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Where the Wild Things Are t-shirts

The Where the Wild Things Are movie is based on the award winning children's book of the same name by Maurice Sendak. The story takes us from young Max's (Max Records) bedroom to a forest full of monsters that crown him king via his imagination. The voices of James Gandolfini, Chris Cooper, Forest Whitaker and Paul Dano, as well as Lauren Ambrose and Catherine O'Hara, are featured in this delightful quest. Get ready for an adventure as you forge through our gallery including Where the Wild Things Are t-shirts, stuffed animals, action figures and the book. Also, check out the Max Where the Wild Things Are Junk Food t-shirt.
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Max teeMax Wild and Free t-shirt

If you were born wild, then this colorful Where the Wild Things Are tee is for you. This Junk Food shirt features our adventuresome youngster Max in all his glory. High atop his throne, Max is attired in his white fuzzy pajama costume and adorned with the crown and staff bestowed upon him by the wild things of his imaginary forest. Pair this tee with a plush Where the Wild Things Are stuffed animal or action figure for a nice present for any fan. Whether you admit it or not, we are all wild children at heart.

Wild Thing Moishe t-shirtGet Wild Moishe t-shirt

Celebrate the movie and the book with this Judith and Moishe Where the Wild Things Are t-shirt. The tee features one of Max's most recognizable wild things. Often referred to by book readers as Moishe, but known to moviegoers as Carol (voice of James Gandolfini), the hairy monster is sure to remind you of some of the best stories of your youth. Other children's books by Maurice Sendak that you may remember are available in the right column, including Pierre: A Cautionary Tale, Outside Over There and Alligators All Around. Grab some of your favorite books and start spreading the joy of reading today.

Where the Wild Things Are HoodieWhere the Wild Things Are Hoodie

This Max Where the Wild Things Are hoodie sweatshirt features the iconic crown worn by the movie's hero. The crown can also be seen in author Maurice Sendak's children's book Where the Wild Things Are. For the reader in your life, pair this hoodie with a Junk Food t-shirt and the book to make a perfect set. Be sure to check out other Maurice Sendak books, including the controversial In The Night Kitchen, Higglety Pigglety Pop!: Or There Must Be More to Life and The Sign on Rosie's Door.

Save Our Wild Life teeSave Our Wild Life t-shirt

The Where the Wild Things Are movie has got people acting a little wild. If you are one of them then these Where the Wild Things Are t-shirts have your name written all over them. For other Maurice Sendak books you might be interested in, take a look in our gallery. Dive into the pages of In the Night Kitchen, Sendak's most controversial work to date, or get the educational Nutshell Library box set that includes Alligators All Around for alphabet basics, Pierre: A Cautionary Tale, One Was Johnny and Chicken Soup with Rice. Take a walk on the wild side today with the wild things.

Real Wild One t-shirtReal Wild One t-shirt

If you are a real wild one, then this Where the Wild Things Are t-shirt is the perfect piece of clothing to let loose in. The tee features Max's crown with the words, "real wild one," underneath. Wear it to show wild thing Carol (voice of James Gandolfini) and his female friend KW (voice of Lauren Ambrose) a good time. Be sure to grab some plush Where the Wild Things Are stuffed animals to snuggle up with while reading your copy of the Where the Wild Things Are book.

Where the Wild Things Are Costume Max PajamasWhere the Wild Things Are Costumes and Max Pajamas Costume

These Where the Wild Things Are pajamas and Halloween costumes are perfect for the young Max or the young at heart in your family. Crown your little one king and allow his or her active imagination to run wild with this selection of child and adult costumes that truly bring the movie's story to life. Each outfit will help to open a door to a world of monsters like Moishe and the bull Bernard.

Where the Wild Things Are Book Art teeWild Things Book Art t-shirt

This Where the Wild Things Are t-shirt is a winner. This tee features one of the famous drawings from the Maurice Sendak book of king Max riding Bernard The Bull while hanging out with his wild thing friend Carol. Everyone wishes they could jump into this situation along with him. Sendak's creative artwork is sure to impress the young and the not so young. If you are a fan of his illustrations, be sure to check out the book The Art of Maurice Sendak: 1980 to Present, or read more of his children's books like Alligators All Around and Outside Over There.

Skateboard Max teeWild Things Max Kick-Flip t-shirt

If you have a wild imagination, then not only are you lucky, you are in good company. That means you can turn any bad situation into an adventure like our hero Max. This Where the Wilds Things Are tee features Max skateboarding in his crown. If you are afraid of the dark, nab a plush Where the Wild Things Are doll or stuffed animal to keep you company. Don't forget to pick up a Wild Things shirt, Maurice Sendak book, and Moishe monster toy for your imaginary friends too.

Moishe shirtsStriped Moishe t-shirt

These white Where the Wild Things Are t-shirts by Junk Food are nice additions to any movie clothing collection. Whether you are young or old, this book has a place in your life. Moishe, Tzippy, Bernard and all the wild things put you to sleep as a child and will do the same for your children. Don't forget to grab some other Maurice Sendak books for bedtime stories like Pierre: A Cautionary Tale or Higglety Pigglety Pop!: Or There Must Be More to Life.

Wild Things Movie t-shirtWhere the Wild Things Are Movie t-shirt

This classic white Where the Wild Things Are Junk Food t-shirt features an image of Max from the movie adaptation of the book. The design shows Max and a Wild Thing monster happily dancing around. He is wearing his wolf costume pajamas that help him to blend in with his large furry friends. In the story, Max takes you from the confines of his punishment to a land full of friendly monsters that crown him king. Grab one of these Where the Wild Things Are tees today to remind yourself that fun is right around the corner no matter what kind of day you are having.

Looking For a Wild Thing teeLooking for a Wild Thing t-shirt

This light blue monsters tee features a few of the wild things, including Tzippy, Bernard and Emil as they are known by the book readers, or KW, The Bull and Douglas to the moviegoers. Either way, these recognizable characters will warm anyone's heart into looking for their own wild thing. Pair this tee with any plush Where the Wild Things Are stuffed animal or a Maurice Sendak book for a great gift. We recommend the Nutshell Library box set collection as a gift and checking out the controversial In the Night Kitchen book for yourself.

Where the Wild Things Are Plush Moishe, Max Action FiguresWhere the Wild Things Are Plush Moishe and Wild Things Action Figures

Build your Where the Wild Things Are action figure and toy collection with this selection of Sipi, Bernard, Max and Moishe plush stuffed animals and Wild Things collector figures. Allow these new friends to crown you king, just like they do to Max in the movie and book. In addition to stuffed animals and plush character dolls, you'll also find Wacky Wobbler bobbleheads, vinyl collector dolls and toy figure sets.

Where the Wild Things Are Book Maurice SendakWhere the Wild Things Are Book and Maurice Sendak Children's Books

Explore the imaginative works of illustrator and author Maurice Sendak. From his adventurous book Where the Wild Things Are to works like Higglety Pigglety Pop!, the Nutshell Library, Chicken Soup with Rice and the controversial In the Night Kitchen, Maurice Sendak has brought a new dimension to children's literature, one that has caught the attention of both young and old readers alike. Pair a Maurice Sendak book with a t-shirt from our gallery.



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