt
Description: Another gem in our selection of Scarface t-shirts, this creative parody features Tony Montana's infamous quote. The Scarface movie quote, "Say hello to my little friend" appears next to an image of a gnome. Show off your gangster gnome to your friends and tell them that he's tougher than he looks. Link to: Say Hello Parody

Scarface Portrait t-shirt
Scarface Portrait t-shirt
Description: Recall some of the most memorable Tony Montana scenes from the movie in this piece of bestselling movie clothing. Relive these classic moments in cinema history with this black Scarface tee that features a portrait of Tony on the front. The black, white and red portrait on the front of this Scarface t-shirt features Tony covered in blood with his smoking gun handy. This piece of movie apparel will have you exclaiming, "Say hello to my lil' friend." Link to: Scarface Portrait

scarface rules t-shirt
Scarface Rules tee
Description: This white tee features Tony Montana rules to live by from the Scarface movie. Wear this T and obey the Scarface rules, which go as follows: 1. Everyday above ground is a good day. 2. All you have in this world is your balls and your word. Don't break 'em for nobody. 3. Never get high on your own supply. 4. Always remember, this is business. 5. Always tell the truth, even when you lie. 6. Every dog has his day. 7. You're always going to be the 'Bad Guy'. 8. Never underestimate the other guy's greed. 9. Never forget, the world is yours. 10. Never trust nobody. Link to: Scarface Rules

scarface hats and beanies
Scarface Hats
Description: Cap off the perfect gangster outfit with a Scarface beanie or hat. They look great with any of the clothing featured in the gallery. Opt for the beanie cap to keep your head warm on extra chilly days, or choose a brimmed cap to shade your face from your enemies. Either way, your admiration for the movie will be effectively conveyed. Link to: Scarface Hats

Scarface Toy Figure
Scarface Toys and Action Figures
Description: With numerous collectible Tony Montana figures to choose from, you'll be able to say hello to a variety of expressively posed little friends. The toys are available in different sizes, some talk, and nearly all wield either an M-16 machine gun or a pistol. You can even get a Scarface figure wearing the Hawaiian shirt. As you can see here, most are highly realistic in appearance. Link to: Scarface Toys and Action Figures



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