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In 2011, ABC's Snow White TV show Once Upon a Time began casting a spell over viewers via its seemingly sleepy town of Storybrooke, Maine. Here, two worlds, one of fairy tales and one of reality, collide with classic characters like Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin), Prince Charming, their daughter Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) and her son Henry, who are taken on a cursed ride by the Evil Queen and other villains. Be a part of their touching tale with the bewitching Once Upon a Time t-shirts including Mr. Gold's Pawn Shop tees and Storybrooke shirt.
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Evil Queen TeeEvil Queen Orchards

There are two sides to every story and to every person. Regina may be known for being the Evil Queen, stealing hearts and casting spells, but when shown love by her son Henry, she is capable of changing for the better. Be careful whom you trust though. This Evil Queen Orchards shirt was inspired by her taste for the fruit from her magic tree, which is cursed with poison. Her baked goods are just like her apples, deadly delicious. Even cooked they don't lose their potency. Just ask Sheriff Swan. Link to: Evil Queen Orchards

Storybrooke Maine T-ShirtWelcome to Storybrooke

While common folk are unable to enter the quaint little seaside town, its residents are trapped there until the curse is broken. They have all the essentials but the clock tower has not been functional since the desperate characters were banished there. It is where time is standing still, a harsh reminder of their predicament until somehow, someone will come to the rescue. If you wish you were the hero who could break the curse then this Storybrooke Maine t-shirt was meant for you. Link to: Welcome to Storybrooke

Once Upon a Time TV ShirtOnce Upon a Time Logo

Sometimes an official Once Upon a Time Logo tee is just what the loyal fan ordered. Whether you like Emma's tenacity, her loving mom Mary Margaret, the wicked Regina Mills or just dreamt of your own Prince Charming since you were a child, this design has you covered. Simple and to the point, like the names of Snow White's loyal dwarves. It's a basic solution for fans seeking a Snow White TV show shirt for their wardrobe. Link to: Once Upon a Time Logo

Adventure Time Once Upon a Time ShirtOnce Upon an Adventure Time T-Shirt

When you are sent from a world of fantasy to a world of imprisonment, time seems to stand still and in Storybrooke, Maine it actually does. The image itself tells the story of our favorite TV show Once Upon a Time. This Adventure Time themed tee features your favorite characters from the TV show, including Emma Swan, Regina and Henry. Also visible are Mr. Gold's dagger and the story book that tells the tales of the people from the Enchanted Forest where it all began. Link to: Once Upon an Adventure Time

Rumpelstiltskin TeeMr. Gold's Pawn Shop

Childhood stories are not all simply castles and crowns, there is darkness lurking around most corners. Rumpelstiltskin is a man of evil in his world, which only translates into the same in his new town as Mr. Gold, played by Robert Carlyle. While his reputation always precedes him, others often turn to him for help anyway. Luckily for them he is always willing to make a deal. Get on his good side with a Mr. Gold's Pawn Shop shirt in hopes that he'll teach you how to spin gold. Link to: Mr. Gold's Pawn Shop

Storybrooke T-shirtStorybrooke Country Bread

There is nothing like taking a quick trip into town for a snack and this Storybrooke Country Bread t-shirt tells you exactly where you should be headed. Most may go to Granny's Diner for a meal or their morning coffee, but many bakery fans would argue that Granny's goods are overrated, perhaps because she is spreading herself thin being the innkeeper as well. The bakery is a short walk from there. It offers hearty breads and a nice selection of sweet treats. Link to: Storybrooke Country Bread



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