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Cobra Kai t-shirt

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Karate Kid t-shirts

The Karate Kid movie is an 80s underdog story that has become a modern day martial arts classic. Below, you will find a variety of Karate Kid t-shirts like the popular Sweep the Leg Cobra Kai t-shirt. Also, check out the Miyagi Car Wash Karate Kid t-shirt. First time viewers still cheer for Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio), a New Jersey kid who doesn't quite fit in to his new Reseda, California neighborhood. Daniel attracts the attention of a girl from school named Ali Mills (Elisabeth Shue). Her boyfriend and his ruthless friends from the Cobra Kai Dojo decide to use Daniel as a human punching bag. Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita) comes to Daniel's rescue and teaches him karate so that he can defend himself against the bullies from the Cobra Kai Dojo. Mr. Miyagi enters Daniel in the All Valley Karate Championship, so that he can prove himself both as a fighter and as a person.
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Cobra Kai t-shirts

Cobra Kai t-shirts
Description: "STRIKE FIRST. STRIKE HARD. NO MERCY SIR." This is the motto of the Cobra Kai Dojo, led by their ruthless sensei, John Kreese. Now you can be a part of the Dojo with this Cobra Kai t-shirt that will have your friends bowing to their master, you! The Cobra Kai logo tee is available in a variety of sizes for you to choose from. The logo on the back features an eye-catching red, yellow and black cobra snake. Link to: Cobra Kai

Karate Kid Cobra Kai Costume

Karate Kid Cobra Kai Gi Costume
Description: This Karate Kid Cobra Kai Gi is a heavy duty replica Karate Kid costume. It has been designed to match the original Gi worn by William Zabka (Johnny) in the Karate Kid movie. No detail has been overlooked, including replicas of the exact patches that can be seen on Johnny's pant leg. From the cut of the sleeves to the gold trim, each detail was included to match the original Karate Kid Cobra Kai costume, which was on hand during the design. Pair it with a Mr. Miyagi Karate Kid t-shirt. Wax on Daniel-san. Link to: Karate Kid Cobra Kai Gi Costume

Larusso Cobra Kai

Karate Kid Larusso Cobra Kai tee
Description: A newer favorite from our Karate Kid t-shirts selection, the Larusso Cobra Kai tee lets everyone know that Mr. Miyagi's teaching was no match for your skills. It proves that instructing Daniel to "wax on, wax off" when polishing his classic car was pretty much a waste of time. Mr. Miyagi may seem like an innocent old man, but he has experienced many things worse than John Creese (Martin Kove). Utter your favorite Karate Kid movie quote in this shirt that shows that you can take a crane kick or two. Link to: Karate Kid Larusso Cobra Kai

Karate Kid t-shirts sweep the leg

Sweep the Leg Cobra Kai tee
Description: "Sweep the leg," instructs sensei John Kreese, as he coaches his Cobra Kai protégée, Johnny Lawrence, at the All Valley Karate Championship. This memorable moment occurs during the tournament fight between Johnny and Daniel, when Daniel's leg is hurt. The ruthless Cobra Kai instructor tells Johnny to show Daniel "no mercy". This Karate Kid Cobra Kai t-shirt is available in short sleeves. Link to: Sweep the Leg Cobra Kai

Karate Kid movie shirts

Miyagi-Do Karate Kid t-shirts
Description: Daniel LaRusso himself actor Ralph Macchio holds up the Miyagi-Do tee that features a logo for Mr. Miyagi's dojo. Sure, it isn't as big as the Cobra Kai dojo, but we think the instructor is far superior to John Kreese (Martin Kove). Pair it with the Cobra Kai t-shirts that read, 'Bow to Your Sensei!' and represent both the good guys and the bad. Miyagi-Do is a little more friendly and does not have mottos like, 'Fear does not exist in the dojo!' This vintage Karate Kid t-shirt is available in five different sizes. Link to: Miyagi-Do Karate Kid

cobra kai skeleton costume

Karate Kid Skeleton Costume Cobra Kai
Description: Gather a group of friends and go to your next Halloween party in these high quality replica Cobra Kai skeleton costumes. The spandex bodysuits were constructed using the same process that the filmmakers used on the set. The bones, which are made from the same spandex material as the suit, are sewn on by hand to ensure that each piece of the skeleton is in its proper place. Unlike lower quality Karate Kid Halloween skeleton costumes, the bones cover the front and back of the bodysuit and are able to stretch with the outfit. Link to: Karate Kid Skeleton Costume Cobra Kai

Mr Miyagi karate kid t-shirt

Karate Time
Description: The design on this Karate Kid tee displays Finn and Jake from Adventure Time posing as Daniel and Mr. Miyagi from the Karate Kid movie. Finn is practicing his crane kick. Perhaps Jake has taught him, "Man who catch fly with chopstick accomplish anything," though we think Jake would have some trouble with that. The ancient Chinese proverb (from 1984) helps Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) to face his fears and become a champion. These Karate Kid t-shirts combine two pop culture properties. Support the ways of the Miyagi Dojo. Link to: Karate Time

The Karate Kid movie tees

Karate Kid Movie Logo shirt
Description: This vintage tan tee features a distressed style Karate Kid movie logo on the front. On this official logo, we see a silhouette of Daniel in the crane kick position with the rising sun behind him. This is a bestselling Karate Kid t-shirt, as its connection to the movie is unmistakable. The 100% cotton tee is great for any fan of the 80's movie. Put it on and practice your crane kicks. Link to: Karate Kid Movie Logo

Karate Kid Adult Costume

Karate Kid Costume Gi
Description: This official Daniel LaRusso Karate Kid costume gi is your outfit for the All Valley Karate Tournament. The gi was designed by studying screenshots from the movie that showed the original outfit's detail from various angles. In the movie, Mr. Miyagi makes Daniel the gi for his birthday. As in the film, the bonsai logo is embroidered on the back of the gi. This outfit makes a perfect Halloween costume and it is especially useful when you are being bullied by a rival dojo's karate students. Link to: Karate Kid Costume Gi

All Valley Karate Championship '84 Cobra Kai

All Valley Karate Championship '84 t-shirt
Description: Who can forget the 1984 All Valley Karate Championship, which featured some of the best young fighters from the Cobra Kai dojo, including Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka). Now you can represent Cobra Kai with this vintage gold Karate Kid t-shirt that's great for a day filled with both play and relaxation. You can even wear it for a little playful karate sparring with your friends! Link to: All Valley Karate Championship '84

Karate Kid Cobra Kai Sweep the Leg

Karate Kid Sweep the Leg t-shirt
Description: This black Cobra Kai t-shirt features the dojo's snake logo on the front and the words "Sweep the Leg!" on the back. This is referring to the end of the Karate Kid movie when Johnny is told to show no mercy towards an injured Daniel (Ralph Macchio). The vintage shirt features 100% pre-shrunk cotton. Link to: Karate Kid Sweep the Leg

Karate Kid headband

Officially Licensed Karate Kid Tenugui Bandana
Description: This officially licensed Karate Kid headband is an authentic Asian tenugui that must be folded to be worn. This is not like other knock off headbands with a partial design printed on them. These Karate Kid costume bandanas are identical to what Daniel Larusso and Mr. Miyagi wore in the Karate Kid movies. For those of you who have tried to make your own bandana, you no longer need to worry about ink marks on your forehead. Link to: Officially Licensed Karate Kid Tenugui Bandana



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